Women's Group Coaching

A 3 month journey of self-love & feminine living with Connie Chapman.

When Women Come Together To Support & Encourage Each Other, Magical Things Happen.

2020 is a year when embodying and living from our feminine essence will be the key to creating and manifesting all that we desire. This year many of us as women will feel the calling to more deeply awaken our hearts to unconditional love, and step into more of our divine power.

To shine in the way that we are destined, we need to love and support ourselves deeply. Through having a strong connection with who we are, speaking to ourselves in empowering ways, and living in alignment with our deepest truth, we can expand into our highest and brightest selves.

Women rise through love, nurturing and connection. We thrive when we are heard, seen and celebrated. We feel supported when we are around people who understand us, and encourage us to become our best.

So I have designed a powerful group coaching program to bring you together with a group of soulful, like-minded women where you can take the journey of awakening greater self-love and embodying more of your feminine essence.

This Program Is For You If:

  You have been feeling disconnected from your feminine essence and you are unsure how to stay in this energy while still showing up for the demands of your life.

  You find it hard to say no, implement boundaries, speak your truth and you find yourself giving away your time and energy to things that drain and deplete you.

  You struggle with self-love, and instead often find yourself criticising and judging yourself rather than speaking to yourself in kind and empowering ways.

  You want to feel more connected to your intuition so you can feel guided and supported and look within yourself for clarity and answers.

  You want to prioritise and make time for self-care and self-connection practices where you can tune in, and build a stronger relationship with yourself.

  You identify as being sensitive, and you often feel big emotions but you are not sure how to support yourself through these or manage your reactions to things.

  You dream of feeling calm, confident, happy in your skin, connected to your body and fully free to express the truth of who you are.

  You are craving a like-minded community of women who will understand you and support you as you move through big inner changes.

As women, we shine when we are loved, encouraged, supported, seen & held.

This is what we are all deeply craving, and it is what we most need to give to ourselves.

It is only when we are accepting of who we are, speaking to ourselves in empowering ways and living in alignment with our deepest truth, that we can expand into our highest and brightest selves.

It is only when we are practising wholehearted self-love, embodying our divine, authentic power and following the unique call of our inner voice that we can rise into our fullest and most luminous potential.

We cannot step into our brilliance if we are tearing ourselves down, speaking to ourselves in unkind and critical ways and dimming our precious, radiant light.

As women who are destined for great things, we can no longer sacrifice our own joy, wellbeing and aliveness to make others happy. We can no longer push our bodies and deplete ourselves in pursuit of who we think we should be.

We can no longer suppress our needs, deny our desires and give our power away. We can no longer ignore our hearts, disconnect from our bodies and be so hard on ourselves. It is time to change all of this. 

Meet Your Mentor:

Connie 34 (2) copy

Hi, I'm Connie. I am a Life Coach, Speaker, Writer and the host of the top-ranking podcast show, Awaken Radio.

For the past 7 years, I have been working 1:1 with heart-centred women from all around the world in my private coaching practice.

Throughout this time, I have seen way too many magnificent, beautiful, talented women not stepping into their true potential because they lack confidence, doubt themselves, cannot see their brilliance, or believe they are unworthy.

I have seen women hesitating, holding back and shrinking away from what their true authentic self and their deeper inner voice is telling them they are ready for.

My mission in my work has become to support women through the journey of learning to deeply love, accept and embrace who they are, so they can rise into their highest and brightest self.

After years of working 1:1 with women from all around the world, supporting and guiding them to build a strong and empowered relationship with themselves, I wanted to create a group coaching program to allow women to share the journey together.

So I have brought together all of the key concepts, teachings, tools and practices from my private coaching work into a powerful group experience.

I Created This Program Because:

I am a woman who knows all too well what it feels like to spend years being at war with herself, tearing herself down, dimming her light and not living in her power.

I am a woman who spent way too many years questioning herself, doubting her abilities and playing small. I am a woman who would hold back from speaking up, who wouldn't implement boundaries, and who never asked for what she truly deserved and wanted. I am a woman who criticised herself so deeply that she often felt unworthy and unloveable.

But I am also a woman who learnt how to heal.

After years of inner work and healing, I have been able to build a beautiful relationship with myself. While I am far from perfect, and I am still walking this journey of self-love every day, I can honestly say doing this work has transformed my life.

I have dedicated the past 10+ years of my life to digging deep to heal my wounds, reclaiming my power, loving who I am and stepping into my light. And now dear woman, I want to support you to do the same.

In This 3 Month Program, We Will Explore:

Session One: Understanding Your Inner Feminine & Masculine Energies & Healing Patterns Of Imbalance

Module Six

 In this session, we will cover:

+ The various expressions of feminine energy, and what it means to you to be feminine.
+ What you learnt about masculine and feminine energies as you were growing up and how this is affecting you now.
+ Processes for healing your inner child woundings.
+ Understanding your current relationship to your feminine energy and how you feel about it.
+ How to begin embracing, embodying and living from more of your feminine essence.
+ Honouring and appreciating the masculine both within you and in your life.
+ Consciously drawing on the qualities of your inner masculine and building trust in his energy.
+ Healing wounds or old patterns and stories that are blocking and limiting you.
+ Creating harmony between your inner feminine and masculine so they can work together and support each other.
+ Trusting your own inner feminine and feeling safe in her energy.

Session Two: Coming Deeper Into Your Feminine Through Sensuality, Pleasure, Play, Joy and Embodiment

Connie 31

In this session, we will cover:

+ How to begin living a life guided by pleasure, joy and what feels good to you.
+ Exploring sensual movement.
+ How to feel more connected, loving, safe and grounded in your body.
+ Clearing any blocks such as fear, resistance or guilt that you hold around prioritising your pleasure.
+ Exploring your feminine sensuality, and how to awaken more of this energy.
+ Exploring your own pleasure and how to give and receive pleasure within yourself and your body.
+ Slowing down and being present to savour experiences and deepen your pleasure.
+ Practical ways to integrate play, pleasure and sensuality even if you have a busy and demanding life.
+ Awakening sexual energy and connecting more deeply with your body.
+ How to bring more light-hearted playfulness to all that you do.
+ Why play is the key to being a radiant, magnetic woman.

Session Three: Self-Care, Self-Love, Honouring Your Needs & Creating A Loving, Connected Relationship With Yourself

Connie Chapman

In this session, we will cover:

+ Clearing the inner stories and wounds that are blocking you from wholeheartedly loving yourself.
+ Creating rituals, routines and practices that allow you to tune in, connect with yourself and practise self-love.
+ How to deeply listen to and honour your wants and needs and prioritise what is important to you.
+ Healing patterns of overgiving to others and learning how to give more to yourself.

+ Radical self-acceptance, and how to begin practising self-love.
+ The power of your self-talk and how to shift your inner dialogue out of criticism and judgment and into love and acceptance.
+ Creating new inner stories, beliefs, and patterns of behaviour that are based on unconditional love.
+ Self-support, self-soothing and how to care for yourself when you most need it.

Session Four: Opening Your Heart, Embracing Vulnerability, Softening, Receiving & Fully Feeling Your Emotions

Connie 21

In this session, we will cover:

+ A guided exercise to help you connect with your heart.
+ How to listen into your heart and let it lead and guide you.
+ Heart qualities and how bringing more of these into your life will help activate your feminine.
+ The power of vulnerability and how to practise this with yourself and others.
+ Clarifying what you desire to receive more of and how to call this in.
+ How to tell the difference between the guidance of your mind and your heart.
+ Practising softness and unravelling the patterns that create hardness or tension.
+ How to keep your heart open, even when it wants to close.
+ A step by step process on how to support yourself through your emotions and allow yourself to fully feel.
+ Daily practices you can use to embody more openness, softness and receptivity.

Session Five: Awakening Your Feminine Intuition, Inner Guidance, Body Wisdom & Letting Your Desires Guide You

Module Eight

In this session, we will cover:

+ How to awaken the presence of your feminine intuition.
+ Accessing your higher guidance and spirit guides.
+ Building trust in yourself and your inner guidance so you can begin following it.
+ No longer questioning yourself, your choices and your decisions.
+ Why the level of trust you have within yourself, determines the trust you can experience in others.
+ Distinguishing between your intuition and your mind/fear.
+ Why your inner wisdom communicates through your body and feelings, and how to hear and receive these messages.
+ How to let your body wisdom guide you by finding your inner 'No' and 'Yes'.

+ Rituals and practices to strengthen your intuition.
+ The importance of not overriding your inner ‘reg flags’ or warning signs.
+ Living in integrity with your inner truth and why this is the key to an empowered life.

Session Six: Embodying Your Feminine Power, Using Your Voice, Boundaries, Saying No & Embracing Your Fierce Femme

Connie 46

In this session, we will cover:

+ Your relationship to your feminine power and how you feel about being powerful.
+ How to implement boundaries and protect yourself energetically.
+ Stepping into your divinely empowered feminine self and fully embodying her energy.
+ Exploring your fierce femme energy and knowing when to draw on her.

+ Healing fears or resistance around activating and embodying your power.
+ How to speak your truth from a place of authentic power and having courageous conversations.
+ How to ask for what you want and need, and express your feelings with others.

+ Learning how to say no and deeply honour yourself and your needs.
+ Identifying the places you are giving away power and how to know if something has power over you.
+ Reclaiming and calling back your power.

Bonus Session: Intimate Relationships, Calling In Your Ideal Partner & How to Create A Deep, Loving, Conscious Relationship


In this session, we will cover:

+ How to navigate being single and working through emotions such as loneliness, frustration or doubt that you will ever meet someone.
+ Exercises to help you clarify what you are truly desiring, wanting and needing in a partner.
+ Understanding 'the mirror' in relationships and why your partner is a reflection of you.
+ Shifts you can make in your body, your energy and your feminine expression to help evoke from what your partner what you most desire to receive.
+ How to navigate the early days of dating and meeting someone new.
+ Tools for deepening your existing relationships and creating new levels of love, connection, consciousness and fulfilment.
+ How to handle challenges and conflicts in relationships.
+ Why vulnerability and revealing your heart is the key to deeper intimacy.
+ How to support yourself when you get triggered in relationships.
+ Manifestation and energy work principles to attract your ideal partner.

Women's Group Coaching Program

What You Will Receive:

This is a 3 month online program so anyone from around the world can attend, and we will all regularly meet together in powerful online trainings, coaching calls and in our Facebook community. It is limited to 10 spaces so ensure you receive personalised support. All trainings and coaching calls will run live and replays of all live sessions will be available and will be stored on your private membership site for you to revisit at any time.

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7 x Live, Workshop-Style Online Trainings

Every 2 weeks, the course content will be taught via a live 60-minute online training. These will be interactive, workshop-style sessions with a mix of powerful teachings, journaling activities and Q&A with Connie. All sessions will be recorded and stored on your private membership site.

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3 x Live & Interactive Group Coaching Calls

On these video coaching calls, you will come together live with your community and Connie to receive personalised coaching support. Here you can chat and interact with Connie, share your experiences, ask questions and receive guidance around what is arising for you personally. 

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8 x Practical Workbooks

Each of the 6 live online workshop-style trainings are accompanied by a practical workbook, which includes journaling prompts, activities, exercises and questions to take you deeper into the course content and help you apply them to your personal situation. You will also receive a Pre-Program Workbook at the start of the course, and Reflection Workbook at the end of the course.

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3 Months of Mentoring & Support From Connie & Your Community

You will spend 3 months with Connie where you will be able to receive ongoing guidance, support and mentoring. You will also join your fellow course members in a soulful Facebook group where you will be able to interact and connect with the other women who you are sharing the journey with.


Bonus #01: Femme Morning Ritual Guide

You will receive the Feminine Morning Ritual guide which shares a step by step morning ritual that you can use to connect with your heart, open and soften your body and anchor into your divine feminine energy. 


Bonus #02: Resource List For Feminine Living

You will also get my PDF resource list full of recommended books, podcasts, videos, courses, teachers and other resources which will help you dive deeper into your self-love and feminine living practice.

This Program Will Help You To:

  Awaken, activate and embody all aspects of your feminine energy and bring this into harmony and balance with your inner masculine.

  Build a strong, connected, empowering and loving relationship with yourself where you are deeply in tune with your own wants and needs.

  Come deeper into your body, feel greater levels of pleasure, joy, sensuality and sexiness and feel confident radiating your feminine magnetism.

  Embody your fierce femme energy so you can implement clear boundaries, honour yourself through saying no, express your truth and feel empowered.

  Get in tune with your inner guidance, including your intuitive inner voice, your body wisdom and your heart energy, so you can feel guided and supported.

  Develop sacred rituals, routines and self-care practices that nourish you, nurture you, fill you up from within and make you feel deeply loved.

  Live with more ease, flow, grace, radiance, beauty and abundance, and unravel old patterns of stress, pushing, striving, depletion and overgiving.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Dear Woman, This Is Your Invitation.

This is your precious permission slip to prioritise the healing, strengthening and rebuilding of your relationship with yourself.  This is your opportunity to come back into connection with the radiance of who you truly are.

It is your time to shine and step into your magnificence. It is time to receive the love from yourself that you have been craving for years. It is time to activate your feminine magnetism, power and light.

You do not have to walk this journey alone, nor are you meant to.

When women come together to support and encourage each other, magical things happen. As you come together with your community through this course, you will be seen, held, encouraged and supported in the ways you need to fully activate the potential of who you are here to be.

Imagine who you could become if you loved yourself wholly, deeply and unconditionally.  

Imagine how you would feel if you were supported, encouraged and acknowledged in every moment.

Imagine what you could create for your life if you felt connected to your power, guided by your intuition and deeply worthy of all that you desired.

Anything would be possible. You are capable of anything dear woman when you feel deeply loved.

So my love let us not waste any more time. We have precious work to do.

Client Success Stories:


"Wow, I don’t know where to begin to describe the changes I have experienced since working with Connie. I feel like I dropped deeper into a loving connection with my true self. I have been able to identify, let go and release so many inner blocks I had in my way of feeling my best. I am a much more kinder, softer and more loving person to myself and others. That is the thing about working with Connie – you clear out the fear and make room for the love to rule your world. I love everything about working with Connie. It is one of the best investments I have ever made." — ELLENA


"Working with Connie has transformed my life.  When I found her I was stuck in a job I hated and living a life I knew could be so much more. Connie gently and lovingly guided me to understand my deepest desires and rediscover my authentic self, and I was able to overcome some powerful fears to step forward in the world. More than the external transformation has been the internal one. My approach to life has shifted completely through working with Connie. I now try to live from a place of love, I view every challenge as an opportunity and I trust everything is working out the way it is meant to.  I will be forever grateful to Connie for helping me change my life".  — SHAUNA



"Connie has changed so many areas of my life in lasting ways. I’m a much shinier version of myself than before coaching with Connie. She gave me the tools to remove the layers that didn’t serve me, to reveal a much better version of me. I love the relationship I’ve built with myself. I’ve learned to slow down and make space in my life to really listen to what my intuition has to tell me and to trust what it says over logic. I feel radically different inside—more authentic, in my power, accepting of myself and others, feminine, and intuitive. I learned to not be afraid to feel all my feelings but to welcome them and their messages. Connie has been the life coach my soul needed to help propel me to make the changes I wanted." — JUSTINE


Sofia Tärneberg

"Working with Connie has been truly transformational! I was dealing with low self-esteem, negative thought patterns and was living small, letting others walk all over me. Connie held my hand whilst pushing me outside my comfort zone in order to confront, heal and discover my true self. She helped me release people, patterns and believes that were blocking me from living more fully. I discovered that putting myself first did not make me selfish but rather meant that I could better show up for others if I was filled up first. She helped bring out my true self and gave me the tools to live a healthier, happier and more authentic life." — SOFIA


"As soon as Connie and I started working privately together, I felt a click in my heart. It was like magic. A fresh start. Each session we had was powerful, and through her work, I released old stories, old habits and patterns that had been ruling my life for years.  Through Connie's coaching, I have been able to love myself deeply, I look in the mirror and see a woman that's worthy of this passionate life! Connie has an amazing way of holding a beautiful, welcoming space for you to fully and safely express yourself as you need and she has a way of helping you align into your joy and live it daily!  I'm deeply grateful for you Connie as I've been able to take off a mask of who I thought everyone wanted me to be and just finally be ME! This is true freedom." — KRIS


Screen Shot 2017-07-09 at 5.05.18 pm

"Where do I even begin! Connie is a life-changer. And I don’t say that as a throw-away comment; since I’ve started working with Connie, my life has literally changed! In just three months of working with Connie, I’ve done more growing, learning, discovering and stepping out of my comfort zone than I have done in three years. I have taken my relationship with myself to a whole other level. I have uncovered parts of myself I didn’t know existed.  I’ve discovered patience for and acceptance of myself, and I’ve uncovered, and learnt to tune-into and trust a level of intuition I previously didn’t believe I had – or would ever have." — LAURA


"Working with Connie was an incredibly empowering, and heart-opening experience for me. Before we connected I had done lots of work on my own, but had struggled to move to the depths that I wanted to in order to heal, and connect more deeply to my heart. Across our time together, Connie helped me heal some deep pains that were limiting me and holding me back from living the way that I wanted to. Her caring, nurturing and intuitive energy gels so well with mine, and I felt like we'd known each other for a lifetime, this added to my feeling right at home whenever Connie held space for me. I'm so grateful that life aligned as it did so that we were able to share this special experience." — KATE


"Connie was the first life coach I have hired and wow has it been transformational.  It's crazy to think that 6 months ago, I was depressed, overwhelmed and suicidal. I was so scared and believed that life was too hard for me and that I couldn't do this alone. With Connie's help, I feel empowered. I now have the tools and confidence to know that I can move through any emotion, as scary as it may be. Connie's resources are really supportive as well, I listen to her guided meditations daily. This journey wasn't easy but the journey inwards is worth it. From depressed to now really excited about my life... is just incredible. Thank you Connie." — CELINA


"Connie and I worked through the full spectrum of life together: from family to intimacy, career and money, abundance and self-doubt, and we finished with balancing my masculine and feminine energies. There were tears, meditations, hard truths, a lot of letting go of my past identities, and many laughs too. Only six months later, I feel more in alignment with myself now than ever before, and so many things I was desiring have started to make manifest. The biggest learning from Connie has been how to trust yourself and your own timings - to know when to step back and when to push forward. All of this has been the most liberating and joyful experience. I couldn't recommend highly enough working with Connie - I trust her entirely." — NATALIE

Women's Group Coaching Program


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