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A Free Online Training with Connie Chapman on Thursday 16th May 2019

Are you yearning to feel more connected to your feminine energy, and more in tune with your body, your feelings and your needs?

Would you like to have better access to your divine inner wisdom and intuition?

Would you love to learn some new tools and practices that will help you deepen and strengthen your relationship with yourself?

If you answered yes, join Life Coach Connie Chapman for this transformational free training as she guides you through 10 powerful principles to help you awaken your feminine essence and intuition.

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Here's what you will learn:

√ Why it is important for us as women to be nurturing, awakening and embodying our feminine energy.

√ What it means to live from your feminine, and how to explore the parts of your feminine that are yearning to be expressed.

√ How to embrace your sensitivity, your feelings and your emotions and begin to see these as a gift, rather than a curse.

√ Why every woman is intuitive and has the ability to access divine wisdom.

√ Starting steps to create a connection with your intuition so that you can receive guidance and clarity from within.

√ How to break out of masculine energies of action, doing, logic and achieving, and embrace feminine qualities of flow, rest, receiving, intuition and feeling.

The importance of prioritising pleasure, play and sensuality and how to integrate more of these into your life.

Self-love and self-care practices that will help you feel more connected to yourself.

Plus, much more!


Event Details:

Time & Date: Thursday 16th May at 9am (Sydney, Australia time).

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Can't make it live? Don't worry! Everyone who registers will be sent a link to the session replay to watch in your own time.

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Connie Chapman

About your host:

Connie Chapman is an International Life Coach, Speaker, Writer and Host of the Awaken Radio podcast show.

She has the past 6+ years working with women from all around the world, supporting them to build a strong, loving and empowered relationship with themselves.

Through her private coaching practise and online courses, Connie guides women back into connection with their heart and inner wisdom and helps them find love, wholeness and happiness within. She empowers her clients to awaken their authentic selves, step in their power and uncover to their deepest desires so they can manifest lives that they love.

Connie’s unique approach combines her 6+ years of life coaching experience, 15+ years of personal growth work, plus powerful intuitive guidance that she channels for her clients and wider community.

Through her courses, private sessions and podcast show, Connie’s work is awakening the hearts, souls and minds of thousands of people from all around the world.


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