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Additional notes for your Day Fifteen activity:

While December can be a busy month, it is also a powerful time of preparation to support you in getting ready for the new year.

Take some time today to think about what you could practise, start focusing on or achieve in December to set yourself up for 2021. Could you spend time getting clear on your goals for 2021 and then begin some new habits or practices that will align you with what you want to achieve?

Do you need to get organised, do a big clean up of your home, workspace or computer, or are there loose ends to tie up before the year completes? Do you need to create a plan so that when the year begins you are set up and ready to go?

Think about how you could best use December as a month of preparation for 2021.


Additional notes for your Day Sixteen activity:

A morning practice is such a powerful way to carve out time and space for yourself before the busy-ness of your day begins. It can be a time for you to connect with yourself and your body, practise self-love and self-care, drop into your feminine, fill yourself up from within, tune into your intuition, and set intentions for the day ahead.

There are no rules when it comes to a morning practice. It is all about doing what feels good and right to you. It could last 10 minutes or an hour. It could be different every day! When designing your morning time, ask yourself, ‘How do I want to feel as a result of doing my morning practice?’ ‘What is my ‘why’ for doing this practice?

Once you identify this, choose practices which will help you feel that way and meet that intention. It could be meditation, yoga, dance, a walk outside, exercise, reading, breathwork, journaling, manifestation practices or anything that feels good and nourishing to you.


Additional notes for your Day Seventeen activity:

As you come into today’s activity, reflect on what your relationship with your body is currently like and how you show love and care for your body. Feel into how you would like to improve, deepen or strengthen this relationship.

Do you want to show greater love and care for your body through self-care practices, the way you eat or the way you move? Do you want to feel a greater appreciation and gratitude for your body and all it does for you? Do you want to bring on practices or rituals that help you come deeper into your body? Do you want to change the way you speak to your body or treat it?

In your journal today, explore what you would like to bring on or change in 2021 to improve your relationship with your body so you can feel more at home in your skin, more safe and grounded, and more connected to your feminine pleasure and sensuality.


Additional notes for your Day Eighteen activity:

Take a moment to close your eyes and imagine what you would love life to look like at the end of 2021. Imagine you are in that reality now. What has manifested? What is unfolding in each area of your life? How are you feeling about yourself and your life?

In your journal, describe your desired reality in as much detail as you can. Write in the present tense so you are activating the feelings of already having it. Start with “It is now 31st December 2021 and…” then describe each area of your life or the reality you see in detail.

Once this is complete, you may like to include what you wrote in your morning practice or as part of your manifestation practice by reading over it each day and connecting with the feeling of living and having what you desire.


Additional notes for your Day Nineteen activity:

For today’s activity, place your hand on your heart, close your eyes and connect with the version of yourself that is living in the reality that you described yesterday. Really feel into your desired future reality and the version of yourself living in that reality.

What do you notice about her? How is she different from the woman you are now? As you notice the subtle differences, identify what has changed within her that has allowed her to manifest this new reality. Does she have different beliefs? Does she hold herself differently? Is she taking different actions to what you are now?

Connect with this future version of yourself and look into her eyes. What guidance does she have for you? What wisdom can she offer you to help you step into more of her energy?


Additional notes for your Day Twenty activity:

Take a moment today to reflect on 2020 and wrap up this year with love and gratitude. Write a thank you and farewell letter to this year as a sacred way of completing all that this year has brought you.

Start your letter with ‘Dear 2020…’ and begin by reflecting on all of the experiences you have had this year which you want to give thanks for. You have been delivered an abundance of learnings, opportunities and blessings that are gifts from life. Even your most challenging experiences have helped you to grow and evolve, so be sure to give thanks for them too.

Then, declare in your letter to 2020 what you are now ready to release, say goodbye to, complete, close off and farewell. Approach this with an energy of gratitude as you declare what you are ready to release for good. If you wish to, you can then rip up or burn your letter as part of a releasing ritual for 2020.


Additional notes for your Day Twenty-One activity:

It is now time to turn your focus to 2021 and all of the new beginnings that you feel ready and excited to step into.

Start your letter with ‘Dear 2021…’ and declare to the year ahead what you intend to create, manifest, achieve, feel and experience in this powerful new year. Feel the love, passion and excitement in your heart as you allow yourself to write in as much detail as you can what your intentions, dreams, desires and goals are for 2021. Tell this year what you most want to create.

Once you have written everything you can, close your eyes and place your hand over your heart. Imagine you can send a giant beam of love and light energy to the year ahead, and you can bless this year with abundance, happiness, peace and joy. Send a prayer to the Universe for all of your dreams to be supported to come to life.

If you wish to, you can then create a sacred alter where you place your letter and surround it with crystals, candles, flowers, oracle cards or anything else you feel to help supercharge its energy.

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