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Are you ready to step into the highest expression of yourself, embody your divine feminine essence and awaken your empowered inner woman?

Perhaps you can see this version of yourself in your mind - she is confident, vibrant, in love with her life, free, expressive, embodied in her power and magnetic in her energy.

She is not perfect, yet she walks through the world with a deep sense of self-acceptance and unconditional self-love.

She is embodied in her wholeness and worth, sovereign in her energy and able to be unapologetically herself.

She no longer dims, modifies, or adjusts herself to be what others want and need.

She has boundaries, speaks her truth, knows what she wants and treats herself with love and respect.

She is your divine feminine essence. Your embodied woman. She is who you truly are.

Perhaps you can feel her, sense her and imagine her… yet actually embodying her and living as her seems so far away.

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You are not alone. Many of us as women have lost touch with our divine feminine essence and power. We are instead living in a way that leaves us feeling diminished, deprived of what we most crave and like a shadow version of ourselves.

This is because, at some point in our lives...

We learned to be what everyone else wanted and needed. We started modifying ourselves, people pleasing, trying to be perfect, high-achieving and being the good girl so that we could feel enough.

We began listening to other people's expectations over our own inner wisdom, following the path well trodden, doing what we think we 'should' and becoming watered down versions of ourselves.

We started basing our worth and value on how much we achieve, which left us endlessly striving, aiming for perfection, working hard, over-committing and becoming depleted and exhausted.

We began to judge and reject our feminine energy, over-function in our masculine energy and disconnect from the sacred power of our feminine gifts of cyclical living, intuition, sensitivity, body wisdom, pleasure, sensuality, receptivity, rest and magnetism.

My love, the solution you crave is much closer than you think. The woman you desire to be already exists within you. She is you. And all you have to do is reconnect with her.

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This journey is not about needing to become anyone, rather it is about un-becoming all that you are not.

It is about releasing the layers of programming that you have picked up over the years about who you thought you 'should' be.

It is about healing, feeling and facing the wounds, patterns and unresolved emotions that have been keeping you small.

It is about letting go of who you learned to be so you can unapologetically embody who you truly are.

Reclaiming your divine feminine essence and power is a journey of coming back to the woman who is at the core of you - who you have been all along, but with whom you have lost touch with.

This is the key to your empowerment and liberation.

And I created Divine Femme to guide you step by step through this journey.

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Divine Femme will walk you through my signature framework to awaken, activate and embody your feminine essence, your authentic self and your divine power so you can live as the woman you truly desire to be. This is a revolutionary journey of stepping into your full potential. It is about becoming unapolagetically yourself, courageously releasing old programming, embodying your sacred power and feminine gifts and deeply loving the amazing woman you are.

I created Divine Femme because I was once where you are....

I am a woman who knows all too well what it feels like to spend years feeling disconnected from herself, tearing herself down, dimming her light and not living in her power.

For many years I struggled with low confidence and self-esteem and an eating disorder that left me in spirals of shame. My inner critic was critical and nasty and I was always so hard on myself.

I was a chronic people pleaser and perfectionist with such high expectations of myself that I struggled with a crippling fear of failure. I judged and criticised myself so deeply that I often felt unworthy and unloveable. 

I lived in complete disconnection from my feminine energy, my emotions, my intuition and my body. I over-functioned in my masculine energy, tied my worth to my achievements and hustled and over-worked as a way to feel good enough.

I held dreams in my heart that I didn't believe I could achieve and so for years I settled for a life that was so far from what I truly wanted...

Connie Chapman, Retouched - 23

But everything changed when I began to embark on a journey of deep and transformational healing.

Over the past 10+ years, I have done the work to heal my unresolved childhood wounds, deepen my self-love and learn how to support and nurture myself. I awakened my intuition and turned on my feminine magnetism which began effortlessly calling what I wanted into my life.

I came back into connection to my divine feminine essence and learned how to connect with my body, my emotions and my heart, awaken my sensuality and sexuality and live with more flow, trust and ease.

I reclaimed my full power and found the freedom to be unapologetically me, to build a business expressing my soul gifts and messages and I began to honour myself deeply through boundaries and speaking my truth.

And as a result, I have:

  • Manifested a healthy, loving 3+ relationship after 6 years of being single.
  • Built a thriving 6 figure coaching business where I call in clients with ease, sell out my programs, accelerated my income and found so much pleasure and flow in my work.
  • Awakened a deeper level of confidence, self-worth and personal power than I have ever felt before.
  • Reclaimed my divine feminine power, inner wisdom, pleasure, sensuality and radiance and amplified the joy in my life.
  • Found the freedom to live guided by who I truly am and what I truly desire each and every day.

This journey has completely transformed my life, and now I want to teach you everything I know and embody in Divine Femme.

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Divine Femme is a transformational live 12 week journey of healing, self-liberation and feminine embodiment where you will unravel from limiting patterns of self-doubt, people-pleasing, over-giving and never feeling enough and step into the full embodiment of your feminine energy, power, worth, radiance and wholeness.

In Divine Femme, you will be guided through a signature framework that will take you to the root cause of the limiting patterns that are holding you back so you can clear and release what is keeping you small, reclaim and embody who you really are and start thriving in every area of your life.

You will awaken your true, authentic self and fall in love with the incredible woman that you are. You will activate your innate feminine magnetism and elevate your self-worth so you can receive more of what you truly desire in your life and relationships.

You will dismantle old patterns, re-program your beliefs, shed layers of inauthenticity, release self-judgement, shame and unworthiness and awaken new levels of confidence, self-trust and personal power.

In Divine Femme, you will be guided through a signature 4 step method to create transformational change.

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This is a roadmap for awakening your full potential as a woman and thriving in every area of your life.

And from here anything and everything is possible for you.

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"Divine Femme went beyond my expectations. I am at peace with myself and my body and I cannot even recall the last time I felt like this. It has allowed me to reclaim my power and to be the woman I am. I feel more at peace, connected and intuitive. Prior to Divine Femme, I felt disconnected from myself and like a stranger in my own body. Divine Femme allowed me to connect to myself, to realise the blocks I had, to understand that I do not need conditions to love myself, and but most importantly that I can thrive in my feminine energy." - Ana


"I've done a lot of work on myself throughout my life. However, I can easily say Divine Femme provided more new insights and life-changing experiences than I've ever had before. I am truly a new person after this course. I am so in tune with my feminine (which I didn't even really know existed) and confident in myself, my business, and my relationships. I feel more authentic. More untamed. This took a lot of inner child work. I am more in touch with my emotions, my body, my relationships, and more. My relationship is thriving. My business is growing. The program really took me on a journey of growth. I am forever grateful for this course." - Remi

In Divine Femme, you will:

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????Come deeper into your body to feel greater levels of pleasure, joy, sensuality, self-worth and confidence.

????Balance and harmonise your inner feminine & masculine energies.

????Release patterns that weaken your power including people-pleasing, self-doubt, comparison, not speaking your truth and a lack of boundaries.

????Develop sacred rituals, routines and self-care practices that nourish you, nurture you, fill you up from within and make you feel deeply loved.

????Build a strong, connecting, empowering and loving relationship with yourself where you are deeply in tune with your wants, needs and desires.

????Find a sense of inner calm, security, wholeness and contentment.

????Release patterns that dim your light including self-criticism, self-judgment, guilt, shame and unworthiness.

????Awaken your divine feminine intuition so that your inner voice can guide your life.

????Create healthy, secure, balanced, loving, conscious relationships with others.

????Heal unresolved wounds and patterns from your inner child or your past.

????Claim your heart's desires and use your feminine magnetism to bring them to life.

Divine Femme is for you if:

You tend to modify yourself and try to be what others want, rather than feeling safe to live as your true, authentic self (and know you will still be loved).
You find it hard to honour yourself with strong boundaries, say no and hold standards that allow you to receive what you truly desire and deserve.
You tend to get caught in comparison, perfectionism and putting high expectations on yourself.
You doubt and question yourself, your choices and decisions and find it hard to fully trust yourself.
You struggle with self-love and acceptance and you often speak to yourself with criticism and judgement.
You over-function in your masculine energy and you feel disconnected from your feminine energy, sensuality and pleasure.
Your self-worth and value feels tied to how much you do and achieve.

You're stuck in your mind with lots of mental chatter, unable to deeply connect this your body and hear your inner wisdom & intuition.
You lack confidence and struggle with feelings of insecurity and not being good enough.
You tend to intellectualise and dissociate from your emotions rather than being able to fully feel them.

You fear your own power and worry you will be judged for shining bright and being fully yourself.
You feel guilty when you prioritise rest, relaxation, self-care or pleasure because you see it as indulgent or unproductive.
You struggle to create healthy, loving relationships that feel nourishing, balanced and supportive.

Divine Femme is a journey of embodied transformation.

What keeps so many of us stuck, is that we try to create change on a surface level without ever getting to the root cause of what is causing our challenges.

In order to create transformational change, we need to dive deeper to work with our subconscious mind and body. We need to heal, release and unblock the unresolved emotions, wounds and patterns that are stored in our bodies which are causing us to recreate the same experiences over and over again.

In Divine Femme, we will work on a subconscious level to clear the programming, patterns and beliefs that are driving your life.

We will work with your body to heal unresolved pain, clear stuck and blocked energy and alchemise your emotions.

We will work with your inner child to create an environment of inner safety, love and belonging that will allow you to heal and thrive.

This approach is the key to creating deep, lasting change and embodied transformation in yourself and your life.

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Enrolments Are Now Closed

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"When I joined Divine Femme, I wanted to learn how to step more into my feminine energy, how to support myself emotionally and also how to feel more love towards myself. The program exceeded my expectations! Divine Femme taught me how to embrace, accept and look after my emotions. It has made me very confident in what I bring to the table. It has taught me how to trust myself more and follow my intuition. I feel that I am able to be more playful, more creative, and more loving to myself, and I finally get how to be magnetic. I have a stronger connection to the feminine, and I have balanced out my masculine and feminine. It was perfect!" - Sirin


"Before I signed up for Divine Femme, I was feeling a bit lost and overwhelmed. I also struggled with people pleasing, childhood wounds and discerning the difference between my intuition and my inner critic. Divine Femme has helped me to cultivate a more nourishing and trusting relationship with myself. I am kinder to myself and more patient with myself now, knowing that I have the power to turn my situation and my life around. I feel a deep sense of inner calm and peace. I am more anchored in my true self and more balanced in my feminine and masculine energies. This inner work has been so transformative - I highly recommend it to all women who are feeling stuck, confused, overwhelmed or powerless." - Bianca

In Divine Femme, We Will Cover:

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Module One: Feminine Embodiment & Inhabiting Your Body

√  Release patterns of mind-based living and dissociation and begin to drop into more deeply inhabiting your body so you can find calmness and grounding within.

√  Learn how to regulate your nervous system, self-soothe and develop new ways to resource and support yourself from within.

√  Expand your capacity to be with your triggers, your emotions and strong sensations through embodiment work so that you can hold yourself through your healing.

Includes: The Inhabit Your Body Practice


Connie Chapman, Retouched - 23

Module Two: Healing The Wounded Feminine & Inner Child

√  Get to the root cause of your patterns of people-pleasing, worrying what others think, questioning yourself and perfectionism so you can release them for good.

√  Reconnect with your inner child to release past wounding and create deep and lasting healing.

√  Clear out and resolve the patterns of your wounded feminine energy that keep you feeling insecure, not enough, stuck in shame and lacking confidence.

Includes: The Inner Child Healing Meditation



Module Three: Self-Liberation & Becoming Unapologetically You

√ Rediscover your authentic self, reconnect with who you truly are and reclaim parts of yourself that you have denied and pushed away.

√ Release all of the 'should's' about who you learned to be, and discover who you truly desire to be.

√ Embrace the full range of your feminine and the full expression of yourself so you can feel free to be unapologetically you.

Includes: The Authentic Expression Activity


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Module Four: Unconditional Self-Love, Self-Care & Self-Devotion

√ Learn how to practise deep and unconditional self-love so you can stop seeking for love, approval and validation externally.

√ Break free from self-judgement, self-criticism, negative self-talk and all of the rules you created about what makes you loveable.

√ Connect with yourself, your body, practise radical self-care and learn how to deeply support yourself.

Includes: The Mirror Work Exercise


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Module Five: Balancing Your Inner Feminine & Masculine Energies

√ Create harmony between your inner masculine and feminine energy so they can work together and support each other.

√ Heal your relationship to your feminine energy, release outdated judgements and awaken your beautiful feminine qualities.

√ Learn how to trust your inner feminine energy and more deeply soften and relax into yourself and your body.

Includes: The Feminine Embodiment Exercise


Integration Week

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Module Six: Cyclical Living, Sensuality, Pleasure & Radiance

√ Understand and work with the seasons and energies of your menstrual cycle and learn how to embrace your feminine, cyclical nature.

√ Integrate pleasure, joy and sensuality into your daily life (no matter how busy you are) so you can feel more radiant, vibrant and nourished.

√ Clear any blocks, resistance or guilt that you hold around feeling or prioritising and experiencing pleasure.

Includes: The Sensuality Exercise


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Module Seven: Emotional Alchemy, Softening & Heart Healing

√ Embrace and honour your emotions and learn how to hold yourself through your deep feelings so you can process and release them.

√ Release layers of self-protection and heart armour that prevent you feeling deeper love with yourself and others.

√ Embrace the power of vulnerability, revealing your heart and living with more softness, openness and receptivity.

Includes: The Heart Meditation


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Module Eight: Self-Trust, Feminine Intuition & Body Wisdom

√ Connect with your feminine intuition so you can receive guidance and answers and feel deeply supported.

√ Access your body wisdom so you can clearly hear your inner yes and no and recognise red flags.

√ Build trust in yourself so you can feel clear and confident and no longer question your choices, actions and decisions.

Includes: The Inner Guidance Meditation


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Module Nine: Self-Worth, Boundaries & Self-Honouring

√ Speak your truth from a place of authentic power and be able to ask for what you want and need.

√ Honour yourself, your energy and your time with boundaries, prioritising yourself and saying no.

√ Raise your self-worth and step into your full feminine power so you receive at the level that you desire and deserve.

Includes: The Embody Your Power Exercise


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Module Ten: Becoming Magnetic & Opening Yourself To Receive

√ Turn on your feminine magnetism so you can lean back and draw what you desire towards you with ease and flow.

√ Clear blocks around receiving, and learn how to open your energy field so you can receive more from life and others.

√ Rise into the levels and upgrades that your soul is calling you into so that you can manifest, magnetize and receive more of what you truly desire.

Includes: Turn On Your Magnetism Meditation


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By the end of Divine Femme, you will feel empowered, whole and worthy, aligned with your authentic self, embodied in your radiant feminine energy, anchored in your power, and finally able to magnetise and create the life and relationships that you truly desire.

Here's What's Included:


10 x Live 90 Minute Masterclass

The course content will be delivered in live 90 minute Masterclasses with Connie where you will learn the core principles of the Divine Femme Framework. All sessions will be recorded and stored on your private membership site.

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Weekly Healing & Embodiment Practices

With every Module, you will receive a selection of meditations, healing rituals and embodiment practices to help you embody what you're learning and create deep inner shifts.


4 x Live Group Coaching Calls

In these powerful live coaching calls, you can bring your questions or areas you need support and receive live personalised coaching guidance and support from Connie.

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Weekly Journaling Workbooks

Every Masterclass will be accompanied by a practical workbook full of journaling prompts and reflective questions to take you deeper and apply the course principles to your own life.


Live Opening & Closing Ceremonies

The journey will begin with a live opening ceremony to set your intentions for the journey ahead, and will end with a closing ceremony to complete and integrate all you learned in the journey.

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A Supportive Like-Minded Community

This community will be invaluable! You will have a safe space to come to for support, to be encouraged, uplifted and receive guidance in the times you need it most. You will share the whole journey with a community of women who you can connect with and receive support from.

Plus, these Bonuses:

Bonus #1 - The Feminine Morning Ritual Guide

This guide will walk you through how to create a morning practice that connects you with your feminine energy and leaves you feeling nourished, full and self-connected for the day ahead.

Bonus #2 - The Feminine Living Resource Guide

This guide is full to the brim with recommended books, podcasts and resources to awaken your feminine energy and deepen your self-love.

Bonus #3 - Feminine Embodiment Playlists

A selection of playlists to ignite the full range of your feminine energy, including your sensuality, your tenderness and your feirceness!

Bonus #4 - Become Magnetic Masterclass Recordings

Recordings of 3 x 60 minute video trainings from Become Magnetic including: Create A Radiant, Magnetic Energy, Embody The Divine Feminine Frequency and Clear Your Inner Blocks.

Bonus #5 - She Is Liberated Masterclass Recordings

Recordings of 3 x 60 minute video trainings from She Is Liberated including: Liberate Yourself From Limiting Patterns, Programming & Beliefs, Awaken True, Authentic Confidence, Self-Belief & Self Love, and Embody Your Feminine Power, Worth & Wholeness.

Bonus #6 - Recordings of Four Previous Q&A Coaching Calls

These are video recordings of Q&A calls from a past round of Divine Femme. This is over 4 hours of practical guidance answering questions on manifestation, self-love, relationships, intuitive living, feminine energy and more.

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Enrolments Are Now Closed

Join the Divine Femme waitlist to receive updates on when the the doors will next open.


"Divine Femme allowed me to tap into and reconnect with myself, to learn practices that allowed me to work though and release many patterns that held me back. The capacity to connect with my own heart, to hear and trust my own guidance, and to be free to move and act despite old fears and patterns that used to hold me back - is the freedom that I longed for. It had and will continue to allow me to show up more powerfully and authentically in my relationships, my work, and my life. This course is a gift and a game changer. Thank you isn’t quite enough!" - Alicia


"Prior to the Divine Femme Program I felt really stuck and lost within myself. Now I understand myself more deeply and have the tools and practices I need to tune into my intuition and manifest what I truly desire. I truly feel like I’ve come full circle… I am more in tune with myself. I can manage my emotions better. I understand why I am the way I am. I have been able to 'let go' of old self-sabotaging ways and reconnect with my old-self and move forward positively in my personal family relationships and friendships. This journey has taught me the importance of self-love, boundaries and how to harness the courage to step into my feminine power to be content and happy within myself, my relationship and true friendships. Thank you Connie for helping me regain my confidence to know what I want and reconnect with my true self again." - Di

Frequently Asked Questions:

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Beautiful Woman, This Is Your Invitation.

This is your precious permission slip to prioritise the healing, strengthening and rebuilding of your relationship with yourself.  This is your opportunity to come back into connection with the radiance of who you truly are.

It is your time to shine and step into your magnificence. It is time to receive the love from yourself that you have been craving for years. It is time to activate your feminine magnetism, power and light.

You do not have to walk this journey alone, nor are you meant to.

When women come together to support and encourage each other, magical things happen. As you come together with your community in Divine Femme, you will be seen, held, encouraged and supported in the ways you need to fully activate the potential of who you are here to be.

Imagine who you could become if you loved yourself wholly, deeply and unconditionally.

Imagine how you would feel if you felt happy in your skin and connected to your divine feminine energy in every moment.

Imagine what you could create for your life if you felt connected to your power, guided by your intuition and deeply worthy of all that you desired.

Anything would be possible. You are capable of anything dear woman when you feel deeply loved.

So my love let us not waste any more time. We have precious work to do.

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"After Divine Femme, I have so much love for all parts of myself. Divine Femme gives you the steps to come back to your true nature, to be loving and open and also fierce, and to create what you want, but more importantly to realize you're already loved and whole, and you get to do that with a community of women who relate to you so it's a safe space to do that work. Not only have I experienced an inner transformation I've manifested multiple career successes, and even receiving attention from men who represent secure, steady masculine energy which was unheard of before this." - Erica


"My journey within Divine Femme brought me back to myself. Prior to enrolling in Divine Femme, I felt disconnected from myself and my life - that feeling of walking around on auto-pilot or in a haze. Through the Divine Femme program, I was able to lean into myself, I learned about how to feel my feelings, connect to my body, listen to what it is trying to tell me and tune into my intuition. I feel more in tune with myself and how I feel and what I want. I feel more equipped to handle my life - now when overwhelming situations happen I have more awareness of what I'm feeling and going through.  My life is more meaningful having gone through this journey." - Kim

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Meet Your Divine Femme Mentor

Connie Chapman is a Certified Life Coach, Women's Empowerment Mentor and host of the Awaken Radio podcast.

For the past decade, through her Coaching Programs and Online Courses she has supported thousands of women to break through their inner blocks and step into their full potential.

Her mission is to help women embody their divine feminine energy and build a loving relationship with themselves, so they can feel confident, worthy, whole and empowered from within and become magnetic to the life and relationships they desire.

Her work is based deeply on her own journey and her unique approach combines intuitive wisdom with transformational coaching skills and body-based practices to create deep and lasting change.

In Divine Femme, Connie brings you all of the transformational tools and teachings that she has been working with and embodying from her past 15+ years of personal growth work, and her past 10+ years working as a Life Coach with women all around the world.


"Working with Connie has been one of the best decisions I have ever made. I have been able to transform old habits that had kept me so stuck for years. I feel so much more confident in who I am and I no longer feel the need to seek approval of others before I make decisions which is so huge for me. I'm really starting to trust myself and back my decisions and I feel so much more powerful in who I am as a woman. Connie has such a beautiful and calming energy, and her coaching has been so incredibly powerful for me." - Marnie

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"When I first started working with Connie I was operating from low self-worth and was unavailable to my emotions, needs and desires. Connie helped me to clear so many damaging patterns, up-level my self worth, relationships, boundaries and business as a result of finally learning how to be completely available to my inner wisdom and power. What I didn't expect from the sessions and has been the biggest and most beautiful transformation was learning how to understand, heal and embrace my feminine energy" - Emma


"Having Connie as my coach was the best thing I could have done for myself. Her calming presence and powerful questions ushered me into revelations I don't think I would have had otherwise. The depth and breadth we travelled together allowed me to get to know, understand, and surrender to my feminine in ways I long desired but only read about in books. Connie has a natural and uncanny way of guiding your spirit to its truth. My time with her was magical and a pivotal part of my coming into being." - Jacinta

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"Connie has such an incredible ability to hold space and compassion and she have been able to guide me in such a beautiful way to shift from fear and limited thinking into love and empowerment. Before we started this work I felt like a fearful child and I had completely disconnected from what feeling good feels like. Now I feel more connected to my inner being and I feel excited to create the most amazing, abundant life filled with joy, love and ease." - Magdalena


"Connie gave me the tools to remove the layers that didn’t serve me, to reveal a much better version of me. I love the relationship I’ve built with myself. I’ve learned to slow down and make space in my life to really listen to what my intuition has to tell me and to trust what it says over logic. I feel radically different inside—more authentic, in my power, accepting of myself and others, feminine, and intuitive. I learned to not be afraid to feel all my feelings but to welcome them and their messages."  - Justine

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Enrolments Are Now Closed

Join the Divine Femme waitlist to receive updates on when the the doors will next open.

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When a woman loves herself deeply, embodies her divine feminine energy and steps into her full power she becomes radiantly magnetic to all that she desires.

Divine Femme

© Connie Chapman 2022