An 9-week journey of mindfulness, self-connection & intuitive living.  

In the busy lives that we lead, we are always being pulled outwards.

We often find ourselves being pulled in many different directions, and in an attempt to keep up with everything our lives ask of us, we feel pressure to move faster, do more and work harder.

Over time, our mind becomes over-stimulated as it races from one thing to another and gradually we begin to lose connection with a deeper part of ourselves - with our heart's desires, our intuition, our feelings, our body's wisdom and most importantly our true wants and needs.  

We know we 'should' take time to rest, to meditate, to practise self-care and journal, but sometimes it is impossible to switch off. Or if we do, we then have to deal with a critical voice in our head telling us we are being lazy or unproductive.

So we end up rushing, stressing, striving and filling our schedules to keep up with it all. We lose touch with our loving inner guidance and instead become ruled by fear - fear of not meeting deadlines, fear of falling behind, fear of missing out, fear of not doing enough, fear of not getting where we want to be, etc... I could go on.

We feel that if we could only get everything in our life under control, we could finally relax... but that day never seems to arrive.

So we work and strive and do more... But all that happens is we move further and further away from ourselves and what makes us truly happy and fulfilled.

Instead, what we need to do is the very thing we are resisting doing. We need to slow down, create space and untangle ourselves from the noise, drama and distractions of our external world.

We need to tune back into our inner selves, so we can reconnect with our feelings, our wants, our needs, our heart and our inner voice, which is always guiding us to what is truly right for us.

We need to prioritise the tools and practices which nourish and refuel us, so we can feel whole, happy and empowered from within.

We need to create space to listen to what we are most needing, so we can step back into our power and begin designing a new way of living that deeply nourishes us.

We need to step out of the external seeking, searching and striving and remember that what we are truly looking for us not 'out there'. It can only be found within.

This is why I created Slow Down & Tune In

I designed this soulful 9 week course to help you unravel old patterns of anxiety, fear and stress and come back into connection with the love, wholeness, power and wisdom that is within you. 

You will be supported to slow down your thoughts, release your dependence on your logical mind, unhook from living ruled by fear and instead drop deeper into your heart and your body to access your deeper wisdom and guidance.

You will be held, guided, nurtured and supported to gradually release what has been weighing you down for too long, so you can once again feel light, free and full of joy within yourself.

Each week you will learn powerful principles, teachings and practices to create powerful changes within yourself. You will receive practical workbooks, transformative video classes and live group coaching calls to guide you through the process step by step.

This course is for you if you're struggling with:

Patterns of busy-ness, stress and constant doing which keeps you feeling like you can never slow down, relax and rest.

A disconnection from yourself where you feel out of touch with your truth, your power, your wants, your needs and what is most important to you.

An inability to hear your loving inner voice, receive guidance from your intuition or make heart-driven decisions.

Difficulty feeling self-love and instead find yourself seeking for love, validation and approval from others.

Negative, critical self-talk, limiting beliefs which hold you back, and a mind full of worry and anxiety that you can't seem to ease.

Not knowing how to work through your feelings and emotions (especially those big uncomfortable ones) and instead, you find yourself trying to avoid them.

A niggling feeling of emptiness, discontent or dissatisfaction that you can't seem to shake no matter how much you get, gain or achieve.

Making everyone happy except yourself, and struggling to say no or implement boundaries out of fear of disappointing others.

A need to control everything and never feeling safe enough to let go, surrender and trust.

A deep desire to begin practising self-care, self-love and self-connection but feeling totally overwhelmed or confused at where to start.

I want to teach you the tools & practices that transformed my life.

I want to share with you all of the tools, practices and principles that helped me shift out of anxiety, insecurity and external seeking to feeling calm, grounded, whole and intuitively-guided.

My intention is to guide and support you on the empowering journey of tuning inwards so you can build a loving relationship with yourself and feel whole and happy from within.

I want to provide you with the space, guidance and opportunity to take some time out for yourself and learn practical ways that you can support yourself to find peace and balance.

I want to give you the tools to reconnect with yourself, practise self-care and self-love and listen to the inner guidance that is available to you at all times.

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Hi, I'm Connie

I am an International Life Coach, Speaker, Writer and Host of the Awaken Radio podcast.

For the past 8 years, I have been working with women and men from all around the world, supporting them to build a strong, loving and empowered relationship with themselves.

Through my private coaching practice and online courses, I guide my clients to come back into connection with their true power, their inner voice, their heart's guidance and with the love that exists within them.

But before I began doing this work, my life was very different.

For years I struggled with anxiety, an eating disorder, panic attacks, low self-esteem, control issues and a chronic addiction to external love.

I lived ruled by my head and by patterns of people-pleasing and work addiction. I was always seeking external approval. I was completely disconnected from my heart, my intuition and my body's wisdom. I found it hard to sit still, to be alone and to just be.

And so I was continuously setting goals, creating external change, and rushing and running through life, trying to find a solution to my constant dissatisfaction.

Eventually, I came to discover (the hard way) that nothing 'out there' was ever going to plug up the holes of what was missing within. 

So, I went on a big soul seeking mission, and I finally found the courage to turn my search inwards. I hired a Life Coach, bought every self-help book I could find, and I got to work.

I began looking within myself and finally feeling and facing everything I had spent years running from. Rather, than distracting myself with surface changes, I dug deep to finally heal and release the core wounds that I was avoiding.

I learnt how to slow down and find stillness, listen to my heart, feel my feelings and deeply love myself. I devoted myself to self-care and honouring my wants and needs. I stepped into my power, began to courageously follow my intuition and I started showing up for my true desires.

And as I did, everything began to change.

Doing this work competely transformed myself and my life. And now I want to share with you the principles, rituals, and practices that have healed my own life and the lives of hundreds of my clients.

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In Slow Down & Tune In, we cover:

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Module One:
Slow Down Your Mind & Body

+ The power of slowing down and the incredible benefits we can experience.
+ What it means to slow down and why it is not always about doing less.
+ Why slowing down is the key to connecting with ourselves, reclaiming our power, awakening our heart, calming our mind, deepening our self-love and hearing our inner guidance and intuition.
+ Some of the key fears you may hold about slowing down and my step by step process for how to work through them. 

+ How to work through big feelings like guilt, feeling selfish, being unproductive or worrying about falling behind or missing out.
+ Powerful practices that will help you slow down your body.
+ Tools to help you calm and slow your mind.
+ The importance of sacred rituals which help you slow down.
+ Mindset shifts that will allow you to embrace the practice of slowing down and opening up to it.

Module Two:
Practice Presence & Create Space

+ The importance of being present and living in the moment.
+ Why presence is the key to creating inner change, healing our deeper wounds and mastering our mind.
+ A simple present moment awareness exercise that you can use to anchor yourself back into the here and now.
+ Why your body is your greatest tool for being present. 

+ The 3 key mind patterns that pull you out of the present and cause you to lose your power and become disconnected from yourself.
+ The power of acceptance and of embracing and opening up to your discomfort rather than escaping or avoiding.
+ The difference between inner space and outer space.
+ How to create more space within your mind and body.
+ How to create more space in your life through boundaries, saying no and cleaning up your energy leaks.

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Module Three:
Mindfulness & Mastering Your Thoughts

+ How to get back in charge of your mind and your thoughts, rather than having them run on autopilot.
+ What it means to practise mindfulness and simple ways for you to begin.
+ The power of awareness for helping you witness old patterns of thinking and consciously changing them.
+ A powerful 3 step process for reprogramming old subconscious programs and limiting beliefs. 

+ Witnessing your self-talk and releasing the inner dialogue of criticism, judgment and negativity.
+ Why your mind is always making meanings and how to get back in charge of the stories you tell yourself.
+ Tools for shifting your self-talk so it is filled with love, empowerment, self-support and positivity.
+ How to build new belief systems that will support you to have what you want (rather than hold you back).

Module Four:
Body Wisdom & Healing Through Feeling

+ Why our bodies are always communicating with us and the various ways that it speaks to us.
+ How our deeper wisdom and intuition communicates to us through our body.
+ Why you may feel resistance or discomfort when you begin to tune into your body wisdom and your feelings.
+ A powerful process for moving through resistance and how to embrace and open up to what makes you uncomfortable. 

+ How to use your body wisdom to make decisions.
+ The importance of honouring, listening to and fully feeling your emotions.
+ A step by step process for holding space for your emotions, processing big feelings and healing deeper wounds stored in the body.
+ How your emotions and feelings contain divine messages for you and how to receive them.

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Module Five:
Create A Deep Connection With Yourself

+ Why your connection with yourself is the foundation of everything.
+ Journaling activities to explore what self-connection means to you and where you are needing more of it.
+ How to work through patterns of disconnecting, avoidance, distraction, procrastination and numbing out.
+ How to uncover what you truly want and need from yourself.
+ Dropping into your heart energy to explore what makes you happy, what lights you up and what you truly desire.
+ Self-care and self-love rituals that will bring you back home to you.
+ The importance of defining your self-care pillars.
+ Tools to draw your awareness back into yourself when you get caught in external seeking and comparison.
+ The practice of self-devotion.
+ How to fill yourself up from within and become the source of the love you seek.

Module Six:
Find Happiness & Peace Within

+ Breaking the pattern of external seeking, searching and striving.
+ How to no longer have your happiness or wellbeing based on what is happening around you.
+ The power of creating change from within.
+ A practical 5 step process that you can use to create inner change.
+ The importance of shifting out of doing-mode and to instead focus on being.
+ Powerful tools and practices to help you get back in charge of your emotional state.
+ How to be happy no matter where you are.
+ How to find peace within yourself regardless of what is unfolding around you.
+ Understanding your emotional guidance system and what it means to live in alignment.
+ How to create change through energy work, rather than action.

Morning Ritual
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Module Seven:
Awaken The Guidance Of Your Intuition

+ Why everyone is intuitive and how we all have the ability to receive guidance.
+ The key characteristics of intuition and how it differs from the thoughts that come from your mind.
+ How to uncover the unique way that your own intuition communicates.
+ 10 powerful practices that will help you strengthen your connection and relationship with your intuition.
+ A daily journaling activity you can use to receive answers from your intuition.
+ The power of creating inner space to hear your intuition.
+ How to shift into receiving mode so you can receive inner guidance.
+ How to use your intuition to make decisions.
+ The difference between the voice of your ego/mind and your intuition/soul.
+ The importance of practising courage, surrender and trust when following your intuition.

Module Eight:
Release Control & Embrace Surrender

+ Understanding your patterns of control and why you run them.
+ How to face and work through the fears that are driving your need for control.
+ Why releasing control requires a combination of owning your role as the creator of your life, plus surrendering to the Universe.
+ The power and importance of surrender and why it is a necessary practice.
+ The 3 key ways that surrender will transform your life.
+ What practising surrender actually looks like.
+ A step by step process you can work through to help you practise surrender.

+ Why surrender is a beautiful practice of allowing yourself to be held by the Universe and guided by your higher self.

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Module Nine:
Trust The Universe & Divine Plan

+ What it means to practise trust.
+ Why trusting will often require you to look within yourself and disregard what you see with your eyes.
+ How to place your faith in what you feel and know within.
+ The role of trust in manifesting.
+ Why practising trust will often require you to take risks and step into the unknown.
+ How to balance action with surrender.
+ Understanding the divine plan and how to balance it with your plan.
+ Why we sometimes experience roadblocks, challenges, delays or things not working out.

+ How to find the divine lesson, learning or growth opportunity in your life experiences.
+ How to manifest what you desire through energy, not just action.
+ How to trust and believe that life and the Universe are supporting you.

You will receive:

√  9 x Modules of Video Classes

The course includes 9 modules of content filled with over 25 powerful training videos. In these classes, you will learn transformative principles, tools and practices on the coursework topics including self-love, feminine energy, self-trust, boundaries, intuition, self-worth and more.

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√  9 x Practical Workbooks

Every module is accompanied by a practical workbook which includes journaling prompts and activities, exercises and questions to take you deeper into the course content. These workbooks will allow you to reflect on and integrate the teachings for that week, create inner shifts, and apply what you have learnt to your own personal situation.


√  Recordings of 4 x Video Group Coaching Calls

In these calls, Connie shares additional guidance, tools and coaching support in response to the questions asked in previous live rounds of the course. 


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√  Pre-Program Resources

Before the course officially begins, you will receive a Welcome video and Intention Setting Journal to support you in preparing for the course. These resources are your place to get clear on what you want to shift, change and experience through the course, so you are all ready for when we officially begin.



  A Private Membership Site

All of your video classes, workbooks and coaching call recordings will be stored in a private members area for you to access and re-visit at any time.

You will continue to be able to revisit the member's site and your coursework as needed.

This 90-page eBook will help you begin and/or deepen your journaling practice.

  Lifetime access to the Course Materials

This guided meditation will lead you through a supportive exercise to calm your mind, drop into your body and feel deeply connected to yourself.

  Bonus One: The Slow Down & Tune In Meditation MP3

  Bonus Two: The Turn Inwards Journaling Guide

This is a 9 week Self-Study Course.
Upon registration, you will gain immediate access to all of the course resources to work through at your own pace. 

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Success Stories:


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"Slow Down & Tune In brought me back to myself and my practice of self-love. I was in a major period of transition — life, moving, career and relationships — and it helped me trust myself and surrender to the unknown. I feel like I have grown so much and let go of many beliefs that were not serving me in order to guide myself back to my truth. The power of journaling and other self-care practices have really been an amazing revelation! I was not writing very much before and was doing self-care rituals, but since the course, it has definitely become a non-negotiable for me. I feel I have stepped way more in power and I now have tools and ways to grow further in a healthy way."




"Slow Down and Tune In has been amazing. It's packed with all you need to know to really start a journey inside the self. At times I found it challenging, but Connie is really supportive and sharing the journey with other beautiful sisters is really important. I was full of fears at the beginning of the course but step by step, I've discovered a loving inner space and the tools to access it. I'm beyond grateful!"




"Connie's Slow Down & Tune In course came at such a significant time in my life. I had made a huge decision (with medical advice) to treat my depression and anxiety with a more holistic approach.  Every Saturday I would make time for myself, on the couch, at the beach or on a walk and I would listen to everything she had to say. To have this course and support along with other therapies, I am forever grateful. Thank you Connie for reminding me why I am so important and for all the tips and support you share. I have taken away so much knowledge and feel completely supported. I have learnt a lot about what my soul needs and how I can care for myself on a much deeper level."




"I came into Slow Down & Tune In with an open mind and I gained so much more than I would ever have imagined. Connie has provided me with so many tools to handle life, but most of all she has reminded me how amazing I am and to let that shine through into the world. Too often I get caught in the spiral of self-doubt and negative self-talk, and Connie has given me tools to slow down, listen, acknowledge and shift my thinking to love and understanding. She has helped me cut myself some slack and stand proud because I understand myself better. Whatever you are struggling with, this course with help you. Thank you Connie, for holding space for me and all the other people in our tribe. "




"I had been seeking something to support my spiritual growth for some time and Connie's Slow Down & Tune In programme was the perfect remedy. The tempo of the classes was perfect and the content wonderfully challenging. The programme supported me to create a regular meditation practice and make self-care practices a priority. Even the content I was familiar with, it was useful and powerful to hear Connie's spin on those topics. I would recommend this programme for everyone, particularly those women seeking spiritual growth, connecting to a supportive 'tribe', and curious to learn more about themselves."




"Thank you from the bottom of my heart for Slow Down & Tune In. Thank you for such a beautiful course, and for articulating the process of connecting inwards in a way that allowed me to understand how we are all truly meant to live. Every week I have enjoyed getting your emails and listening to your beautiful words of wisdom, your guidance and encouragement to live from within. I would highly recommend anyone who wants to live their highest self and connect with their intuition to do your encouraging and supportive course."




"Slow Down & Tune In came in to my life at the perfect time. As a re-formed people pleaser listening to my own guidance and intuition had not been natural for me and it has been a learning process that this course has helped to facilitate. I can confidently say this course has taught me how to tune into my loving, higher wisdom and taught me how stop my ego and fear based thinking from controlling my life.

I experienced significant shifts in each module, and have witnessed my own personal growth week by week which has seen me hold stronger boundaries personally and professionally (this was becoming a significant issue prior to this course). Connie’s active involvement provides a safe and nurturing environment to explore these concepts. I can’t recommend this course highly enough for anyone who wants to learn how to trust their intuition."




"Thank you are not a big enough words to express my gratitude for my experiences during Slow Down & Tune In. I had ummmed and ahhhhed over joining and I am so glad I did. You have taught me so much and how to look inwards is something I never knew was possible. The growth from doing so has been massive. I have seen things in a new light, healed wounds and have the tools I need to live a happy life. I’m so sad the course is over. You are truly amazing. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for helping me find me again and showing me the path back to happiness and for my family to have me back."




"Connie has woven together a beautiful offering with Slow Down & Tune In - one that is holistic, supportive, insightful and loving. I felt she was speaking to my higher self the entire time. I began to remember who I am at my core. Through Connie's soulfully crafted work, I am finally in relationship with myself. I take the time to ask, listen and act on what it is my body-mind needs.

Connie's guidance has begun the shift of old stories that had caught me in holding patterns. And as this healing works its way through me, I feel softer. I have a stronger sense of self, and why I am here in this present time and a greater sense of engagement with life. Connie, your course is utterly amazing and echos how I choose to live my life. Feeling, sensing, slowing down to tune in. Thank you for so joyfully guiding, sharing and holding space so that I was able to step into who I am."




"With Connie's support, I've learnt how to accept and embrace my feelings and not be frightened of them. Rather than running from my feelings I now know how to get in touch with them and sit with the uncomfortable ones.  Another big shift has been my willingness to go within and be guided. I have discovered how to stop searching externally, and I am now able to trust myself. I have released my self-judgment, and I finally learnt what it feels like to accept myself. It has been life-changing!"


By the end of Slow Down & Tune In you will:

Have a range of tools for slowing down, creating space, finding inner calm and living with more presence and flow.

Learn mindfulness and meditation methods to calm your mind, so you can get back in charge of your thoughts, reprogram your mind and master your self-talk.

Have simple practices to awaken into your intuition, receive inner guidance, make intuitive decisions and access your body wisdom.

Know how to break out of external seeking and release patterns of busyness, stress and striving that leave you feeling depleted and exhausted. 

Learn self-care, self-love and morning rituals that will bring you back into connection with yourself so you can feel grounded, balanced, centred and in your power.

Know how to build a deep connection with yourself where you feel in tune with your inner truth and you no longer feel so affected by the thoughts, opinions and judgements of others.

Be using journaling methods to help you process your emotions, receive inner guidance, tap into your heart and manifest your desires.

Be able to make more time for you by honouring your innermost wants and needs, and releasing patterns of people-pleasing, guilt and obligation.

Have the tools to release patterns of control and struggle and instead embrace living in the unknown, letting go, surrendering and being vulnerable.

Have transformative practices to shift your energy, raise your vibration and get you back in charge of your emotions (no matter what's happening around you).

Be able to deeply trust in yourself, your body, your intuition and the Universe.

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How do I access my resources?
You will receive details on how to create a username and password for the private Membership Website. You will then be able to log into this website at any time and access your resources.  

How do I work through the course?
As this is a self-paced program, you can work through it in whatever way feels right to you. The course was designed as an 9 week program so you can work through the course in that way. However, it is also fine to work through the resources out of their set order, if you would like to tailor it more to what you need at this time.

Do I receive any support through the course?
Unfortunately, personalised support was only available during the live round of the course. However, you will find in the recordings of the live Group Coaching Calls there are a lot of personal and specific questions asked, so you may find a lot of support from listening to the responses provided. 

What is your refund policy?
As this is a digital course and you receive instant access to all of the resources, refunds are not available. All sales are final. 

Imagine how different life could feel...

Imagine how it would feel to start stepping into your power and making empowering changes in your life, so you can release all that was weighing you down and finally feel truly happy.

Imagine what it would be like to finally drop those patterns of control, over-working and anxiety, and instead come into connection with your heart so you could be guided by what feels good to you.

Imagine how it would feel to finally make yourself a priority where you are practising nourishing self-care, honouring your wants and needs, making time for what makes you happy, and filling yourself up from within.

Imagine how it would feel to just let go, knowing that you had a strong and supportive connection with your intuition which was always guiding you and that the Universe had your back.

Imagine you felt whole, happy and complete just as you are, and you no longer had to seek for others approval, strive for external validation or please other people in order to feel good enough.

Finally, you would be able to just relax and begin enjoying this beautiful journey of life.

Are you ready for all of this and more? 

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