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The 90 Day Transformation Project


Do you yearn to become the very best version of yourself?
Do you want to feel happy, whole and complete and experience a calm sense of self-love?
Do you wish you could create a life that is filled with everything that fulfils you?


But maybe you have you found that despite your best efforts, and many attempts to improve yourself or your life, you feel frustrated and overwhelmed because you just can’t seem to make the lasting change you crave.

It is like you’re fighting a constant inner tug of war.

One part of you desperately desires to feel good, but right now happiness feels so far out of reach.




  • Negative self-talk and crazy mental chatter that you can’t seem to quieten.
  • Perfectionism and high expectations where nothing you do is ever good enough.
  • Self-sabotage, procrastination and an inability to make consistent, lasting changes.
  • Feeling like life is an endless treadmill that lacks any real purpose, meaning or joy.
  • Constant self-criticism and an inability to truly love and accept yourself and your body.
  • Confusion, indecision and and inability to find clarity on what you truly want from life.
  • Relationships that leave you feeling drained and hurt or filled with insecurity and need.
  • Self-doubt and a lack of confidence to pursue your dreams.
  • Endless comparison and self-judgment and feeling that you’re not good enough.
  • Never having the time to prioritise yourself, your passions or practise self-care.
  • An inability to switch off, slow down and find a sense of inner calm or balance.



Maybe you just want to give up?

Perhaps you’re beginning to think you will never get where you want to be?

Maybe you feel like a failure, and that there must something wrong with you?


But wait, I promise you that none of this is true!

Nothing has gone wrong, and most importantly nothing is wrong with you.

You are not broken nor are you a failure.

And you are definitely not the only person who feels this way.


You are simply just missing 2 key pieces of the puzzle.

1. A roadmap to show you exactly what to do, and how to do it.

You need a proven step-by-step formula that you can follow which includes a toolkit of powerful practises, workbooks, activities, meditations and resources at your finger tips, with the specific guidance on exactly how to apply them to your own life.

2. A support team to keep you on track.

It is all well and good to sit alone at home with your pile of self-help books, but this very rarely works. You need a community of like-minded people cheering you on, and a coach by your side who knows what works, and can answer your questions as they arise.

And so, I created The 90 Day Transformation Project to do just that!


“Thanks to this project, I feel better than I ever have in my life! I feel like I have been able to tune into my inner voice and let go of some of the parts of my life that made me feel inauthentic. I have become more grateful, more present, and more optimistic. Connie, I cannot thank you enough!”

~ Bridget Corsini


The 90 Day Transformation Project is a life-changing 3 month journey that will teach you how to release struggle, limitation and fear and instead find freedom, inner peace and true happiness.


This is your how-to guide for self-empowerment.
Your personal roadmap to love and happiness.
The step by step process for creating a life you adore.


You will be guided week by week through videos, workbooks, coaching calls and meditations that will give everything you need to create radical, lasting change from the inside-out.


And how will you do this?

Well first up, you won’t be alone. You will join a powerful tribe of like-minded souls, and together we will spend the next 90 days digging deep, clearing and shedding your limitations and unveiling a brand new you.

Alex Fitzgerald

“The 90 Day Transformation Project not only helped me become really clear on what I wanted but also very aware of what was stopping me. Before the project I was in an uninspiring job, and my finances and health were not where I wanted them to be. Now, so much has changed. I have an incredible new job, I am reading and learning more about my spirituality every day, I am making great money doing work I enjoy and my health and fitness are back on track – in fact I just got back from surfing the Maldives and Uluwatu! If you are thinking of doing the project I would say – ‘Ships in the harbour are safe, but that is not what ships are made for.’””

~ Alex Fitzgerald


Imagine what you could experience in 90 days if you really focused your intention, applied a whole tool kit of powerful practices and received daily support along the journey?

Imagine who you could become if you aligned with your truth, released fear, transformed your self-talk, loved yourself completely as you are and let yourself follow your heart?

You wouldn’t even recognise yourself.

Since it’s conception in 2012, I have lead over 200 incredible souls from all over the world through this life-changing 90 day process.

I have watched people quit their jobs, start businesses, transform their relationships, fall back in love with themselves, speak their truth, heal old pain, transcend fear, manifest abundance, transform their body and break through to new levels of peace, contentment and happiness.

All of this (and more) is possible for you too.


“The period of The 90 Day Transformation Project was such an amazing time for me. I have now left my current job, started a new training course and I am developing a wonderful business vision. I feel so inspired and happy and everything feels so right. I cannot be more grateful that I found this project and that I committed myself to doing the work. As a result my life has transformed!”

~ Erin Smallbon
Joanne Poon

“The 90 Day Transformation Project is a perspective shifting, heart-opening 3 month journey. I started the project at a time when I felt pulled to release a lot of things – stories, relationships, objects that no longer served me. The project brought about a new awareness, helped me connect back to my essence and the values that I want to live by, and I found clarity about what I really want to create in my life. Overall, it taught me how to create strong and powerful foundations for myself, so that I have the confidence to release the old and bring in more of what truly supports me.”

~ Joanne Poon


  • Access to the 90 Day Transformation Project Membership Site.
  • Your Pre-Work Welcome Video.
  • The Pre-Program Workbook & Intention Journal.
  • A Recommended Resources List (including the books, audio’s and video’s that have changed my life).
  • Access to your Bonuses including 8 x Guided Meditation tracks, 2 x Workshop Audio’s and accompanying Journals and 13 x 60 minute MP3 recordings of previous Group Coaching Calls, jam packed with powerful guidance.
  • Entry into your supportive Facebook community.

“Since completing The 90 Day Transformation Project I keep receiving compliments from people telling me I am radiating! I feel happy, confident, comfortable to be me – for once in my life – and ready to take the next (small) steps into changing my life for the better. I feel amazing. Like… AH-MAZING! I’m not only feeling great, but I feel I am in charge of my life. Thank you Connie!”

~ Jareen Sumerhill


Pre Work: Intention Setting

Harness the power of intention setting and create solid foundations for your big dreams. Your pre-work resources will support you to feel focused, prepared and supported before you embark on this transformational journey.

Week 1: Be The Conscious Creator Of Your Life

Kick off the project by remembering you are the creator of your world. Implement the foundations of conscious living including pre-paving your day, self-awareness and personal power.

Week 2: Understand Your Fear and Heal It With Love

Embrace everything that has been holding you back so you can move through it. Discover how fear-driven energy has been running your life and transform these patterns through the healing power of love and forgiveness.

Week 3: Clear Your Resistance and Transcend Limitation

Show up with courage and come face to face with your unconscious blocks. Peel back the layers on your limitations, uncover the beliefs that hold you back and practise a powerful process of letting them go.

Week 4: Embody Self Love and Heal Your Relationship With Yourself

Heal your relationship with yourself, once and for all. Move from attack to self-acceptance, criticism to kindness and not feeling good enough to powerful self worth.

Week 5: Drop Below The Drama Of The Mind

Observe your mind’s drama rather than reacting to it. Learn how to create inner space and presence so you can turn down the volume on your mind’s chatter and feel a sense of balance and stillness.

Week 6: Shift Your Perception and See Your World Differently

It is your inner programming and perception that determines the world you create. Discover how to shift your perception from fear to love so you can change your life in an instant.

Week 7: Embody Your Heart Energy and Let Love Lead You

Drop deep in to your heart to embody it’s loving and supportive essence. Learn the key principles of heart-driven living to uncover your true desires and tap into your loving inner cheerleader.

Week 8: Live a Deep, Soulful and Intuitively Guided Life

Soulful living brings a new level of depth and meaning to your life. Recognise that soft, soul whisper within you and receive it’s wisdom so that you can live an intuitively guided life.

Week 9: Release Your Old Stories and Re-Write The Script of Your Life

Move beyond those old limiting stories. Start to re-define what you are capable of by challenging and releasing your old identity and choosing a brand new way of being.

Week 10: Raise Your Vibration and Harness The Power Of Energy

The quality of your energy determines the quality of your life. Learn how to raise your vibration, shift your mindset and embody the type of energy that creates positive and beautiful results.

Week 11: Manifestation Principles for Creating What You Love

It is time to start manifesting a new world that you love. Create powerful manifestation rituals that harness the power of the Law Of Attraction, and help you co-create with the Universe to magnetise what you want effortlessly.

Week 12: Break through To Peace, Freedom & Live With Purpose

Shift from struggle to peace and limitation to freedom. Discover that purpose is not something you do, rather it is your journey of inner awakening, of remembering who you really are, and re-connecting with your truth.

Week 13: Step Up, Shine your Light and Follow your Dreams

Dream in possibilities and expand your life. Make powerful, love-driven changes in your relationships, career, finances and health and take brave, bold steps to create new results.

Maria Calderon

“I recommend the 90 Day Transformation Project to anyone who wants to live more authentically and tap into their authentic power. I felt so supported during this project and I now look at everything in my life through a different lense. I’m definitely not the same person and now I live from a place of listening to my intuition and doing what feels right for me.”

~ Maria Calderon

Workbook Covers


“The Project was totally transforming for me. I started at a place in my life “wanting” more, but now I see everything through different eyes and with a different energy. I have delved deep and grown exponentially, and I feel freer and more open than ever before. Thank you!”

~ Kibby Miller


CC_Selects_Lounge_66The best part of this project is that you will not do it alone. You will come together with a community of like-minded, super inspiring, courageous people who are all stepping up to create collective transformation.

They will be your cheerleaders and your support team. This is where you can be real, honest and vulnerable. No matter what you are going through, there will always be someone to hold your hand, guide you and listen.

And you will also have me.

I will be here to support you every step along the way. You will receive coaching calls where I will answer your questions and give you personalised support. I will be there in our Facebook community supporting you alongside the rest of your tribe.

The practices and principles of The 90 Day Transformation Project took me from being depressed, in a job I hated and absolutely miserable to being an entrepreneur, coaching women from all over the world and living a life I absolutely love.

I have been where you are and I have walked the journey of transformation myself. Everything I teach you in this project is a reflection of the practises, principles and activities I live in my own life.

On top of this, I have drawn on my 1000+ hours of 1:1 coaching experience with people from around the world, to create this life-changing course of inner transformation.


“Before I started the 90 Day Transformation Project I felt I was not living authentically. I am now calm, content and I have a clear direction on a new business venture. I am meditating regularly, practicing yoga and I am deeply inspired about my future. I shed a tear of gratitude as I acknowledge that I have never been so deeply happy.”

~ Kristin Neuwirth


Over this 90 day journey (and beyond) you will receive powerful resources and support that will guide you through this transformative process. Each week you will be guided through a combination of powerful principles and practical activities to fully integrate and apply this work to your own life.

Your resources include;

13 x Weekly Workbooks

These are full to the brim with beautiful worksheets, powerful questions, practical activities, a weekly affirmation, and areas of work that will allow you to dive deep in to yourself, create powerful self-awareness and manifest massive shifts.

13 x Video Classes

These will guide you through each week’s work and support you to get the most from your workbook. Plus I will share my own personal experiences and stories each week.

An Amazing Community

This transformative Facebook tribe is a serious love hub full of unconditional support for you to share what you are going through, get help and guidance and ask questions.

90 Days Of Support

You will be part of our inspiring Facebook group where you can get your questions answered and receive support and guidance on anything that challenges you.

Bonuses Resources

There will be bonus workbooks, meditations and guided visualisations to take you deeper in certain weeks.


“Since joining The 90 Day Transformation Project I’ve developed a more loving relationship with myself, found the courage to start my own business, developed a deeper connection with what makes my heart happy, and changed my perspective on so much that’s happened – or is happening – in my life. Plus I’ve gained a set of tools to help me recognise and work through any resistance that comes up! If you’re sitting on the fence about signing up, I say go for it! You will be amazed at how much your life will transform in 90 days.”

~ Laura Banks


On top of your weekly resources, you will also receive:

+ The Guided Meditations For Inner Transformation Album

Including 8 powerful audio’s to lead you deeper within yourself to create inner shifts.

+ The Heart Driven Life Workshop Audio And Journal

Including a 2 hour audio and accompanying workbook covering the 6 key principles of heart-driven living.

+ The Relationships Workshop Audio And Journal

Including a 2 hour audio and accompanying workbook covering how to create deep, love-driven relationships in your life.

+ An MP3 Library Of Previous Group Coaching Calls

Including 13 x 60 minute audio tracks filled with powerful guidance and practical tools.


“The 90 Day Transformation Project allowed me to open up my inner world and gain greater insight into how I want my life to be. I came upon Connie and the Project at a time of massive change in my life and I welcomed the journey that I would be taken on. The understanding that I now have about myself and knowing that I can choose my own reality is not something that I would have considered a possibility prior to undertaking the Project. I would highly recommend not only taking part in the 90 Day Transformation Project but also working 1:1 with Connie”

~ Mary Louise Marshall
Karen Barnwell

“I experienced so many great shifts and a-ha moments during The 90 Day Transformation Project. Not only does Connie guide and mentor you with love (and tough love) she is there to support and help you understand where you’re at. This has been an amazing experience for me. It has opened my heart, helped me become a conscious creator and discover my true self. If this is resonating with you then jump on in with two feet and come on the ride of your life as you dig deep within your soul. You will come out the other end a better version of yourself.”

~ Karen Barnwell


  • Access to the 90 Day Transformation Project Membership Site.
  • Your Pre-Work Welcome Video.
  • The Pre-Program Workbook & Intention Journal.
  • A Recommended Resources List (including the books, audio’s and video’s that have changed my life).
  • Access to your Bonuses including 8 x Guided Meditation tracks, 2 x Workshop Audio’s and accompanying Journals and 13 x 60 minute MP3 recordings of previous Group Coaching Calls, jam packed with powerful guidance.
  • Entry into your supportive Facebook community.

“Before this project, I felt lost and confused. Something was missing – a more soulful and joyful way of living. But through the 90 days, I’ve learnt how to reframe my thoughts, be kind to myself, live from a heart-based energy and show up in the world as a more loving individual. Connie provides such a sacred and safe space, and the connection with like-minded souls strengthens the life-changing experiences that occur. To be able to connect in this space is worth the cost of the course alone! There’s no other online program like The 90 Day Transformation Project. I wholeheartedly recommend it.”

~ Naomi Chambers


What can I expect to experience through the project?

Each person’s journey through this project is incredibly unique. But I would say you can expect big inner shifts, powerful self-awareness, life changing realisations, deep connections with like-minded souls, new levels of freedom, self love, empowerment and peace. What you put in is what you get out, but the potential for transformation is sitting right there at your fingertips.

What type of support do I receive through the project?

You will be part of a phenomenal community of past and current participants of the project in The 90 Day Transformation Project Facebook Group. Here you can share questions, concerns or your experiences and you will have amazing people there to support and guide you. Plus I will be in there too, providing additional support and guidance for you.

I don’t have much time. Will I be able to keep up with the work?

I have designed this project so that it will be as easy as possible to fit in around your daily life. Each of the weekly video classes run for no more than 15 minutes. Plus, all of the Live Call recordings can be downloaded on to an ipod to listen to at your own time. If you can set aside a couple of hours a week, it should be more than enough time to complete the work.

What happens if I fall behind?

That’s totally ok. The work is released weekly, but you can take the project at your own pace if you need to. The modules are designed to build on each other week by week, so where possible I would recommend you complete the work within the set week it is released. Rather than pressuring yourself to catch up, just take it at a pace that suits you.

Do I have ongoing access to the resources?

Yes, you will continue to be able to access the resources once the 90 days are up. You have an ongoing membership to the project and access to the content. You also have the option of participating in the project again (without additional charge) every time it runs. Think of this as your self transformation tool kit that you can use over and over again for the rest of your life!

Who is the project for?

This project is for anyone who wishes to create a deep sense of happiness, fulfilment and peace in their life, but who doesn’t want to go it alone. It is for people who are ready to create change, and who would love the support and tools to help them do it. While most of the participants in this project have been women, this project is open to absolutely everyone and men are most definitely welcome to join!

I am not based in Australia. Does that matter?

No this is an online program, so you can access it from anywhere in the world.

Kathryn Davy

“With Connie’s direction, I’m now bringing more self love into my day by checking in on how I’m feeling, coming back to my heart space and connecting to my body. I’m no longer pushing – I’m flowing. I’ve learnt how to integrate my spirituality further into my daily practice and support my inner self in new ways. The 90 Day Transformation Project will open the opportunity to discover more about your real self – the self that whispers to you what you really care about and how you really feel.”

~ Kathryn Davy

“I knew I needed change, and I loved the sound of transformation, especially in 90 days. The worksheets each week gently and lovingly guided me through releasing a lot of old stuff and reframing the negative. I finished up in a very different head space and I would have never come this far without The 90 Day Transformation Project”

~ Rhiannon Griffiths
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