I am a Life Coach, Podcast Host, Speaker & Writer helping soul-centred women & men discover a new way of living their lives; one that is guided by their hearts, fuelled by their intuition, and filled with what they love.

I am here to be your guide on the journey of turning inwards; of coming back into connection with yourself and discovering the power, wholeness and love that exists within you.

I will support you to look within yourself and do the real inner work, so you can break free from your limitations, create a mindset that empowers and live guided by your inner wisdom.

It is time to clear out fear, and re-align with love. Because when you start feeling good on the inside, life begins thriving on the outside.

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Connie Chapman Awaken Radio #76 - 2018 Feeling Words, Planning Tools & Guiding Principles For A Magical Year



  • Filling up my body, heart and soul with this mama nature goodness 💙
  • I flew up to Byron yesterday and this is where I’ll be for the next week, just taking some time out and letting everything within me slow down.
While I will still be running some 1:1 sessions and also hosting the first group coaching call for my Slow Down & Tune In community, most of my time here will just be about resting, reading and swimming in the ocean.
My intention is to simply make some space.
Space within myself.
Space within my mind.
Space for my body to relax and let go. 
Space to fill up my inner reserves. 
Space to get back in touch with my feelings.
Space for my inner self to be heard.
And space to get honest about what I truly want. 
My life has been so full since the year began, and I have not had enough (or shall I say, made enough) time to pause, reflect and listen within. 
I honestly found myself getting really swept up in all of the to do’s, losing my grounding and feeling really reactive.
I lost touch with my inner compass and I needed to find her again. 
I can feel that things are shifting within me at the moment. I felt it begin at the Leo Full Moon Eclipse. 
And I know that I need this space to listen deeply to the changes I am being guided to make, and to the new steps I must find the courage to take.
But for now, I am simply allowing myself to rest and recharge, knowing that in time my clarity will come.
This trip is already providing the nourishment my soul was craving, and the deep rest my body was needing, and I am savouring every single minute of it with a big grateful heart. Cx #slowdowntunein
  • This morning I posted in my Slow Down & Tune In community and shared my intentions for the next 3 months of this journey.
Because I will not just be guiding women through the course, but walking the path alongside them as well.
After a busy, fast-paced start to the year, my body, nervous system and inner self are asking me to slow down.
I am being shown that I need to come deeper into a space of feeling, being and presence, rather than thinking, planning and action.
So over the coming months I will be focusing on;
+ Creating more space, doing less, taking things off my plate, and making more room so I feel less rushed and under pressure.
+ More lightness (less seriousness), play, laughter, love, adventure, connection, intimacy and creativity.
+ Cleaning up energy leaks, identifying what feels draining or depleting, and letting it go so I can put energy into what uplifts and expands me.
+ Shifting my priorities back onto self-care, rest, replenishment and nourishment and away from so much doing and outputting.
+ No longer overriding my inner guidance by saying Yes to things when I truly want to No.
+ And exploring a few big areas of inner work including;
Why I feel safer operating in my masculine than my feminine, fears around how slowing down will impact my biz/finances, and how my identity/worth is linked to what I achieve (that's a biggie).
Slow Down & Tune In is not just about bringing on new practices and rituals, but also taking an honest look at what you need to let go of.
Letting go of what is weighing you down and making more space for what nourishes you, fulfils you and lights you up.
Because we all get swept up in external demands, to do's and obligations. 
We all get pulled outwards by other people's wants, opinions and expectations.
So it is important that we consciously show up for the work to plug back in to ourselves whenever we can.
If you feel ready to make some inner shifts and live in deeper alignment with your heart, your truth and what makes you happy, then I would love you to join me in Slow Down & Tune In.
✨The link to register is in my profile✨Enrolments close this Sunday. Cx
  • I recorded a new #awakenradio episode for you today. 
This conversation explores the power and beauty of fully feeling our feelings, honouring our emotions, diving into our discomfort and surrendering to the process.
After spending most of last week in a state of resistance, fighting with how I was feeling and trying to use my spiritual tools to fix it, I realised I was not honouring the process my body needed to move through. 
I was trying to bypass my discomfort. 
I was judging and analyzing my emotions, rather than feeling them.
But when I finally surrendered and dropped fully into my body, I noticed my heaviness gently lift.
It effortlessly and naturally shifted through my whole-hearted acceptance of it. 
This experience was a beautiful reminder for me, so I jumped on the podcast to speak about it further. 
I see today’s episode as an invitation. 
An invitation to let yourself drop deeper into your body.
To let yourself feel more.
To feel all of your feelings; the good and the bad, the heavy and the light.
An invitation to hold space for your emotions when they arise, and to be with your discomfort. 
To embrace and accept what exists within you, without judgment.
An invitation to practice deeper surrender, by allowing everything that is unfolding to be as it is.
Because it all serves a purpose. 
It is all perfect in its own way. 
Even the uncomfortable, challenging and difficult parts. 
And as we open our hearts and minds to the various contrasts of life (and ourselves) we will be able to integrate the precious messages and wisdom it all contains. 
You can listen to the episode on iTunes, SoundCloud or via the link in my profile.
And if you want to dive deeper and receive more support you can join me in Slow Down & Tune In. 
This course will guide you out of that place of thinking, worry, judgment and analysis and into deeper connection with yourself, your feelings, your body, your truth, and your inner wisdom.
Find out more and join the journey via the link in my bio ✨Registration closes this Sunday. Cx
  • Following your inner guidance isn’t always easy.
Over the last few days I have been receiving insights and information from my inner self that has left me feeling quite unsettled.
Under the energy of this Full Moon & Eclipse, the awareness of what needs to change has been flowing in with confronting clarity.
- I’ve been shown a lot about my business; what is and isn’t working, what I must find the courage to let go of, how I shy away from leadership, the bigger platform I need to create, and the new offerings that now need to be shared.
- I’ve being shown a lot about relationships; the places I push love away, how my independence keeps me separate, my old stories of unworthiness, and how my fears prevent me deeply inviting people into my heart.
- I’ve been shown a lot about myself; the parts of me that need deeper acceptance, the places I still carry shame, where I need to practice forgiveness, the identities I have outgrown, and the woman I am ready to become.
It’s been uncomfortable to look at this all head on, and see what I now need to do.
But I am deeply committed to living my life from my inner wisdom, and this means full surrender to her plan, and deep trust in her guidance.
As I prepare to run the next live of Slow Down & Tune, I was reminded this morning why I created this course. 
And why I believe so deeply in slowing down to re-connect with our true selves. 
Because without this inner connection, I would instead be living ruled by my mind; controlling everything, chasing external validation, living with fear, and feeling anxious, lost and confused.
But with this inner connection, I am always supported and guided, from within. 
Held through it all. 
I have inner clarity and certainty and a compass to follow. 
And with this, I know I can handle anything.
Registrations for Slow Down & Tune In are only open for one more week. We begin on Feb 12th. 
Join the journey and our tribe of soul sisters via the link in my bio ✨ #slowdowntunein
  • I found the energy of this Leo Full Moon Eclipse quite difficult to navigate. 
While January was a busy, high vibe month for me, I felt a strong change in energy with this moon. 
It pulled me back down to earth and slowed me right down. 
It stirred up emotion that I needed to sit with, feel through and hold space for.
It drew my focus back inwards.
Then this morning I hosted an online workshop all about slowing down, and it was in this session that I felt myself (finally) land back in my body.
I didn’t even realise I had spent most of January in my head.
Yes when we come back into our bodies we are faced with allll the feeling stuff. 
The shadowy parts of ourselves. 
The uncomfortable feelings.
The emotions. 
The discomfort.
Sometimes it feels easier to stay in lost in our mind.
But it’s important not skip over what we feel or try to avoid it, but instead have the courage to fully experience it. 
This is my commitment. 
Because as I move forward into greater expansion, I know that my inner connection, my ability to stay in my body, the depth of my feeling and my alignment with my intuitive wisdom will be the foundation of my success. 
So it feels like perfect (or shall I say divine) timing that I am now opening enrollment for my online course Slow Down & Tune In. 
I find that every time I teach the principles in this course, I am able to embody them more deeply.
I am reminded about the power of this inner work and of prioritising space, stillness and feeling, over doing, working and thinking. 
Maybe you too are already feeling disconnected and ungrounded from a whirlwind start to this year, and you also may be craving some slowing down.
If so, I would love to invite you to join me on this soulful 3 month journey.
My intention is for this course to help guide you step by step back into connection with yourself so you can calm your mind, awaken your heart, activate your inner wisdom and find peace, love and wholeness within.
✨ Registration is now open ✨
The link is in my profile to find out more and register your spot. Cx
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