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Divine Femme is a transformational journey of awakening your feminine power, wholeness and radiance (even if you struggle with people-pleasing, self-doubt, comparison and never feeling enough) so you can finally magnetise the life and relationships you deeply desire.

Through Divine Femme, you will be guided through my signature framework that will take you to the root cause of the patterns that are holding you back (so you can clear them for good) and finally reclaim and embody the fullness of your feminine pleasure, power and potential.

You will awaken your true, authentic self and finally fall in love with the magnificent woman you are. You will activate your innate feminine magnetism and elevate your self-worth so you can receive more of what you truly desire in your life and relationships.

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Perhaps you've been struggling with:

Feeling guilty every time you put yourself first, say No, implement boundaries or ask for what you want and need.

Doubting and questioning yourself when you try to follow your intuition or speak your truth.

Seeking external approval, love and validation and worrying what others think of you.

Over-giving, over-working, overachieving and feeling unable to rest, relax, let go and receive.

Criticising and judging yourself constantly which destroys your confidence and self-worth.

Feeling disconnected from your body, your emotions, your pleasure and your feminine energy.

Patterns of comparison and perfectionism which leave you never feeling good enough.

Following the path and making the choices you think you 'should' rather than honouring your authentic desires.

Relationship dynamics that do not honour, respect and cherish you in the way that you are craving.

No matter how stuck you feel, I want to reassure you that there is nothing wrong with you and you are not doing anything wrong.

It is not easy to figure this all out alone with no support or process to follow.

Divine Femme will provide you with a proven, step-by-step feminine healing framework - a framework that will guide you through the process of clearing old patterns and beliefs and re-awakening the presence of your authentic self and your divinely empowered feminine energy.

Divine Femme will lovingly lead you through the inner healing and embodiment work to clear your blocks and ignite your power.

After seeing my proven healing and transformation process work for hundreds of my clients, I am now excited to bring it to you in Divine Femme.

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Meet Your Mentor:

Hi, I'm Connie. I am a Certified Life Coach, Women's Empowerment Mentor and the host of the top-ranking podcast show, Awaken Radio.

For the past decade, I have been working 1:1 with heart-centred women from all around the world in my private coaching practice.

Throughout this time, I have seen way too many magnificent, beautiful, talented women not stepping into their potential because they lack confidence, doubt themselves, cannot see their brilliance, or believe they are unworthy.

I have seen women hesitating, holding back and shrinking away from what their authentic self and their inner voice is telling them they are ready for.

My mission in my work has become to support women through the journey of learning to deeply love, accept and embrace who they are, so they can rise into their highest and brightest self.

After working with women from all around the world and guiding them to build a strong and empowered relationship with themselves, I have come to see that that how a woman feels about herself is the foundation of everything.

And that is why I created Divine Femme.

The next round of Divine Femme is coming soon!

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