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You've landed here because you have big, beautiful desires stirring in your heart that you're ready to bring to life.

Your desires are moving through you because they are ready to be made manifest.

They are here to activate you into the next-level version of yourself. They are beckoning you forward into the life of your dreams.

And so love, are you listening to your sacred desires and following their call? Are you claiming them wholeheartedly and moving boldly in their direction?

Or beautiful woman, are you finding yourself...

✖ Questioning what you want
✖ Doubting your ability to bring it to life
✖ Getting stuck in the 'how' and feeling lost at where to begin
✖ Feeling overwhelmed and confused by all the manifestation teachings out there
✖ Hustling, pushing and taking frenetic, anxious action
✖ Feeling envious of other women manifesting with ease
✖ Becoming frustrated with your lack of progress

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And wondering why you seem to be doing so much and trying so hard but what you want still isn’t coming?!

What if bringing your desires to life didn’t actually have to be hard?

There is a way of manifesting what you want that feels natural, nourishing and easeful.

Where you sink into your worth, open yourself to receive and allow yourself to feel held and guided as you take inspired action steps towards what you want.

Where you can relax into the divine timing and process of its unfoldment and say goodbye to hustle, exhaustion and micromanaging the process.

It is a way that is deeply feminine. Where you draw on your natural magnetism and work with your feminine gifts to co-create with the Universe.

Where you know how to lovingly hold yourself through any fear, doubt, anxiety or scarcity as it arises and immediately shift yourself back into alignment with your divine creative power.

Where you collapse time, quantum leap into new realities, ascend into higher timelines and live as the recipient of all you desire.

This is the way of the Creatress.

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The Creatress

She is a woman who…

Embodies her feminine magnetism

Lives guided by her divine intuition

Fully trusts life, her body and the Universe

Knows her life is unfolding exactly how it is supposed to

Lives in her full creative power

Moves through the world with certainty, trust and self-belief

Fully claims her desires with devotion

Practices sacred receivership

Softens and melts into surrender

Dives into her shadows to heal her inner blocks

Takes intuitively-guided action

Alchemises her pain into power

Embodies her divine feminine energy

Prioritises her alignment

Waits for what she wants without anxiety

It is time to break free from old models of scarcity, hustle and hard work and learn a more easeful, pleasurable and feminine way of manifesting your desires.

For too long we have been taught that we manifest our dreams through strategy, action, hard work and trying to make it happen.

We have been taught an approach that keeps us stuck in our head planning, analysing, strategising and controlling, and which completely disregards our feminine energy.

As a result, we are left feeling depleted, overwhelmed and stuck, thinking to ourselves — I am doing so much and trying so hard, why isn't it here yet?!

The truth is, manifestation is not a doing process, it is an embodiment process. Life is responding to who you are being, not just what you are doing.

When you endlessly hustle, push, force and control your desires it messes up your energetic frequency and actually repels the very thing you are wanting to create 🤯

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The truth is that as women and feminine essence beings, where are not here to run ourselves into the ground in pursuit of what we want.

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We are here to co-create with the Universe, live guided by our intuition, sink into the energy of surrender and trust, lean back into our feminine magnetism and open our receptivity to allow more magic to enter our life.

This is the feminine way of manifesting.

Where you combine the feminine energetic principles of alignment, embodiment and magnetism with inspired, aligned, intuitively-guided action.

Where you reduce the amount of effort involved and amplify the pleasure you feel in the process while collapsing time and radically speeding up your manifestation.

This is the journey of Creatress.

Let's program your mind, body, heart and soul to the frequency of what you want and watch how rapidly it arrives.

Introducing, Creatress

An in depth immersion into the art of feminine manifestation where you will learn how to magnetise your deepest desires, break free from self-doubt and stuckness and start creating the life you truly want with ease, pleasure and flow.

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In Creatress, you will be guided through masterclasses, powerful embodiment practices and manifestation rituals to raise your vibration, elevate your energy and bring you into full alignment with what you want.

You will learn practical and energetic processes to magnetise your desires and release your inner blocks.

Creatress will teach you a feminine manifestation formula which combines magnetism, quantum physics, energetics, subconscious reprogramming, divine feminine and masculine principles and practical creation tools.

You will walk out of this program with manifestation demystified and you will finally understand how to bring your desires to life. You will have a step by step feminine framework to follow for any desire you wish to manifest.

It is time to take the guesswork, the DIY approach and the confusion and overwhelm out of manifesting.

It is time to stop self-sabotaging, getting stuck in self-doubt, and chasing after your desires out of fear.

It is time to step into your full Creatress power and magnetise what you want with pleasure, ease and flow.

"I attracted money, relationships and love for myself"

"Creatress went above and beyond what I expected! I felt so nourished, supported and inspired throughout the whole journey. Through Creatress, I have experienced changes on all levels. I was able to become clear on what my desires are and begin to draw them towards me. I feel like I healed a lot, cleared a lot and connected to myself in ways I had not realised were possible. The results have been beautiful, I have attracted money, relationships, new thought processes and love for myself into my life. It has felt pretty magical! I loved the combination of journaling, practices, meditations, live calls and especially the transmissions in the program. Everything was of deep value to me." - Sally

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You may currently desire to...

✔️ Manifest an aligned, loving and committed relationship

✔️ Call in more like-minded soul sisters and friendships

✔️ Build and grow your soul-driven business or creative work

✔️ Manifest your dream home

✔️ Magnetise more financial abundance into your life

✔️ Move to a new place, city or country

✔️ Expand your family or become a mother

✔️ Call in your next big career opportunity

✔️ Experience a powerful inner shift, healing or uplevel in your life

✔️ Create more clarity around what you actually want!

My love, it doesn't matter what your beautiful desire is...

Creatress will teach you the step-by-step framework, manifestation principles and practical tools to bring any of your big dreams, desires and visions to life.

Creatress will teach you how to become confident, trusting and unshakeable in what you want. You will learn how to manifest your desires in a way that feels nourishing and easeful, where you are embodied in your feminine magnetism and where you feel divinely guided and supported through the whole process.

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Join Creatress

Receive immediate access to the entire 8 module Creatress program.

$1222 AUD

Buy now for only $888 AUD

Let's be clear, Creatress is not a surface-level, quick-fix program about manipulating the Universe to get what you want.

This is not about learning a bunch of tools and tricks so you control and force what you want to arrive in the fastest time possible.

(Because let's be honest, this approach to manifestation is very often driven by ego and trauma patterns).

Rather, Createss is powerful initiation into your creative power as a woman. It is a journey of:

🔥 Rising into the version of yourself that your desires are asking you to become

🔥 Clearing subconscious patterns and beliefs that have been keeping you small for too long

🔥 Fully and wholeheartedly claiming what you want and allowing yourself to deeply receive

🔥 Unlearning wounded masculine patterns of hustle, control and force and remembering your innate feminine magnetism and power

🔥 Getting out of your head and into your body so you can get into alignment and shift your frequency

🔥 Unlocking new levels of ease, trust, pleasure and flow in your manifestation process

🔥 Feeling deeply held and guided by your inner wisdom and the Universe

"Creatress was life-changing for me"

"Creatress was a life-changing experience for me. This isn't a superficial course about the law of attraction. It goes deep! Without Connie and Creatress, I would still be spinning in the mud. Now I feel empowered and have found a direction I need to follow. During the Creatress journey, there were shifts in many areas of my life. I am now more aligned with the energy of my future baby and my desire for motherhood. My relationship with my husband flourished even more. Our family budget was significantly increased by unexpected job promotions, bonuses and gifts from relatives. Many things we wanted to buy for a long time have been suddenly on sale. My waist is 8 cm slimmer than it was seven weeks ago and I wasn’t even trying to lose weight. Creatress delivered more than I have been expecting and I am a different person to who I was when I started this journey." - Ana

Creatress Is For The Woman Who Is Ready To:

???? Know and embody her full feminine creative power.

???? Magnetise the desires and dreams that she has been holding in her heart.

???? Trust deeply in her intuition and feel supported and guided through the manifestation process.

???? Break free from old programming, scarcity patterns, lack-based thinking, excuses and victim habits that are keeping her small.

???? Clarify what she truly wants and start taking the steps to bring it to life.

???? Feel calm, grounded, embodied, relaxed as she moves towards her dreams.

???? Learn an easeful way of manifesting her desires that doesn’t involve hustle, endless hard work, and running herself into the ground.

???? Activate deeper self-belief, self-trust, inner certainty and confidence.

???? Get to the root of what has been keeping her stuck and clear it from her field.

???? Unapologetically claim what she wants and desires for her life regardless of what others think.

???? Embody her feminine qualities of trust, flow, magnetism, surrender, pleasure and receptivity.

???? Up-level her mindset, energy, habits and emotions and step into the next-level version of herself.

The Creatress Journey:

In Creatress, you will be guided through 8 potent portals of magnetic feminine manifestation. Each module combines energetic principles, embodied processes and practical tools to bring your desires to life.


Module One: Claim Your Expansive Desires

Desire is the birthplace of all creation, so we begin our journey with claiming your sacred desires and anchoring into your inspired vision.

In this module, we will create crystal clear clarity on what you want and carve out a powerful inner vision that will pull you forward. You will learn how to live guided by the energy of desire moment by moment, shift out of the repelling frequency of need, give your desires nurturing energy and feel unwavering trust and devotion in what you want.


Module Two: Embody Your Inner Creatress

Your inner Creatress is the embodiment of your divine feminine creative power.

In this module, we will explore the mindset, frequency, embodiment and energetics of your inner Creatress. We will heal your inner victim energy and ditch the excuses. We will use awareness, embodiment practices and energetic alchemy to release old patterns, shift out of lack, scaricity and struggle and step into a powerful, aligned, magnetic energy.


Module Three: Clear Your Subconscious Blocks

It is time to clear out the blocks, beleifs and patterns that are keeping you stuck.

In this module, we are going to dig deep to uncover your inner blocks and re-program your subconscious mind. You will learn how to uncover your limiting beliefs and heal them at the root cause level, resolve triggers, doubt or insecurites that arising around your desires and use somatic and inner child healing practices to create deep inner change.


Module Four: Become Your Next-Level Self

It's now time to begin the inner uplevel that will align you with what you want. Here you will experience the deep, embodied inner activation of your next-level self.

In this module, you will learn the embodied approach to manifestation. You will learn how to step fully into being with the version of you who has what you want, shift your identity, actions, decisions and habits, let go of old ways of being, move through an inner uplevel and uncover the soul lessons that your desire is asking you to step into.


Module Five: Master The Art Of Alignment

Our focus now shifts to understanding the energetics of the manifestation process.

In this module, we will dive deep into understanding alignment and why it is not about being high vibe, how to change your energy to match the frequency of what you desire and how to quantum leap! You will learn how to combine powerful energetic practices with inspired, aligned action so you can radically speed up the time in which your desire arrives into your life.


Module Six: Unlock Your Feminine Magnetism

Now we welcome in the feminine and invite more pleasure into your manifestation process.

In this module, we will explore how to embody more of your feminine energy, turn on your magnetism and call in what you desire with ease and flow. You will learn the feminine principles of manifestation including embodiment, pleasure, leaning back, receiving, allowing, letting go, surrender, softening around your desire as well rituals to connect with your energetic feminine power centres.


Module Seven: Expand Your Capacity To Receive

To receive what you desire, you need to open and expand your capacity to hold it's energy.

In this module, we will explore your energetic capacity around your desire and how to create safety in your body and nervous system so that you can receive more and hold more of what you want. You will learn how to stay grounded and navigate emotional triggers when you're manifesting so you can stay in the frequency of unwavering commitment towards what you desire without wanting to collapse or give up.


Module Eight: Co-Create With The Universe

We complete our journey by embracing the co-creative dance of manifestation where you can unravel your patterns of control and let yourself be guided.

In this module, we will explore how to co-create with the Universe, awaken the guidance of your intuition, receive inspired action steps, trust the divine plan and work with divine timing. You will learn how to navigate the unknown and periods of waiting, find peace in the process and how to know when to take action versus when to surrender, let go and trust.

The program includes:

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8 x 90 Minute Pre-Recorded Masterclasses

The core principles of Creatress will be delivered in 8 x potent 90 minute Masterclasses. In these rich and deep transmissions, you will come to know and embody The Creatress Method, receive life-changing practices, guidance, wisdom, tools and tips and a learn step by step feminine process for manifesting your desires.

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8 x Group Coaching Call Recordings

You will receive recordings of 8 powerful Group Coaching Calls that were recorded live during past rounds of Creatress. The call recordings include Q&A, Group Coaching as guided embodiment practices and additional teachings and transmissions to take you deeper into the Creatress principles.

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5 x Channelled Audio Transmissions

These audio transmissions contain stream of consciousness channelled wisdom on manifestation and conscious creation from Connie and her spirit guides. In these audios, you will receive high-frequency guidance straight from the source which will soothe your vibration, create embodied shifts and bring you into alignment with your true self.

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8 x Manifestation Journals

Every Masterclass is accompanied by a mini manifestation journal which will take you through powerful journaling processes to connect with your desires, align your energy, clear your blocks, receive inspired action steps and magnetise what you want.

Pay In Full & Receive These 2 Bonus Trainings:

Choose the Pay In Full option and you will receive:

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Bonus #1 - Manifest Money Masterclass

In this Bonus training, learn the key steps to manifesting more money into your life.

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Bonus #2 - Manifest Love Masterclass

In this Bonus training, learn the key steps to manifesting more love into your life.

Creatress will deeply serve you if:

✔️ You have big, heart-driven desires that you have been wanting for some time, but despite trying all the manifestation tricks and doing all the right things, what you want still isn't here.

✔️ You find yourself struggling with self-doubt and at times questioning if want you want is actually possible and if it will ever actually happen for you.

✔️ You've been operating from masculine models of hustling, hard work and trying to make it happen for years (with little success or lots of exhaustion) and you're ready to learn a more feminine way.

✔️ You have such a big vision for your life that it feels overwhelming and at times paralysing to think about how you will actually bring it to life.

✔️ Your life is running on autopilot and you feel disconnected from your desires. You are ready to now clarify and claim what you truly want and learn a nourishing and sustainable way of bringing it to life.

✔️ You feel confused by all the different manifestation teachings out there and you secretly wish someone could just demystify the process and give you an easy step by step method to follow.

✔️ You're tired of the struggle, of working so hard and not getting the results and of seeing other people create what they want so effortlessly and easily. You wish your process felt more magnetic, pleasurable, flowing and easeful but you have no idea how to get there.

✔️ You're stuck in a rut and you've been hovering around the same level in your life. You know it is time to dream bigger, take risks and claim what you really want but you can't seem to break through the invisible ceiling holding you back.

✔️ You have heard about things like alignment, magnetism and embodiment but you can't seem to actually drop into that high-vibe, relaxed, trusting frequency that everyone talks about.

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Join Creatress

Receive immediate access to the entire 8 module Creatress program.

$1222 AUD

Buy now for only $888 AUD

"I am now a woman who claims her desires and receives more openly"

"Prior to Creatress, I struggled with manifesting and following through with my desires, I was struggling to co-create the life I truly desired. This has all changed for me now in the most amazing way. As I ventured through the modules I began to get clearer on how my desire and I basically birthed my first ever course, like wow, I am so proud of myself, and this huge change that took place. I shifted from a women who due to trauma in the past struggled to be receptive to receiving, to a women who now claims what I desire, who receives more openly, willingly, trustingly, and have faith in my body and its connection to source, which allows me to receive and be receptive in a peaceful and empowered way. I shifted from a woman who was still a bit confused how the whole manifesting process worked to having a much clearer understanding and implementation of that now in my life. This is truly inspirational and aligning course and I will definitely be re-visiting it." - Roslyn

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Meet Your Mentor

Hi beautiful, I'm Connie. I am a Certified Life Coach, Women's Empowerment Mentor and host of the Awaken Radio podcast.

In my work, I help women embody their divine feminine energy and build a loving relationship with themselves, so they can feel confident, worthy, whole and empowered and become magnetic to what they desire.

I have been working with manifestation principles for 15 years now, and I designed the Creatress program to teach you everything I know about manifestation and bringing your dreams to life.

Over my many years of manifesting I have tried everything from...

... Practising the Law of Attraction and meditating on a pillow wishing and waiting for my desire to arrive, to...

... Working really hard to make my desires happen through excessive action which led to burnout and exhaustion....

And neither of them worked!

And after much trial and error I discovered there is another way.

There is a way of manifesting that brings together energetic, practical and feminine principles so that as women we can feel nourished, embodied, aligned, relaxed, magnetic and flowing as bring what we want to life.

And you will learn this deeply feminine formula in Creatress.

I have used the exact process you learn in Creatress to manifest...

A loving 4 year relationship after being 6 years of being single

My dream business where I do work I absolutely love every day

Multiple 5 figure course launches

A booked out 1:1 Coaching practice with waitlist

A big interstate move and finding my dream home

A magical community of like-minded soul sisters who I call dear friends

And more..

And now I want to teach this process to you.

After Creatress you will:

✔️ Clearly be able to see and identify the manifestation mistakes you have been making and immediately shift your energy and approach to change your results.

✔️ Fully understand the manifestation process and have a clear, step by step feminine framework that you can follow.

✔️ Know how to work through and alchemise any feelings of self-doubt, fear, anxiety, limitation or unworthiness that may arise as you work towards what you want.

✔️ Feel embodied in your divine feminine creatress power and know how to shift back into her energy any time you feel disconnected.

✔️ Know how to bring more pleasure, ease, alignment, flow, magnetism to all that you do.

✔️ Have a powerful toolkit of practices and rituals that you can use time and time again to magnetise your desires.

✔️ Feel connected to your intuition, in tune with your inner wisdom and aligned with the Universe so you are in flow and co-creating your desires.

✔️ Feel relaxed, trusting and at ease about how and when your desires are coming to life and know how to feel how you want to feel even before they are here.

✔️ Move through the world with self-certainty and belief, fully claiming your desires and knowing with every cell in your being that they are done.

"My life began to shift at an exponential rate"

"Connie's exquisitely crafted body of work Creatress proved to be a phenomenal experience. Each masterclass, coaching call and weekly resource were completely love soaked, powerful and transformative. Through the simple yet profound teachings, Connie invited me to drop into a deep level of self-enquiry to intimately explore alignments and misalignments to bring to life how I wanted to feel, my desires and flow with the Universe. As I began to connect with the version of myself I dreamed of, aspects within my life began to shift at an exponential rate. My commitment to myself and Connie's teachings yielded internal shifts which were reflected externally as my desires came to life with a speed I hadn't initially anticipated - I can still feel my celebrations around this! Creatress has lovingly woven her way into my being and is continually guiding me along my path." - Kristie

Frequently Asked Questions:

Connie Chapman, Retouched - 07

Creatress is not just about getting what you want. It's about becoming the woman you are truly here to be.

This journey is a sacred initiation into living as the divine feminine creatress of your life.

It is a calling into your divine power, a shedding of victim mentalities, clearing scarcity, struggle and suffering from your consciousness and anchoring into a new frequency of abundance, ease and thriving.

It is an activation into living as a magnetic queen who claims her desires, quantum leaps realities and priorities her alignment above all else.

This is an invitation into unravelling from the hustling and making it happen mentality and opening up to your sacred feminine power and divine creative ability where you dance with the Universe and magnetise your desires with ease.

When you avoid following your desires, you avoid rising into more of your highest soul expression.

My love, your expansion is awaiting you.

This is what you are here for, and it is time to begin.

"I broke through old patterns, guilt and unworthiness"

"Through Creatress, my desire started happening at breakneck speed and things which seemed impossible happened - in my case finding a beautiful house that was perfect within days of starting when there had been nothing for months. Despite obstacles then emerging, my deep lesson and shift was in how learning how much of my own worth and value I had put in this process and being able to take a step back from that. It was an incredible learning and I had a huge shift in self love and worthiness, in safety and clarity of my desires. As a result of Creatress, I now feel a deeper connection with myself and my inner guidance. It has given me so much comfort and broken through some very old patterns, guilt and unworthiness for me. This programme has changed my relationship to myself and it is having a ripple effect on other relationships around me which is magic. It was such a wonderful programme." - Sonja

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Join Creatress

Receive immediate access to the entire 8 module Creatress program.

$1222 AUD

Buy now for only $888 AUD

She Is A Creatress:

She is guided by her intuition, magnetic in her energy and in a co-creative dance with the Universe. She claims her desires and brings them to life with the natural ease and flow of a woman who knows her true power and worth. She surrenders to the process, softens into the unknown, embraces the mystery and trusts the divine timing. She finds pleasure in the journey, is guided by her body’s wisdom and opens herself to receive more. Her sacred desires are what allow herself, her life and the Universe to expand. She is the bringer of the new, the birther of life, the alchemist of energy, and the embodiment of the divine. She is a radiant, magnetic and powerful creative force here to live in the full receivership of all that her heart desires.

CREATRESS  |  Connie Chapman 2023