The Dream Creator Mastermind


You know the one.

The one that has been tugging at you for some time now.

The one that fills your body with excitement, and your tummy with butterflies.

The one that will allow your true passions and your true self to be fully expressed.

The one that is calling you into more expansion, aliveness and joy.

It's the one that comes from your heart.

It's not ruled by what you think you should do or by what makes sense.

It is fuelled by what you would love to do.

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Your heart knows the path to more freedom, joy, aliveness, abundance & fulfilment. She knows the higher plan, and the steps you need to take to achieve your dreams, live your potential and create a life you love.

So, are you listening? Are you trusting in your heart's desire? Are you honouring her inner call? 

Are you acting on what your beautiful, precious heart is asking for?

Or Are You Being Held Back By:

Fear: Feeling afraid of failure, of judgment, of getting it wrong, of not being good enough, or of it not working out.

Doubt: Worrying that can't do it, you don't you have what it takes and that it will not work out.

Limiting beliefs: Those inner stories that make you believe what you want is impossible.

Overwhelm: Becoming confused with conflicting thoughts on where to begin, how to begin and what to do.

Comparison: Feeling like others are already doing what you want to do and in a much better way.

Lack Mentality: Thinking that you don't have the time, or money, or resources, or skills, or the support.

People pleasing: Worrying what other people think and trying to make them happy over yourself.

Feeling unsupported: Perhaps you don't have any like-minded people believing in you and encouraging you. 

Procrastination: You find yourself avoiding and not prioritising what you truly want to do.

Feeling stuck: Maybe you started taking steps forward, but now you have hit a giant roadblock. 


Because without the right support, it is easy to let all of this stop you. It is easy for that heart-driven dream to stay trapped inside of you forever. 

So I created the Dream Creator Mastermind to give you the tools, practices, guidance, community and coaching that you will need to follow your heart, move beyond your blocks and make big strives forward.

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What is The Dream Creator Mastermind?

This is an intimate 5 month Group Mentoring & Masterclass program which will support and empower to you take your heart-driven dream, and turn it into a reality.

This program is a fusion of powerful inner work and practical inspired action. You will be held, guided, supported, cheered on and mentored through 5 powerful months to transform your mindset, embody your authentic self, express you gifts, claim your desires, step into your power & take brave steps forward to materialise your vision.

This program is limited to only 10 spaces to ensure you receive personalised support.

You will receive coaching, accountability tools, and a practical, step by step framework to follow. Plus, you will join a powerful community of like-minded souls all working towards their dreams, and be personally mentored by Connie through the entire journey.

Connie Chapman


I am a certified Life Coach, Writer, Speaker & Podcast Host, and for the past 6 years I have been running a thriving international Life Coaching business.

I have built my business to a place where I now have a booked out coaching schedule (and wait list), highly engaged online communities of thousands of beautiful souls, a top-ranking podcast series, and I have had my work and messages featured across leading magazines and publications around Australia and internationally.

I have spent the past 6 years following my heart, living my passion and doing work I love, and I throughout this time I have coached and mentored hundreds of soulful men & women to do the same.


I was not living my purpose, or following my heart. Instead I was living my life for others and doing what was expected of me so I could gain the approval of my parents and peers.

I was in a full time job that I hated, and woke up every day with dread in my belly and a sinking feeling in my heart. I knew deep down that I was destined for more. I had so many dreams, and I deeply yearned to share my messages and light with the world.

But I was terrified. I struggled with crippling self-doubt and anxiety. I desperately wanted to create change but I had no idea where to begin, so I hid my true dreams and desires away inside of me. I just didn't feel good enough, smart enough or confident enough to make them a reality.




After years of struggling, I finally decided to ask for help. I hired a Life Coach and I began to dig deep and do the real inner work. I began to listen to my heart and what I truly wanted. I transformed my mindset, faced my fears, healed my wounds, learnt to love myself, and took baby steps forward.

I then started a blog and began sharing my writing with others. I built social media communities and began spreading my message further. I attended countless events and workshops to find my tribe of soul sisters.

I took a brave leap and invested in my Life Coach training, and started working with clients. Less than 12 months later, I resigned from my day job to step full time into running my own business, and I haven't looked back since.

So yes I know the head/heart battle well. I know what it feels like to have a dream, but to also feel totally unworthy and incapable of having it. I know pain of crippling self-doubt, of comparison and of feeling totally and utterly stuck.

But I also know how amazing it feels to finally get onto your true path. As I learnt how to connect with my heart, to value my gifts, to believe in myself, to be my own cheerleader, to take risks, and to listen to my intution, my life has transformed beyond my wildest dreams.

And now I want to support you to do the same.

This Mastermind Is For You If:

You find yourself daydreaming and imagining a life that is very different to what you are living now.

You want to start listening to your heart and prioritising what brings you joy and fulfils you.

You want to do work that feels deeply aligned with who you truly are and what you are passionate about.

You have creative gifts and ideas bubbling within that you want to express and explore.

You feel that your current job doesn't allow your true, authentic self to be fully expressed.

You know you have an inner calling and you're ready to find clarity on what it is.

You want to contribute to others and be of service by sharing your wisdom, messages and gifts.

You want to invest more time and energy in what you love to do, rather than what you should do or need to do.

You want to uncover your true purpose and live with more intention and meaning.

You are craving more freedom - the freedom to design your day, your schedule, your lifestyle and how you work.

You want a mentor & community to hold you accountable and cheer you on as you work towards your dreams.

You're tired of hiding and playing small and you're ready to fully show up for what you really want.



Perhaps you know that you can no longer run. You know that you can no longer suppress who you are, hide away your true self and ignore your deepest desires.

You know it is time to find the courage to listen deeply to your heart and to honour your passions and authentic gifts. You know it is to trust your inner guidance and take new steps forward even if it feels unfamiliar or scary.

You Will Receive:


Every 2 weeks Connie will host a 60 minute Masterclass. In these video classes Connie will walk you through the principles of turning your heart driven dream into a reality. The first part of the course will focuses primarily on mindset, inner work and building strong foundations within yourself. Then as the course progresses you will be supported to step into action, share your messages, ideas and creations with the world, and materialise your dreams.


Once a month, you will have a 60 minute Live Group Coaching Call with Connie. In these calls you will receive personalised coaching support with anything you need guidance or clarity on. Connie will coach you through your blocks, your confusion and back into your power. These video calls will run live so you can interact with Connie and the other members of the community.


Every Masterclass will be accompanied by PDF Workbooks & Worksheets that will help take you deeper into the principles taught in the classes. These will include journaling prompts, areas of inner work, practical exercises and fun activities to support you apply the principles to your own life and circumstances.


You also receive 2 x Bonus Video Masterclasses which will cover; #1 - 'How I Built My Business from the Ground Up' (I will take you back to the beginning and share everything that helped me get to where I am today) and #2 - 'How to Succeed in the Coaching & Wellness Industry' (I will teach you how to thrive and stand out in this booming market).


You will be supported to choose an intention, an action step or an area of focus on either a weekly or monthly basis, to keep you moving forward through the program. There will be regular accountability check in's for members to share where they are up to, to ensure that everyone has the support they need to stay on track.


This community will be invaluable! You will have a safe space to come to for support, to be encouraged, uplifted and receive guidance in the times you need it most. You will be sharing the journey with a like-minded tribe of 10-12 other souls who are on the same journey of turning their heart-driven dream into a reality. 


I will be by your side through the whole journey and you will receive 5 months of coaching, mentoring, and guidance from me. You will receive coaching support in our monthly calls, but I will also regularly be in our Facebook community, answering questions, providing feedback and sharing practical tools and tips as needed. 

Applications Now Open!

Only 10 spaces available


You get: The 5 month Dream Creator Mastermind

Includes: 10 x Live Video Masterclasses
2 x Bonus Video Masterclasses
5 x Live Group Coaching Calls

PDF Workbooks & Worksheets
Weekly & Monthly Accountability support
5 Months of Mentoring from Connie
A Powerful Like-Minded Tribe

Investment: 1 x payment of $2225 AUD or 5 x monthly payments of $465 AUD


You get: The 5 month Mastermind, plus 1 x private session coaching with Connie (held via Zoom).

Includes: 10 x Live Video Masterclasses
2 x Bonus Video Masterclasses
5 x Live Group Coaching Calls
PDF Workbooks & Worksheets
Weekly & Monthly Accountability support
5 Months of Mentoring from Connie
A Powerful Like-Minded Tribe

Plus 1 x 60 minute Coaching Session with Connie

Investment: 1 x payment of $2475 AUD or 5 x monthly payments of $515 AUD

Here's What We Will Cover:


 #01: Tune Into Your Heart & Clarify Your Vision

Learn how to:
+ Find clarity on your passions and purpose even if you feel confused, overwhelmed or multi-passionate.
+ Uncover the unique gifts, talents, life experience and messages that you have to share with the world.
+ Tell the difference between the voice of your mind and the wisdom of your heart.
+ Connect with your heart on a daily basis to receive guidance and support.
+ Use practical exercises to clarify your vision through journaling exercises, vision boarding, visualising, meditation and more.


#02: Upgrade Your Mindset & Align Your Energy

Learn how to;
+ Release the old stories, beliefs and self-talk that are blocking you.
+ Use energy alignment tools to embody your highest self, elevate your vibration and connect with what you want to create.
+ Re-program your mind, build new beliefs and choose thoughts that empower you.
+ Let of of who you have learnt that you need to be, and discover who you really are.
+ Connect with and embody your true, authentic self.
+ Use mindfulness tools to get back in charge of your thoughts and align yourself with love, empowerment and abundance.


#03: Clear Your Blocks & Move Beyond Fear

Learn how to:
+ Break free from comparison-it is and no longer be distracted by what others are doing.
+ Release the patterns of perfectionism and procrastination that are preventing you moving forward.
+ Stop worrying about the thoughts, opinions and judgments of others.
+ Overcome crippling self-doubt and feelings of not being good enough, and activate unshakeable self-belief.
+ Deeply value, honour and celebrate your value, gifts and worth.
+ Turn down the volume on your fear and begin to hear your loving inner wisdom.


#04: Embody Your Power & Start Manifesting

Learn how to:
+ Activate your own inner power and anchor it into your body.
+ Overcome patterns of procrastination, overwhelm and making excuses.
+ Shift out of victim mindset and into empowered thinking.
+ Clean up energy leaks through boundaries, saying say no, shifting your priorities and managing your time and energy.
+ Use your focus, emotions and energy to create what you desire.
+ Apply conscious creation tools to align with what you want, and start the manifestation of your dreams.


#05: Build Your Platform & Attract Your Tribe 

Learn how to:
+ Create a powerful platform to express your authentic self such as; a blog/website, instagram, online shop, youtube or podcast.
+ Clarify your ideal audience and effortlessly connect with them.
+ Build thriving, engaged and loyal social media communities.
+ Harness the magic of authenticity, vulnerability and truth telling when communicating with your audience.
+ Set yourself apart and stand out in a noisy online world.
+ Call in your soul tribe of like-minded women who will support and inspire you.
+ Network (with heart) and build genuine, authentic relationships in your industry.


#06: Share Your Message & Express Your Truth

Learn how to:
+ Express yourself from the heart with ease & flow.
+ Discover your own personal writing style and what messages want to be expressed through you.
+ Create authentic, inspiring content that speaks directly to your audience and builds trust and connection.
+ Overcome the fear of being seen and heard so you can freely express your truth and share your creations.
+ Clarify the ‘why’ behind your work, as well as the core messages, stories and experiences that underpin what you have to offer.
+ Trust in yourself, your ideas, your inner wisdom and the greater purpose that wants to be expressed through you.

DCM_ Masterclass Squares

#07: Offer Your Gifts & Receive Abundance

Learn how to:
+ Upgrade your money mindset and re-write your money story.
+ Design and create your first soulful offering or service and begin marketing to your ideal client or customer.
+ Choose your prices, determine your value, and upgrade your self-worth you can receive in bigger ways.
+ Become magnetic so you can attract clients or customers effortlessly without hustling, strategizing or chasing.
+ Open up a range of new income streams.
+ Use energy work practices to call in more abundance in all areas or your life.


#08: Transition Out Of The Old & Into The New

Learn how to:
+ Create your unique transition plan such as: transitioning to a more enjoyable job, transitioning to part-time, or leaving your job altogether (whatever is right for you).
+ Build up your side-business or passion project to support you in making your transition.
+ Transition out of relationships, situations, structures that no longer feel authentic.
+ Release old habits or parts of yourself that are preventing you expanding.
+ Change how you use your time and energy so it feels aligned with your values and priorities.


#09: Work Intuitively & Be Guided From Within

Learn how to:
+ Run a business from your intuition by tuning inwards for guidance, actions steps and the plan.
+ Balance action, structure & planning with intuition, flow and honouring your body and feelings.
+ Step into the unknown and work through periods of uncertainty by finding faith, support and trust within.
+ Work through setbacks, roadblocks, ‘failures’ or periods of confusion and see them from a higher perspective
+ Surrender the how, and the timings of your dreams and trust in the divine plan.


#10: Expand Your Vision & Play Bigger

Learn how to:
+ Heart-storm the big picture goals, intentions and desires for what you want to create, experience and step into.
+ Tune in to receive the next level vision for your work and where you are being called to step up and play bigger
+ Stay motivated, committed, inspired and focused as you move towards big dreams
+ Practise patience, persistence, consistency and resilience.
+ Upgrade your mindset and beliefs to align with greater success, abundance and opportunity
+ Clarify the inspired actions steps that you can take to continue your expansion.

Plus, These 2 Bonus Classes!


Bonus #01: How I Built My Business From The Ground Up

Learn how I;
+ Overcame my fears to begin following my heart despite being shy, anxious and filled with self-doubt.
+ Transitioned out of my job and into my business, and replaced my full-time salary in 3 months.
+ Doubled (and at times tripled) what I was earning in my day job.
+ Built thriving social media communities with thousands of loyal and engaged members.
+ Have created a successful business in a saturated and competitive market (learn my biggest secrets & tips!)

Dream Creator (28)

Bonus #02: How To Thrive in the Coaching & Wellness Industry

Learn how to:
+ Navigate and succeed in the coaching and wellness space despite it being heavily saturated.
+ Be a confident and effective coach for others (despite your fears of not being god enough, or feeling like a fraud)
+ Use story telling, authenticity, vulnerability as your greatest gifts.
+ Build a successful online or in person business with dream soulmate clients.
+ Create a sustainable business with strong foundations and a range of income streams.

Next round begins July 2019

Only 10 spaces available


You get: The 5 month Dream Creator Mastermind

Includes: 10 x live Video Masterclasses
2 x Bonus Video Masterclasses
5 x Live Group Coaching Calls

PDF Workbooks & Worksheets
Weekly & Monthly Accountability support
5 Months of Mentoring from Connie
A Powerful Like-Minded Tribe


You get: The 5 month Mastermind, plus 1 x private session coaching with Connie (held via Skype).

Includes: 10 x live Video Masterclasses
2 x Bonus Video Masterclasses
5 x Live Group Coaching Calls
PDF Workbooks & Worksheets
Weekly & Monthly Accountability support
5 Months of Mentoring from Connie
A Powerful Like-Minded Tribe

Plus 1 x 60 minute Coaching Session with Connie

Client Success Stories:

Sarah Photo
"I can truly say that my life has transformed since working with Connie. I now feel in tune with my inner voice and how I am feeling, and I am able to create the feelings of love I desire in my life. My outer world has changed too! I started enjoying my day job more, my relationship with my partner has strengthened and I created my dream business - helping women tune into their inner feminine through exploration of nature. Over the course of a year, I created a life I love, the one that felt distant and foreign to me when Connie and I first started our work together."


"Connie was the first life coach I have hired and wow has it been transformational. Her no bullsh#t attitude mixed with deep respect and love for her clients, is why I have made such huge shifts in the past 5 months. It's crazy to think that 6 months ago, I was depressed, overwhelmed and suicidal. I was so scared and believe that life was too hard for me, that I couldn't do this alone With Connie's help, I feel empowered. I now have the tools and confidence to know that I can move through any emotion, as scary as it may be. From depressed to now really excited about my life, my acting career and starting my own business... is just incredible. THANK YOU CONNIE" 


Screen Shot 2018-05-13 at 4.11.45 pm

"I absolutely loved working with Connie. She is extremely intuitive and knew exactly how to guide me in each session so that I received maximum impact in my life. I had a challenging few months and I don't know how I would have got through it without Connie's guidance. She is calming and supportive, but also practical. I'm amazed at how much I have achieved in my business through working with Connie. She has fast-tracked my success and was the best investment I have made." 


"When I started working with Connie, I was a lost, confused soul who has searched high and low to find my path and get some guidance on what this journey is all about! I was drawn to Connie's charisma, light, femininity, ability to be real. Through our work I had so many AHA moments and healed so much. And I have now started to change life direction by enrolling in a coaching course! I am now following my desires for the FIRST TIME EVER!! Connie has have truly and honestly changed my perspective, and guided me to a higher, lighter vibration. I am truly so grateful I found her." 


Screen Shot 2017-07-09 at 5.05.18 pm

"Where do I even begin! Connie, is a life changer! In just three months of working with Connie I’ve done more growing, learning, discovering and stepping out of my comfort-zone than I have done in three years.I started my own business and put myself out there in a way I never would have if I hadn’t been working with Connie. The things I had spent 12 months talking about doing I have done in three months working with Connie (plus heaps more too). My day-to-day life seems to flow with so much more ease, and I am calmer, more centred, I have a more positive, compassionate and loving outlook on life." 


"Working with Connie transformed my life.  When I found her I was stuck in a job I hated and living a life I knew could be so much more.  Connie gently and lovingly guided me to understand my deepest desires and rediscover my authentic self.  I was able to overcome some powerful fears to step forward in the world. I resigned from my job and am now working on creating my own heart centred business. I will be forever grateful to Connie for helping me change my life".



"Since working with Connie I feel more aware and present in my day to day life, I am calmer and more self assured and I am more confident in myself and my abilities. I've developed the courage to follow my dreams and make some transformative decisions - leaving the corporate world, travelling abroad for 6 months, a tree change from the city to the country.  I've changed from a full time job to starting my own coaching business - letting go of a big pay check in order to commence work that I love. As a result of our coaching, I am now creating the life I truly desire!"


Frequently Asked Questions:


I want to see you succeed and thrive and live a life that lights you up! I want you help you move beyond the barriers of your mind and step into your full potential.

I am here to support you to own and honour your unique gifts, talents and messages and share them with the world.

Let's re-activate your power so you can live a life full of passion, fulfilment, joy and authentic self-expression.

Connie 36 (1) 2

More Client Success Stories:


"Connie has mentored me through some of my most challenging times and has helped me gain the confidence and courage to intuitively trust and follow my heart. She is definitely a unique shining star in our UniverseConnie takes the time to truly listen, with no judgment. She encourages you to always delve deeper into understanding yourself. She knows just the right questions to ask in order for you to naturally unravel yourself. Connie empowers you to shift your fear-based perception into a love-based perception. I’ve had many Aha moments with Connie."



"As a result of working with Connie, I now feel so empowered to run my business and live my life from my heart. I have a clear plan of how to move forward and I have strategies to show up authentically in everything I do and create content from my heart. I feel more in tune with my feminine energy and the flow of life. I love Connie’s sweet, gentle, and intuitive approach and that she incorporates spirituality and energy into her coaching to really look at everything on a deep level so that shifts feel effortless. Connie is a truly gifted coach and I honestly can’t recommend her enough."



"I absolutely adored working with Connie! I was amazed by her intuitive nature, as she understood how I was feeling and where I was coming from.I was feeling overwhelmed and unsettled in my life, and she really helped me open my eyes and shift my perspective so I could find my centre and feel grounded, content and happy with where I was at. Connie gently guided me to drop out of my story and into my body, where I was really able to connect with myself and my feelings, which was such a beautiful experience and one I am truly grateful for. You sparked something within me that left me feeling passionate, confident and inspired again. Thank you so much Connie!"


Sofia Tärneberg

"Working with Connie has been truly transformational! For years, I was dealing with low self-esteem and negative thoughts, but Connie has helped me release the patterns and beliefs that were blocking me from living more fully.  Connie held my hand whilst pushing me outside my comfort zone in order to confront, heal and discover my truth. She helped me release people, patterns and believes that were blocking me from living more fully. She helped bring out my true self and gave me the tools to live a healthier, happier and more authentic life." 



"I have gained so much clarity, found inspiration and now have a real sense of direction. Connie's intuitive insights were so spot-on and I had so many a-ha moments in such a short period of time. I was a little daunted by all the inner (and outer) work that needed to be done but Connie was so good at breaking this down and providing points of focus so that I have now begun making some big changes. Connie’s work really is transformational!"


Applications Now Open!

Only 10 spaces available


You get: The 5 month Dream Creator Mastermind

Includes: 10 x live Video Masterclasses
2 x Bonus Video Masterclasses
5 x Live Group Coaching Calls

PDF Workbooks & Worksheets
Weekly & Monthly Accountability support
5 Months of Mentoring from Connie
A Powerful Like-Minded Tribe

Investment: 1 x payment of $2225 AUD or 5 x monthly payments of $465 AUD


You get: The 5 month Mastermind, plus 1 x private session coaching with Connie (held via Zoom).

Includes: 10 x live Video Masterclasses
2 x Bonus Video Masterclasses
5 x Live Group Coaching Calls
PDF Workbooks & Worksheets
Weekly & Monthly Accountability support
5 Months of Mentoring from Connie
A Powerful Like-Minded Tribe

Plus 1 x 60 minute Coaching Session with Connie

Investment: 1 x payment of $2475 AUD or 5 x monthly payments of $515 AUD


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