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So I am here to guide and support you to clear out fear, activate your power, awaken your inner wisdom & build a rock-solid relationship with yourself.

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'21 Days of Journaling to Release The Old & Call In The New' is short and potent course running in November 2018. This course will guide you through powerful inner work principles to help you wrap up the year with clarity, and begin preparing for what you now want to call in.

The course includes 2 x live Online Workshops, a Group Coaching Call, Journaling Prompts, a supportive community and more.

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  • This week away in Byron has felt so deeply nourishing and restorative for my body, heart, mind and soul.
It has been filled with ocean swims, sleep ins, long nature walks, hours of journaling, peanut butter acai bowls, afternoon naps, soulful conversations with new and old friends, sunshine, reading, resting, crystal shopping, green juice, massages, daily outdoor showers, and an energy healing with Sara Brooke, that felt so perfectly timed.
But more than anything it has been full of a whole lot of empty s p a c e.
Nothing to do and nowhere to be.
With each day that I’ve been here, I have felt myself unravel a little more. 
I have felt my nervous system relax, and my thoughts untangle themselves.
I have felt my shoulders soften, and my breathing slow.
And I have found myself savouring and appreciating everything. 
With each passing day, I have felt more present, more tuned in and more alive.
This trip has helped remind me what I truly want moving forward. 
It has shifted my priorities and brought me clarity on what is most important.
Under the energy of Friday’s Sagittarius New Moon I set the intention to manifest more of these feels in my life.
More pleasure, more play, more nourishment, more adventure, more freedom, more nature and more connection.
More presence, more reverence, more space, more savouring and more appreciating.
More focus on enjoying the journey, and less on striving for the destination.
More loving where I am, and less trying to be somewhere else.
More of what connects me with this full, happy feeling, and less of what takes me away from it.
If 2019 feels anything like this, I’ll be a very happy girl. Cx
  • I found the energies of October and November to be both intense and transformative 🔥 
It felt like every day there were shifts, realisations, upgrades, endings and growth opportunities. 
I often found myself standing at the crossroad between old and new, needing to make choices that would determine which path I would walk down.
It took conscious awareness and discernment to watch and witness old patterns arising, without getting caught back in them.
And it took strength and courage to continue choosing the new way, new possibilities, and new beginnings even when there was no proof they would work out.
These past few months have felt like big periods of inner work, and despite how challenging they have been, I feel incredibly grateful for every lesson they brought.
As we come into December, my guidance has shared with me that this is a time of preparation.
It is not a time to leap into new beginnings, but rather to slow down, get grounded and prepare.
It is not a time to take massive action, but to work on our inner world, and begin aligning energetically with what we want.
You may find there are still some inner upgrades that need to happen around what you believe you are worthy and capable of, to ensure you can step into what now lay ahead of you.
These inner upgrades are part of the preparation to help you receive what is coming, no matter how big or expansive it may feel.
For me, December is a month to take all the realisations, insights and learnings I have had these past few months, and anchor them deep into my body.
I have brought myself up to Byron Bay for the week to create space to integrate, rest and recharge, and the energy here is already doing wonders to calm and soothe my nervous system. 
My guidance keeps saying to me “Sometimes you have to pull back before you can launch forward.”
And so I have been pulling back and drawing my energy inwards, so I can get grounded and prepare for what 2019 has in store. 
What is coming feels big, expansive, brand new and oh so juicy. I can’t wait for it!
I’d love to hear how you’ve been feeling. Share with me in the comments. Cx
  • Happy weekend friends 🙌🏼 I’m excited to share that a brand new episode of Awaken Radio has just gone live.
Today’s conversation is all about completion, and I talk about how to wrap up, end and compete old cycles, chapters and patterns in our lives.
In this episode, I share why from now until the end of the year, we are in a powerful period of letting go, releasing and ending.
I talk about how to close off old chapters, and the importance of looking at those places where we feel stuck, or where we keep manifesting the same thing over and over, so we can uncover what within us keeps re-creating them. 
I explore why we tend to hold on to things (even if they don’t serve us) and what deeper healing work may need to happen to help us release these for good.
I also offer lots of examples from my own life of what I am completing, and I share the practices and inner work tools that have been helping me.
Tune into the episode via Itunes, Soundcloud, or read the full post on
In the episode you will also hear me share about a new course I am hosting in November called 21 Days of Journaling To Release The Old & Call In The New ✨
This short and potent course will help you wrap up the year with clarity and power. It includes online workshops, group coaching calls, 21 daily journaling prompts and more.
My intention is to help you use journaling as a tool to integrate all the lessons this year has brought, heal and release the final remnants of the old, and prepare for the new chapters that await.
We start on November 12th and enrolments are open now.
Find out more at:
I hope to see you in there. Cx
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