Workshop and Meditation Series

In this series of workshops, Connie shares soulful wisdom to support you with your most pressing problems. She will guide you through practical journaling exercises, heart-opening meditations and provide practical, easy to apply guidance and tools.



The Live a Heart-Driven Life Workshop


I truly believe that living from your heart, is the key to creating a deeply fulfilling life full of freedom and filled to the brim with what you love. 

When we live our life ruled by our logical mind we are constrained and limited by our belief systems, old programming and past behaviours. We stay stuck in what we know and encounter fear every time we attempt to step in to new territory.

When we have lost touch with our heart life feels empty and meaningless. We find ourselves acting on autopilot and living for other people. We sideline what we want, and suppress our desires. We lose touch with who we are.



And This Is Why Heart-Driven Living Is So Important.


If you want a life you love, you have to re-connect with your heart and drop back in to a space of love. You have to listen to the loving wisdom of your heart and then act on the guidance it whispers to you.

The heart-driven life is a way of living filled with freedom, empowerment and limitless possibilities.

When we let the energy of our heart guide our life we are lead moment by moment to what is truly right for us. We allow love to be the compass that navigates our journey, and we consequently manifest a life around us that is filled with what we love.



The 2 Hour Audio Recording Of Connie’s Live Workshop Includes:


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+ Connie’s own story of how she transformed her life from one filled with fear and limitation to living what she loves everyday

+ The key factors that are keeping you stuck and unable to follow through on what your heart calls you towards

+ Powerful and practical steps that you can take to move beyond limiting beliefs, fears and the restrictions of your mind


+ An in depth exploration of 6 key principles for living a heart-driven life, and how to implement these in your own life. These principles include:

1) Embody The Heart-Energy: You will discover how it feels to connect with your heart-space and the qualities of the heart energy. You will learn how to become familiar with this space within you and know how to return to it time and time again.

2) Live By Feeling: You will learn how to tune inwards to find all of your answers and let the feeling energy of your heart guide you. As you re-connect with your heart you will be able to tune in for guidance and find out what steps it wants you to take.

3) The Loving Perspective: There are always two energies driving your life – love and fear. Discover how to shift out of the fear-driven perspective and instead drop in to your heart in any moment to see the loving view and open up to new possibilities.

4) Your Heart’s Desire: Many of us pursue the goals and dreams of our mind because we are afraid to tune in to our heart and discover what it wants for us. You will learn how to tap into your heart’s energy, get really honest with yourself and find clarity about your true desires.

5) Heart-Inspired Action: Your heart always knows what steps you need to take, but we often get stuck thinking about the ‘how’ and forget to tune in for guidance. You will discover the principles of heart-inspired action and see clearly how to move forward towards what you want.

6) Embrace The Unknown: Living from your heart will take you in to new, uncharted territory and this can be scary. You will learn how to feel safe, secure and at peace in the unknown and how to trust your heart and the divine plan.




+ 6 powerful journaling practices so you can apply these principles specifically to your own life.

+ 2  heart-opening meditations

+ The 25+ page Live a Heart-Driven Life Workbook and Journal to accompany the workshop audio



Have Heart-Driven Wisdom At Your Fingertips


This is a resource you can draw on time and time again, and you can return to the journaling exercises any time you need a heart tune-up. You can also download the recording to your iphone or ipod can carry it with you, so that you have heart-driven guidance available at any time.

When you are feeling that fear has taken over or the limiting stories in your mind are holding you back, this workshop will support you to drop in to your heart, gain love-fuelled support and move forward with ease.








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