I am a Life Coach, Podcast Host, Speaker & Writer helping soul-centred women & men discover a new way of living their lives; one that is guided by their hearts, fuelled by their intuition, and filled with what they love.

I am here to be your guide on the journey of turning inwards; of coming back into connection with yourself and discovering the power, wholeness and love that exists within you.

I will support you to look within yourself and do the real inner work, so you can break free from your limitations, create a mindset that empowers and live guided by your inner wisdom.

It is time to clear out fear, and re-align with love. Because when you start feeling good on the inside, life begins thriving on the outside.

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The Turn Inwards Journaling Guide is a 90 page, practical guide to beginning and deepening your journaling practice and getting to know your innermost self.

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Slow Down & Tune In is a soulful 3 month journey will that will guide you into connection with yourself to awaken your heart, activate your inner wisdom and find peace, stillness and wholeness within.

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Connie Chapman Awaken Radio #76 - 2018 Feeling Words, Planning Tools & Guiding Principles For A Magical Year





  • I spent the weekend with these beautiful, inspiring women as we came together to celebrate the 30th birthday of one of our all time favourites @emmilybanks. We danced, swam and sup’d, covered ourselves in essential oils, read our future with oracle cards, had hours of soulie chats, ate all the healthy treats from @thecleantreatsfactory, @greenestreetjuice @aboutlifenm @imbibeliving @staraniseorganic & @matcha_maiden and celebrated everything that makes Miss Emm one of the most special women we know. We love you honey 😘  #allofthe30 #allofthefeels #soulsisters @emmilybanks @melissaambrosini @vickiheath @rachelcmacdonald @ezziespencer @leesupercharged @spoonful_of_sarah @nat_warner @vladiacobrdova @hollie_azzopardi
  • This first week of 2018 has been filled with space, slowness, big emotions and lots of introspection for me.
Coming into the year with a Full Moon in Cancer (cue all the feels, deep sensitivity and big letting go) combined with being sick with the flu, initially felt like a setback.
But as I emerged from the haze, I began to see the gift in it all.
It totally slowed me down and stopped me jumping into the year in a frenzy.
It reminded me to not rush ahead. 
To not start hustling. 
To not force. 
It reminded me to honour my body.
To trust the process. 
And to keep things in balance.
It drew my awareness inwards and created the space for me to hear my inner guidance.
To receive the divine downloads.
And I now feel so clear.
Much clearer than I did even a week ago.
So it has actually been the most perfect beginning.

It is my intention to achieve a lot in 2018, but to do it all with grace and ease. 
With flow. 
With presence. 
With softness. 
I want to expand to new heights, but I also want to stay anchored in my body and the here and now. 
I want make space amongst the busyness.
I want room for pleasure, joy, play and self-care. 
I want to hit big goals, but also maintain my soulful inner connection. 
I want to move forward while loving where I am.
I want expansion, but also deep grounding. 
Both feel important.
The inner and the outer.
The doing and the being.
The showing up and the slowing down.
The achievements and the inner awareness. 
This year seems to already hold a magical combination of energies and it feels ripe with potential and new possibilities. I am excited to see what is in store ✨
How have you all been feeling in this first week of the year? Cx
  • I have spent these final days of 2017 totally slowing down. 
Making space. 
Becoming still. 
Drawing my energy and focus back into myself. 
Recharging and resting.
2017 was a beautiful and transformative year for me, but it was also full of change, transition and upheaval. 
There was deep growth, inner work and unraveling, as well as grief, loss, endings and letting go. 
Every challenge brought profound lessons and learnings and I honestly feel grateful for it all, even the hard stuff. 
This year was also filled with incredible successes, magical manifestations, an abundance of new friendships, a beautiful new home and many long-held dreams coming true. 
And I now find myself sitting at the end of the year feeling full, content and happy. 
I feel strong and clear. 
I feel grounded and settled. 
And I feel a deep sense of peace and knowing that I am exactly where I am meant to be. 
So much is brewing within me for 2018, but my guidance keeps telling me to wait before I act on it.
So I am allowing myself to sit in the space of the in-between before I leap into the new. 
I sense many of us are still integrating all of what 2017 brought, and it’s ok if you feel to move forward slowly and gently. 
For many, it was a year of metamorphosis so you may still be testing out the wings of your new self before you are ready to fly. 
Don’t get swept up in the pressure to have your whole year figured out, or to create change overnight. 
Be patient and gentle with yourself. Listen to your inner voice and honour how you feel.
Spend plenty of time clarifying your vision and mapping out your beginning steps. 
Do the energy work to get aligned before you leap into action. 
And move forward with the knowing that what is destined to be yours in 2018, will be yours. 
Trust in that. 
Sending you all lots of love for a magical new year. Cx
  • As I wrap up another year of 1:1 coaching with a big, grateful heart, I also have a strong feeling that it is time to make some changes.
Over the past 5 years, coaching has been the cornerstone of my work in the world and the main offering in my business. 
Through this time, I have intimately held, guided and supported hundreds of souls through the powerful journey of self-transformation. 
And while I still adore my 1:1 work, something in me is evolving.
I am now being guided to focus more on teaching to groups and larger audiences, and to share my messages in new and different ways. 
This will mean shifting my focus off 1:1 and onto more online courses, group mentoring, masterminds, live events, online workshops and soulful products and resources. 
I also feel called to expand how I bring my messages to you through my podcast and writing, to create more videos blogs, and at long last, write a book.
So, in 2018 I will be reducing the number of clients I work with down to a small, select handful to make space for the next chapter of my work.
Up until Jan 31st, you will still be able to book into my existing 1:1 program if you would like to work with me in 2018.
But in February my 1:1 program will change to be a higher investment, a longer commitment, a deeper level of support from me, and with significantly less spaces available.
While this shift feels unfamiliar and slightly scary, I know it is an inevitable part of the transformation process I am in. 
As we grow and evolve we need to keep shedding old skins, so we can rise into new, upgraded versions of ourselves.
And when we find ourselves in this process we have no choice but to surrender, flow with it and practice deep trust. 
Thank you so much for being a part of my community this year. I am deeply grateful for all of you.
Wishing you a love-filled holiday season, and I can’t wait to see what 2018 has in store for us. Cx ✨
  • This morning I began my 2017 reflection & review journaling as a way to honour the year that has passed, integrate my learnings, and create a sacred completion to this chapter of my life. 
This year, I have kept my reflection process relatively simple and used broad, open questions that give me the freedom to explore my thoughts, feelings and insights. 
Over the next week or so, I encourage you to carve out time for this powerful reflection process too. And if you are craving some journaling prompts, here are mine; .
+ What were my key themes, areas of focus, energies and feelings of 2017? What did it feel like this year was about for me? .
+ How did I grow, change, shift and expand this year? What is different about me now? Who have I become?
+ What did I achieve, change and create in my life?  What am I most proud of myself for? .
+ What were my key lessons, learnings, pivotal moments and turning points? .
+ What did I let go of, release, shed and outgrow? What do I want to leave behind in 2017 and not carry forward? .
+ Was anything neglected, avoided or did not come to fruition or manifest? Why? What do I need to do differently to create a different result? .
+ What new desires, dreams or visions have been bubbling within me in 2017, that I am now ready to bring to life in 2018? .
✨ Thank you 2017 for all you brought me 🙏🏼 2018, I am ready for you 🦋
  • This high-vibe Sagittarius New Moon energy has got me dreaming up all the new possibilities 🌙✨
It feels like there is a big inner call to release what is old and familiar, and instead take a heart-driven leap into new territory. 
I am feeling a deep yearning to explore places within myself, my relationships and my business that I have never gone to before. 
Are you craving that fresh, new feeling too? 
This journey of change begins with the willingness to think in new ways and believe we are capable of creating something different, even if we don’t yet have proof or evidence. 
In order to expand our lives, we have to stretch our mind beyond what we currently see with our eyes and play in the realm of imagination.
Because until we can envision a new possibility, we can’t create it. 
So in the lead up to the new year, we have a powerful opportunity to start making shifts by beginning to think in new ways. 
By letting ourselves explore different dreams and desire bigger things. 
By no longer putting limitations on what we think we are capable of.
By being willing to release the past, and embrace something totally different for our future.
And it all starts within us.
Because when we think in ways we have never thought before, we can step into those places we have never gone before. Cx
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