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  • One big lesson that 2019 has already taught me, is that life is not just about achieving.
It is not always about moving forward, progressing, taking action and getting things done.
There is a time for that.
And when the energy flows in that direction it is exhilarating.
But there are seasons, and ebbs and flows. 
There are cycles to how energy moves within us and our lives.
And we need to honour all of them.
Doing needs to be balanced with being.
Work balanced with play and adventure.
Giving balanced with receiving.
Achieving balanced with appreciating where we are.
Masculine balanced with feminine.
Structure balanced with flow.
Forward movement balanced with pausing, 
and enjoying.
And not feeling guilt if we are currently in a season of pleasure and play rather than push and progress.
2019 has already seen me dismantling a big chunk of my identity. 
I have been unraveling the part of me that for years has found her worth through her achievements.
And I am discovering a woman who finds her value within.
In who she is, not what she does.
I am discovering a woman who can effortlessly call things in through being magnetic, rather than through hard work and hustle. 
She expands through joy. 
She moves forward from a place of wholeness.
She lives a deep appreciation of where she is, while also knowing she is destined for more. 
Old ways are crumbling, and a new, softer and sweeter way is emerging. 
Are you feeling it too? Cx
  • It is ok to gently and softly ease yourself into this new year.
To allow your desires, visions and dreams to clarify and reveal themselves slowly.
You don't need to have the whole year figured out, or perfectly planned.
You can have a mix of structure and space.
Of both known and mystery.
You can wholeheartedly own what it is you desire, while also leaving room for the universe to bring you magical and unexpected surprises.
As you start visioning your year, see if you can feel for the dreams that are calling at you.
The ones your heart is begging you to fulfil.
The ones your soul says you are ready for.
The ones your body is yearning to experience.
The ones ripe and ready to be made manifest.
Feel for what will nourish you deeply.
Feel for what will call you into greater expansion, joy and aliveness.
Feel for what will provide lasting, and authentic fulfilment.
For me personally, I am still finding my feet in this fresh, new year.
I am not rushing for clarity, but simply making space for it to find me.
I spent today tuning into the energy of the Capricorn New Moon, but not in a goal-setting kinda way. 
Instead, I played music, danced around the house, cut out images from magazines, and collated beautiful vision boards for each area of my life.
My plans, goals and intentions will crystallize in their own time.
But for now, I just want to bring a light, creative and playful energy to this start of this new year.
How have you been feeling in this first week of 2019? Cx
  • It’s New Years Eve and I have been up since sunrise, sitting in bed with my journal reflecting over 2018 and clarifying my vision for 2019.
This year has been big in many ways and has brought with it so much inner change and growth.
I honestly feel like a completely different woman to who I was when I entered.
I know that for many this was a year of big external change. 
But for me, it was a year of inner transformation.
Many of my changes have happened behind the scenes and beneath the surface.
And I am having to remind myself that just because there were not big external manifestations, does not mean that this year was not a beautiful success.
It is important to remember that if anything you wanted this year didn’t manifest, it is because it wasn’t meant to.
Perhaps this wasn't the year to receive your desires, but rather your year to prepare for them.
This was a year of deep inner work that was readying us for our next level and new chapters.
For many, 2019 will be the year that our manifestations will come.
It will be the year that the shifts and upgrades which happened within, will start to materialise into concrete changes and new results.
2019 has a strong earth energy, and it will be a beautiful year for us to build and create in the material world.
It is easy to come to the end of a year and feel unsatisfied or like a failure if certain things you wanted didn’t happen.
If you're feeling that way I want to encourage you to focus more on who you have become this year, rather than what you achieved. 
How did you grow and evolve? How did you transform? What did you learn?
How are you different to the person you were when you entered this year?
Even if your inner shifts feel subtle or intangible, they still must be celebrated and acknowledged.
We have been doing the groundwork and laying the foundations for so much goodness that is yet to come.
So trust that your results will blossom and bloom in due time.
2019 is going to be magical, and I can't wait to share the journey with you. Cx
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