I am a Life Coach, Podcast Host, Speaker & Writer helping soul-centred women & men discover a new way of living their lives; one that is guided by their hearts, fuelled by their intuition, and filled with what they love.

I am here to be your guide on the journey of turning inwards; of coming back into connection with yourself and discovering the power, wholeness and love that exists within you.

I will support you to look within yourself and do the real inner work, so you can break free from your limitations, create a mindset that empowers and live guided by your inner wisdom.

It is time to clear out fear, and re-align with love. Because when you start feeling good on the inside, life begins thriving on the outside.

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Navigating Change, Transition & The In-Between (AR #81)

By Connie Chapman | April 12, 2018

I recently wrote a post on Instagram talking about my experiences of moving through a big period of transition and change. I shared that I felt like I was hovering in an in-between space somewhere between the old and the new. It felt a big period of growth and up-levelling […]

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Spiritual Awakening, Ascension & Energy Upgrades with Carly Stephan (AR #80)

By Connie Chapman | March 21, 2018

Are you experiencing deep inner shifts and life changes? Are areas of your life such your job, your home or your relationships no longer feeling as fulfilling as they used to, and have you found yourself craving more? Do you have a yearning to step into a new chapter, and finally […]

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Feel Your Feelings, Honour Your Emotions & Surrender To The Process (AR #79)

By Connie Chapman | February 6, 2018

Last week under the energy of the Leo Full Moon Eclipse, I found myself hit with a big wave of heaviness and emotion. I felt flat. I felt tired. My head felt foggy and muddled. I wanted to tune in for inner guidance to try to get clarity on what […]

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"Your podcast is by far my favourite to listen to! The people you interview, the conversations & diverse content, and also the solo ones you do are so interesting, empowering, positive & a total joy to listen to. They have been a source for me to encourage me to explore new things and to step out of my comfort zone a little more" – Cas

"Your podcast has changed my life! Once I started listening I could not stop. I finally feel like people are talking my language after years of feeling misunderstood. I can’t thank you enough!" – Taylor

"Connie, I just wanted to say how beautifully you connect your messages with me. With such a relaxing voice, you succeed in holding my attention more than any other person I’ve listened to. Not only is it relaxing, but I hear and believe everything you suggest, and it’s been great to feel that kind of positivity through audio" – Tonya

"I just started listening to your podcasts and wow, I love them! Thanks so much for sharing your passion - I am hooked! I love the guest speakers you bring on and the topics you have curated. So inspirational and beautiful and truly from the heart! Keep doing what you're doing, it is ah-mazing" - Name 

"Connie I just want to say thank you for your latest Awaken Radio episode! It was pure magic – and has been EXACTLY what I needed to hear today!" – Teresa

"Thank you Connie for your enlightening podcasts. The first one I listened to was on change, and first being able to accept what is before positive change take place. This completely transformed my thinking and helped to shift my mindset. I've felt stuck for a very long time and you help me shift that! I've been hooked ever since. Thank you for all of your insights!" - Chloe

"I stumbled upon your podcast a few months ago via iTunes and just wanted to say how much I thoroughly enjoy them! I have several favourites and find them so comforting, positive, helpful and honestly the messages just put me in a better place! Thank you from the bottom of my heart, you have done wonders for me!" – Carly

"Connie I listened to your podcast today on how to overcome self-doubt and start following your dreams, and I loved it! Thank you for your positivity, love and kindness. This topic and your story totally resonated with me and I am going to start journaling on these powerful questions that you shared with us!" - Megan

"Hi Connie, I have been listening to Episode 57 and – Wow!! I really loved this episode thank you, I felt such resistance the start of this year but I’m moving through it with amazing changes!! I love how honest you choose to be in your podcasts!!" – Bianca

"I just wanted to write to you to say THANK YOU. I stumbled across your podcasts about a month ago and I have not been able to stop listening! I have been slowly making my way through them all, and I say slowly because I have often listened to the same podcast multiple times (like at least five!). Your podcasts have been a next level up for me and my journey. Your words, and those of the women, and men, you have spoken with have truly resonated and I just wanted to say thank you!" – Milina

"Connie I absolutely love your inspirational words and ways. Your were the catalyst for my spiritual journey! Your podcasts were exactly what I needed and they came to me at the time I needed them. I wanted to say a personal thank you for what you have brought, and continue to bring to my life" - Larissa

"I absolutely adore Awaken Radio. I love how open and honest Connie is. Her topics always seem to be what I need to hear. This is my favourite podcast!" – Laura

"Connie's podcast is refreshing, grounding, uplifting, enlightening & comforting. You are going to receive learnings in more ways that you can imagine. Her topics always feel divinely times to whatever is unravelling in my world and I adore tuning into Awaken Radio. It is like a warm hug and a cup of tea all rolled into one" - Annabelle.

"Connie and her messages have changed my life over the past year. Each episode is interesting, beneficial and engaging. I am so grateful for this beautiful podcast." – Bec

"Connie what you are sharing is amazing!! Your podcast is helping me in so many ways!" – Hannah

"Connie's podcast enables me to turn the monotonous drive to and from work into 'me' time. She present her thoughts & ideas in such an accessible & empowering way, making personal growth feel very supported. Thanks Connie." - Ash

"If you haven't yet subscribed to Awaken Radio, do it now... please! And make it a priority to listen to her episode on dropping the judgment of ourselves and others. It will take 14 minutes out of your day, but it is 14 minutes of pure spoken gold. I promise you it is worth it! Sending big love to you Connie for spreading this message and opening your heart. I honour you for your realness - it is so refreshing." - Janelle

"I recently discovered this podcast & I am so grateful for the discovery. Every interview is gold & Connie has amazing insights to share" - Kate

"Hi Connie, I just wanted to say a big thank you for our podcast! I found it a few weeks ago and it has been so inspiring for me, and I love the peace you transmit! I am loving everything you are sharing on your podcasts. Keep up with the amazing job as you are changing so many lives so far" - Loli

"Awaken Radio is my favourite podcast. Connie's interviewing style is gentle and supportive and her insights are thought provoking and heart-centred" - Casandra

"I love, love, love this podcast. It is full of so many golden nuggets and take-aways. I cannot recommend Connie's podcast enough, especially her most recent one on how to overcome self-doubt. This was exactly what I needed to listen to today! Thank you so much for sharing your personal experiences Connie. It is truly inspirational!" - Sammy

"Connie, I just wanted to send you a note to let you know that I have loved listening to your podcast! I have found so much peace and affirmation in your messages and I really appreciate the voice you are bringing to the world" - Jessica 

"Your latest podcast episode was kick-ass! I have already listened to it twice and sent it on to friends. Thank you!" - Madison


  • After seeing the response to my recent posts where I spoke about navigating transition, change and the in-between, I felt inspired to jump on the podcast and talk about it all in more depth. 
So I am excited to share that my latest Awaken Radio episode (No #81) is now live!
In this episode open up and share more about how this transition energy has been playing out for me personally over the past few months.
I talk about the inner shifts I have been working through, and how these energetic upgrades within myself will be soon rippling out to external changes, particularly in my business.
I share what I have been personally practicing to support myself through this process, and I offer tools to help you shift your energy, re-focus your mind, untangle from the old and anchor into the new.
I also dive deep into how to navigate the uncomfortable in-between space that is often a hallmark of this transition journey, where we sometimes feel confused, stuck, lost or surrounded by unknown.
So while I know these transition periods can be challenging, I hope this episode will help you see just how powerful, transformative and sacred of a time they are. 
They are an indication that growth and expansion is unfolding within you.
They are a part of the divine process of you rising into your full potential and creating a life that is more authentic, empowered and aligned.
I hope this conversation will support you to embrace the process and surrender to the unfolding of it, so you can move through it with greater ease and with a deep sense of trust.
You can listen to Episode #81 via Itunes, Soundcloud or read the full post and show notes at conniechapman.com via the link in my bio.
I look forward to hearing your feedback and experiences of the episode, and I hope it deeply supports you. Cx
  • Hi friends 👋🏼 So things have been a little quiet around Instagram land for me.
Ever since the year began I have felt the need to draw my energy more deeply into myself. 
I have been slowing down and focusing less on what I am achieving externally, and more on what I am working through internally.
Because I have been moving through a deep period of inner shifts and changes.
I feel like I am shedding and releasing many old parts of my identity, my belief systems and my ways of being.
I am reviewing and reassessing everything.
I am questioning all that I have come to know as true and upgrading my beliefs about what is possible.
I am burning up my old story and writing a brand new one. 
I am downloading new visions for my life, my work and the woman I want to be, and I have had to step back and create the space to fully receive and integrate them.
And so right now, I am in the middle of a big energetic pivot.
Pivoting from old to new.
This process has required patience, trust and a lot of self-compassion.
It has taken time to clear out my inner world, and anchor my energy into the new.
And it will take time for these inner shifts to ripple out into external changes.
So I am just having to surrender to the process and know it will all come together in its own divine time.
But now, as I begin to gently emerge from my deeply internal phase, I felt it was time to jump on the podcast and talk more about this process I have been working through. 
Because I know I’m not the only one going through this, am I right!?
I have the feeling that many of us are navigating this in-between phase at the moment. 
The episode will go live next week, and in it I talk all about change, inner transition and navigating the space between the old and the new, as well as what has helped me move through this process.
I hope it will be both comforting and helpful to any of you who are also working through this. Cx
  • Sometimes we find ourselves hovering somewhere between the old and the new.
Sitting in the empty space of the in-between.
Where the old is falling away, and the new is still forming. 
This may happen when we let go of something from our life, but cannot yet see what will replace it.
Or when we do the inner work to unravel old parts of who we are, but we have not yet fully embodied the new version of ourselves. 
This in-between space can often feel uncomfortable. 
It can be full of unknowns. 
We may feel directionless, stuck or afraid. 
We may start to question ourselves and our choices.
And we may be tempted to run back to what is familiar. 
To grasp for what we previously released. 
But instead, we must anchor into the present moment.
And turn our gaze firmly forward. 
We must sit in the empty space.
And courageously hold it with an excited anticipation of what is to come. 
We must remember this phase is only temporary. 
We are not lost. Nor are we falling apart. 
We are building ourselves and our lives anew.
This empty space is where the new will be created from. 
This space is ripe for fresh seeds and dreams. 
This is our blank canvas. 
And with this awareness we can courageously allow the old to crumble and fall away behind us.
We can stand in the in-between space with trust and patience, and with a deep inner knowing that we are on the verge of creating something totally different to what we have ever had before. Cx
  • Filling up my body, heart and soul with this mama nature goodness 💙
  • I flew up to Byron yesterday and this is where I’ll be for the next week, just taking some time out and letting everything within me slow down.
While I will still be running some 1:1 sessions and also hosting the first group coaching call for my Slow Down & Tune In community, most of my time here will just be about resting, reading and swimming in the ocean.
My intention is to simply make some space.
Space within myself.
Space within my mind.
Space for my body to relax and let go. 
Space to fill up my inner reserves. 
Space to get back in touch with my feelings.
Space for my inner self to be heard.
And space to get honest about what I truly want. 
My life has been so full since the year began, and I have not had enough (or shall I say, made enough) time to pause, reflect and listen within. 
I honestly found myself getting really swept up in all of the to do’s, losing my grounding and feeling really reactive.
I lost touch with my inner compass and I needed to find her again. 
I can feel that things are shifting within me at the moment. I felt it begin at the Leo Full Moon Eclipse. 
And I know that I need this space to listen deeply to the changes I am being guided to make, and to the new steps I must find the courage to take.
But for now, I am simply allowing myself to rest and recharge, knowing that in time my clarity will come.
This trip is already providing the nourishment my soul was craving, and the deep rest my body was needing, and I am savouring every single minute of it with a big grateful heart. Cx #slowdowntunein
  • This morning I posted in my Slow Down & Tune In community and shared my intentions for the next 3 months of this journey.
Because I will not just be guiding women through the course, but walking the path alongside them as well.
After a busy, fast-paced start to the year, my body, nervous system and inner self are asking me to slow down.
I am being shown that I need to come deeper into a space of feeling, being and presence, rather than thinking, planning and action.
So over the coming months I will be focusing on;
+ Creating more space, doing less, taking things off my plate, and making more room so I feel less rushed and under pressure.
+ More lightness (less seriousness), play, laughter, love, adventure, connection, intimacy and creativity.
+ Cleaning up energy leaks, identifying what feels draining or depleting, and letting it go so I can put energy into what uplifts and expands me.
+ Shifting my priorities back onto self-care, rest, replenishment and nourishment and away from so much doing and outputting.
+ No longer overriding my inner guidance by saying Yes to things when I truly want to No.
+ And exploring a few big areas of inner work including;
Why I feel safer operating in my masculine than my feminine, fears around how slowing down will impact my biz/finances, and how my identity/worth is linked to what I achieve (that's a biggie).
Slow Down & Tune In is not just about bringing on new practices and rituals, but also taking an honest look at what you need to let go of.
Letting go of what is weighing you down and making more space for what nourishes you, fulfils you and lights you up.
Because we all get swept up in external demands, to do's and obligations. 
We all get pulled outwards by other people's wants, opinions and expectations.
So it is important that we consciously show up for the work to plug back in to ourselves whenever we can.
If you feel ready to make some inner shifts and live in deeper alignment with your heart, your truth and what makes you happy, then I would love you to join me in Slow Down & Tune In.
✨The link to register is in my profile✨Enrolments close this Sunday. Cx
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