2019 is a year when embodying and living from our feminine essence will be the key to creating and manifesting all that we desire. This year many of us as women will feel the calling to more deeply awaken our hearts to unconditional love, and step into more of our divine power.

To shine in the way that we are destined, we need to love and support ourselves deeply. Through having a strong connection with who we are, speaking to ourselves in empowering ways, and living in alignment with our deepest truth, we can expand into our highest and brightest selves.

Women rise through love, nurturing and connection. We thrive when we are heard, seen and celebrated. We feel supported when we are around people who understand us, and encourage us to become our best.

After spending the past 6 years working 1:1 with women from all around the world, supporting and guiding them to build strong, loving and empowered relationship with themselves, I wanted to create a group coaching program to allow women to share the journey together.

I wanted to bring together all of the key concepts, teachings, tools and practices from my private coaching work into a powerful group experience.

In this 3-month group coaching program, you will join a soulful, like-minded community of women and take the journey of stepping into greater self-love, awakening more of your feminine essence and activating your divine power.


SESSION ONE: Anchoring into yourself and your body

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We will cover:

+ Anchoring into your own energy and drawing your focus inwards.
+ Cleaning up and healing the places where you leak energy.
+ Getting out of your head and connecting more deeply with your heart.
+ Tools to ground into your body, yourself and the present moment.
+ Feeling safe and at home in your body.
+ Practising self-connection and self-care.
+ Tuning into your feelings and supporting yourself through your emotions.
+ Hearing your inner voice and clarifying how it speaks to you.
+ Living guided by your inner wisdom and intuitive feelings.
+ Self-trust and how to honour, act on and stand in your personal truth.

SESSION TWO: Whole-heartedly loving who you are


We will cover:

+ Clearing the inner blocks and wounds you hold around love.
+ Releasing old stories and beliefs about what makes you loveable or worthy of love.
+ Radical self-acceptance, and how to begin practicing self-love.
+ The power of your self-talk and how to shift your inner dialogue out of criticism and judgment and into love and acceptance.
+ Creating new inner stories, beliefs, and patterns of behaviour that are based on unconditional love.
+ Treating yourself like a goddess.
+ Self-support and self-soothing and how to care for yourself when you most need it.
+ Inner child healing.
+ Activating your heart energy.

SESSION THREE: Owning & reclaiming your divine power


We will cover:

+ Exploring your relationship to power and being powerful.
+ What it means to embody divine power.
+ Boundaries, and protecting yourself energetically.
+ Stepping into your divinely empowered feminine self and fully embodying her energy.
+ Healing any fears of resistance around activating and embodying your power.
+ Speaking your truth from a place of authentic power, and having courageous conversations.
+ Saying no, and deeply honouring yourself and your needs.
+ The places you are giving away power, and how to know if something has power over you.
+ Reclaiming and calling back your power.
+ Using your intuition to support you and trusting in this guidance.

SESSION FOUR: Embodying your feminine & balancing your masculine

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We will cover:

+ The various expressions of feminine energy, and what it means to you to be feminine.
+ How you feel about being in and living from your feminine energy.
+ Vulnerability and how to practise this powerful quality.
+ Surrender and the art of letting go and releasing control.
+ Living with flow, following the flow and how to balance this with structure and getting things done.
+ Honouring your inner masculine and knowing how to harness these qualities.
+ Practices to help you connect with, surrender to, and fully embody your feminine.
+ Feeling, and having the courage to let yourself fully feel your emotions.
+ Healing wounds around the feminine and masculine.
+ Trusting your own inner feminine and feeling safe in her energy.

SESSION FIVE: Raising your worth & receiving more


We will cover:

+ Balancing giving and receiving, and healing patterns of over-giving.
+ Creating clarity on what you truly desire to receive.
+ Opening your mind and expanding your energy field to receive more
+ Clearing the blocks you hold to receiving the money you desire.
+ Exploring and healing your blocks or wounds around receiving love.
+ Upgrading your self-worth and raising the standard of what you desire to receive from life, and others.
+ Releasing unhealthy patterns that you use to get what you want.

+ Seeing your value, and exploring what makes you loveable, worthy and whole.
+ Re-writing your inner story about what you deserve.
+ Asking for and communicating what it is you want and need.

SESSION SIX: Amplifying your energy & becoming magnetic


We will cover:

+ Understanding your energetic vibration, and how to know what you are radiating.
+ Using your emotions as an inner guidance system.
+ Tools and practices for shifting your energy and raising your vibes.
+ Becoming mindful of the energy and state of being that you bring to all you do.
+ How to tune into your own energy field to call in more light.
+ The power of alignment, and what it means to come into alignment
+ Becoming magnetic, and exploring what makes you magnetic.
+ The power of play, creativity, nature and following your joy.
+ How to manifest what you desire through energy, not just action.
+ Living as a creator and how to create what you desire.
+ Balancing surrender and action when manifesting.


  This is an intimate 3 month program with only 10 spots to ensure you can receive personalised support from Connie.

  Every 2 weeks you will receive a video class and workbook teaching a particular topic for that week. These classes will guide you through core teachings around self-love, feminine energy, divine power, receiving, energy work, and becoming magnetic.

  On the following week, we will come together on a live video group coaching call to dive deeper into the topic for that week. On this call you can chat and interact with Connie, share your experiences, ask questions and receive guidance around what is arising for you from that week's video class. 

  During these calls, you will also be guided through meditations, visualisations and exercises to help you embody the class teachings.

  This program is designed to teach you powerful and transformative tools, practices, and principles, while also giving you 6 hours of group coaching support from Connie and your community, so that you can create the deep shifts you are craving.


21 Days of Journaling


The course content will primarily be delivered through these powerful video classes. In these classes you will learn transformative principles, tools and practices around the areas of self-love, clearing inner blocks, intuitive living boundaries, expressing your truth, activating your power, vulnerability, surrender, balancing masculine and feminine, embodiment, energy work, alignment and manifestation.



Every video class will be accompanied by a practical workbook which includes journaling prompts and activities, exercises and questions to take you deeper into the course content. These workbooks will allow you to reflect on and integrate the teachings for that week, create inner shifts, and apply what you have learnt to your own personal situation.

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On these video coaching calls, you will come together live with your community and Connie. Here you can chat and interact with Connie, share your experiences, ask questions and receive guidance around what is arising for you from that week's video class. During these calls, you will also be guided through meditations, visualisations and exercises to help you embody the class teachings.


+ Access to a private membership area: All of your video classes, workbooks and coaching call recordings will be stored in a private members area for you to access and re-visit at any time.

+ A like-minded, supportive community: You will join your fellow course members in a soulful Facebook group where you will be able to interact and connect with the other women who you are sharing the journey with.

+ 3 months of coaching support with Connie: You will spend 3 months with Connie where you will be able to receive guidance and support through your Facebook community, along with 6 hours of group coaching calls where you can speak directly with Connie to ask questions and receive personalised support.



  You have been feeling disconnected from your feminine essence and you are unsure how to stay in this energy while still showing up for the demands of your life.

  You find it hard to say no, implement boundaries, speak your truth and you find yourself giving away your time and energy to things that drain and deplete you.

  You struggle with self-love, and instead often find yourself criticising and judging yourself rather than speaking to yourself in kind and empowering ways.

  You want to prioritize and make time for self-care and self-connection practices where you can tune in, and build a stronger relationship with yourself.

  You identify as being sensitive, and you often feel big emotions but you are not sure how to support yourself through these, or manage your reactions to things.

  You dream of feeling confident, happy in your skin, in tune with yourself, living in your power, speaking your truth and feeling free, and you would love some support to practise that.

  You are craving a like-minded community of women who will understand you and support you as you move through big inner changes.




Hi, I'm Connie Chapman. I am Life Coach, Speaker & Writer and host of the Awaken Radio podcast show.

Through my international 1:1 Coaching Practice, I help soul-centred women discover a new way of living their lives; one that is guided by their hearts, fuelled by their intuition, and filled with what they love.


I have spent the past 6 years working 1:1 with women from all around the world, supporting and guiding them to build a strong, loving and empowered relationship with themselves. I have guided them through transformative changes, deep healings and activation of their personal power.

I am now bringing together all of the key concepts, teachings, tools and game-changing practices from my private coaching work into a soulful group program, so you can create transformational inner shifts while sharing the journey with a group of other women.


How do I access the course materials?
The weekly video classes, workbooks, and the recordings will be stored on a private membership area that you can log in and access at any time.

When will the live coaching calls run?
The time and dates of these calls will be confirmed once the group comes together. The calls will be scheduled to factor in all time zones to ensure that all members can attend live.  

Will the live coaching calls be recorded?
Yes, all of the live sessions will be recorded for you to re-watch and keep.

When does the course begin?
The course will commence once all 10 spots in the program are taken. It is anticipated this will be some time in March 2019.

Do I receive any support through the course?
Yes, there is alot of personalised support through this course. You will be able to chat and interact directly with Connie on each of the 6 live group coaching calls.

Is the course open to people outside Australia?
Yes, this is an online course and anyone from around the world can join and participate.

How do I join the program?
The first step is to complete this Application Form and then Connie will be in touch with you via email to speak to you about the next steps and answer any questions that you have.




"Wow, I don’t know where to begin to describe the changes I have experienced since working with Connie. I feel like I dropped deeper into a loving connection with my true self. I have been able to identify, let go and release so many inner blocks I had in my way of feeling my best. I am a much more kinder, softer and more loving person to myself and others. That is the thing about working with Connie – you clear out the fear and make room for the love to rule your world. I love everything about working with Connie. It is one of the best investments I have ever made.



"Working with Connie has transformed my life.  When I found her I was stuck in a job I hated and living a life I knew could be so much more. Connie gently and lovingly guided me to understand my deepest desires and rediscover my authentic self, and I was able to overcome some powerful fears to step forward in the world. More than the external transformation has been the internal one. My approach to life has shifted completely through working with Connie. I now try to live from a place of love, I view every challenge as an opportunity and I trust everything is working out the way it is meant to.  I will be forever grateful to Connie for helping me change my life".



"Connie has changed so many areas of my life in lasting ways. I’m a much shinier version of myself than before coaching with Connie. She gave me the tools to remove the layers that didn’t serve me, to reveal a much better version of me. I love the relationship I’ve built with myself. I’ve learned to slow down and make space in my life to really listen to what my intuition has to tell me, and to trust what it says over logic. I feel radically different inside—more authentic, in my power, accepting of myself and others, feminine, and intuitive. I learned to not be afraid to feel all my feelings, but to welcome them and their messages. Connie has been the life coach my soul needed to help propel me to make the changes I wanted."


Sofia Tärneberg

"Working with Connie has been truly transformational! I was dealing with low self esteem, negative thought patterns and was living small, letting others walk all over me. Connie held my hand whilst pushing me outside my comfort zone in order to confront, heal and discover my true self. She helped me release people, patterns and believes that were blocking me from living more fully. I discovered that putting myself first did not make me selfish but rather meant that I could better show up for others if I was filled up first. She helped bring out my true self and gave me the tools to live a healthier, happier and more authentic life."



"As soon as Connie and started working privately together I felt a click in my heart. It was like magic. A fresh start. Each session we had was powerful, and through her work I released old stories, old habits and patterns that had been ruling my life for years.  Through Connie's coaching I have been able to love myself deeply, I look in the mirror and see a woman that's worthy of this passionate life! Connie has an amazing way of holding a beautiful, welcoming space for you to fully and safely express yourself as you need and she has a way of helping you align into your joy and live it daily!  I'm deeply grateful for you Connie as I've been able to take off a mask of who I thought everyone wanted me to be and just finally be ME! This is true freedom"


Screen Shot 2017-07-09 at 5.05.18 pm

"Where do I even begin! Connie, is a life changer. And I don’t say that as a throw-away comment; since I’ve started working with Connie, my life has literally changed! In just three months of working with Connie I’ve done more growing, learning, discovering and stepping out of my comfort-zone than I have done in three years. I have taken my relationship with myself to a whole other level. I have uncovered parts of myself I didn’t know existed.  I’ve discovered patience for and acceptance of myself, and I’ve uncovered, and learnt to tune-into and trust a level of intuition I previously didn’t believe I had – or would ever have."



"Working with Connie was an incredibly empowering, and heart opening experience for me. Before we connected I had done lots of work on my own, but had struggled to move to the depths that I wanted to in order to heal, and connect more deeply to my heart. Across our time together, Connie helped me heal some deep pains that were limiting me, and holding me back from living the way that I wanted to. Her caring, nurturing and intuitive energy gels so well with mine, and I felt like we'd known each other for a lifetime, this added to my feeling right at home whenever Connie held space for me. I'm so grateful that life aligned as it did, so that we were able to share this special experience."



"Connie was the first life coach I have hired and wow has it been transformational.  It's crazy to think that 6 months ago, I was depressed, overwhelmed and suicidal. I was so scared and believe that life was too hard for me, that I couldn't do this alone. With Connie's help, I feel empowered. I now have the tools and confidence to know that I can move through any emotion, as scary as it may be. Connie's resources are really supportive as well, I listen to her guided meditations daily. This journey wasn't easy but the journey inwards is worth it. From depressed to now really excited about my life... is just incredible. Thank you Connie"



" Connie and I worked through the full spectrum of life together: from family to intimacy, career and money, abundance and self-doubt, and we finished with balancing my masculine and feminine energies. There were tears, meditations, hard truths, a lot of letting go of my past identities, and many laughs too. Only six months later, I feel more in alignment with myself now than ever before, and so many things I was desiring have started to make manifest. The biggest learning from Connie has been how to trust yourself and your own timings - to know when to step back and when to push forward. All of this has been the most liberating and joyful experience. I couldn't recommend highly enough working with Connie - I trust her entirely."




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