21 Days of Journaling

Additional notes for your Day Fifteen activity:

Many of us have been in a process of transition all year. While a lot of big changes have already happened, you may feel as though some of your transitions are still unfolding. You may still be dancing between the old and the new, and be working through endings and new beginnings at the same time.

For today's exercise, reflect over an area of your life where you are currently feeling this transition energy. Identify where you feel in between the old and the new. As you write about this experience, tune in to what you need support with. Is your focus at the moment to practise surrender, patience and trust? Or, is it more about being proactive and courageous, by beginning to take steps forward?

Reflect today on what will help you with this transition, whether it be more self-care and rest, or some practical action steps that you now need to take. Tune into yourself, and explore what will help you move out of the old, and into the new.


Additional notes for your Day Sixteen activity:

When you are working on your new desires, it is important to not just focus on what they will look like, but also on how they will help you to feel. Ultimately, the reason we do everything in our lives is that we want to feel a certain way.

When you know how you want to feel, you can focus on creating those feelings within you now, without having to wait for your desires to arrive. When you know how you want to feel, you can let these feelings guide all of your choices, commitments and actions. Before you say yes to anything you can ask yourself: Will this help me feel how I want to feel?

For today's exercise, it is fine to start with choosing one feeling word. Work through what this feeling means to you, why it is important to you, and what you know helps you feel this way. Then explore what you can start to do, practise, or bring into your life to help you feel this way more often. Once you have worked through your one feeling word, feel free to choose several more words and explore the same questions.


Additional notes for your Day Seventeen activity:

Notice what arises for you when you read today's prompt. Notice if you feel any resistance, or if it feels foreign and strange to be your own cheerleader and really believe in your dreams.

In order for you to move forward into all that you desire, you are going to have to be your biggest support person. You need to choose to believe wholeheartedly in yourself and in your dreams. You have to be the one person who never gives up on you. You have to be the one cheering yourself on, encouraging yourself to move forward, and telling yourself that you are worthy and capable of everything you want. When you support yourself in this way, you will be unstoppable.

Today's exercise may feel challenging, but please give it a go. You may like to spend some time meditating on your heart before you begin, to help you access your loving inner wisdom. If you feel stuck, think about how you would speak to and support someone you love and care about if they were wanting to step into something new, or achieve a big dream.


Additional notes for your Day Eighteen activity:

Think about some areas where you would like to practise inner work, and make some changes within yourself to how you think, feel, act or do things. Remember, change doesn't happen overnight, so set these as intentions for the next 6-12 months that you can work on over time.

Here are some examples of areas you might want to focus on:
+ Changing your relationship to money, and upgrading your money mindset.
+ Breaking through a core fear, such as the fear of public speaking.
+ Increasing your self-love and strengthening your relationship with yourself.
+ Practising more vulnerability and authenticity.
+ Growing your self-worth and your ability to receive in bigger ways.
+ Letting yourself play and have more fun and adventure.
+ Stepping outside your comfort zone and taking risks.
+ Healing subconscious wounds related to your childhood or past.
+ Deepening your spiritual connection.
+ Following your heart and doing more of what you love.
+ Believing in yourself and fully showing up to pursue your big dreams.
+ Implementing boundaries and learning to say no.
+ Exploring more of your creativity.
+ Balancing your inner masculine and feminine energies.
+ Boosting your confidence and self-esteem.
+ Improving your communication, and asking for what you want and need.
+ Practising mindfulness and meditation.


Additional notes for your Day Nineteen activity:

We have a powerful opportunity in December to begin preparing for everything we want to create, build and begin in the coming year. You may not as yet feel ready to leap into new beginnings, so instead, you can use this month to prepare yourself for what lay ahead.

You may like to use these final weeks of the year to tie up loose ends, ensure you have let go of anything you don't want to carry forward and close off old chapters. You could use it to start taking small beginnings steps that will move you forward in a new direction. You could focus on creating some new habits, rituals or behaviours that will support you as you step into the new year. You could also begin working on your vision board, journaling about your new desires and practising visualisation to call them in energetically.

Alternatively, your focus for December may simply be to practise self-care and rest, and this is also a beautiful way to prepare yourself for a magical new year.


Additional notes for your Day Twenty activity:

When it comes to calling in the new, it is not just about knowing what you want, but also knowing why you want it. It is supportive to unpack and clarify your why before you begin moving forward.

Your why will help you in several ways. It will help you see what the driving force is behind your desires, and ensure that it is your heart and truth that is driving what you want, rather than fear, need, or ego. Your why also provides a powerful internal motivator. Without your why, it will be easy for doubt, procrastination and fear to stop you from moving forward. When you know your why, it gives you the strength, passion and motivation to move beyond any block, and stay committed to what you want long term.

Dig a little deeper today to explore your why. Is your why about how you want to feel, the type of lifestyle you wish to experience, or the person you want to become? Is it about serving others, contributing to the world or making an impact? Is it about exploring your own potential, and wanting to grow and breakthrough your own limits? Is your why about your family? Is it about feeling more alive, abundant, expansive and free? Write out whatever comes to mind, and then sit with what flows out and notice what really sparks a fire in your heart and belly.


Additional notes for your Day Twenty-One activity:

For this exercise, allow yourself to dream as big as you want. What you describe does not have to be logical, realistic or practical. You do not need to know how any of this is going to happen.

The purpose of this exercise is to get you dreaming big, thinking creatively and listening to your heart. Use your imagination to dream up beautiful, new possibilities for yourself. Think about what your ideal life would be a year from now. What is your lifestyle like? What are your days filled with? What do you see around you? Who is in your life? What has manifested? How do you feel?

When you complete this exercise, write in the present tense as if it is happening now. Start with "It is December 31st and I am/I have..." Write as though it has already happened and it has all manifested, and you are now living it. Writing in this way programs your brain into thinking that this has actually already happened, and allows you to feel the feelings of having it. This then speeds up the process of it manifesting. After you have written it, close your eyes and give thanks in advance to the Universe for bringing all of this magic into your life.