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I  am a Life Coach, Podcast Host, Speaker & Writer, and I work with big dreamers & soul seekers who want to create lives they love.

I am a big believer that all of the change we are craving in our lives, must begin within. When we dig deep and do the inner work it is then - and only then - that miraculous shifts begin to ripple through our lives.

So I am here to guide and support you to clear out fear, activate your power, awaken your inner wisdom & build a rock-solid relationship with yourself.

Because when you start feeling good on the inside, life begins thriving on the outside.


Slow Down & Tune In is a soulful online journey which will support you to calm your mind and come back into connection with yourself.

You will learn powerful tools, processes and practises for living with more mindfulness, presence, flow and ease.

Over 3 powerful months, you will be guided step by step to awaken your heart energy, activate your inner wisdom, build a loving relationship with yourself and find peace, wholeness and happiness within.

Next round begins September 2018.

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The Turn Inwards Journaling Guide is a practical, 90 page ebook designed to help you begin and/or deepen your journaling practice.

This guidebook shares practical tips, steps and processes to help you access your writing flow, tap into your inner wisdom and find clarity.

It also includes dozens of journaling prompts, as well as 10 transformative processes that will help you to use your journal to release fear, clear your inner blocks, open your heart and manifest your desires.

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Surrendering To The Divine Plan (AR #84)

As the year progresses, it is becoming clear that 2018 is definitely a year of transition; a year of transitioning out of our old selves, our old lives and our old ways of being, and into brand new ones. A big part of this transition process is about surrendering, trusting the process, and working in with […]

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Moving Through Fear & Becoming Brave With Katie Dean (#AR 82)

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Navigating Change, Transition & The In-Between (AR #81)

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Spiritual Awakening, Ascension & Energy Upgrades with Carly Stephan (AR #80)

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Feel Your Feelings & Honour Your Emotions (AR #79)

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Release The Hustle: Shift From Stress & Force Into Ease & Flow (AR #78)

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2018: Feeling Words, Planning Tools & Guiding Principles For A Magical Year (AR #76)

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INSTAGRAM @connie_chapman

  • I have a new, super soulful episode of Awaken Radio for you today, which is all about surrendering to the divine plan ✨
And I sense this is a much needed conversation right now.
Because many of us are moving through significant changes and transitions this year, and we are needing to surrender in a big way.
We are being asked to release control, relinquish our plan and even let go of things that we feel deeply attached to.
We are being asked to tune into our intution and follow it courageously.
And to practise deep trust as we allow this inner voice to guide our lives.
This is all happening so that we can be led to what is truly right for us.
So that we can walk the path of our highest growth.
And step into our greatest expansion.
So that we can experience the lessons and gain the learnings we need to evolve into the next level our lives.
And while this is a deeply sacred process it can also be unsettling, scary and filled with uncertainty
It may often make no sense or cause others to question us.
But this is what happens when you live in alignment with your own divine truth.
You stop doing what makes sense, what gets others approval or what society says is right, and you start following the wild call of your own heart and soul.
So in today’s Awaken Radio episode I offer some support to those of you navigating this process. 
I talk about what the divine plan is, how to live in alignment with it, and I share guidance around following your intuition, trusting the process, releasing the outcome and surrendering the timing. 
Listen to the episode on Itunes or Soundlcloud, or read the full post on via the link in my profile. 
I hope this conversation is deeply supportive for you. Cx
  • As we approach the upcoming Full Moon & Lunar Eclipse, a lot is being illuminated.
I personally feel as though there is a massive spotlight shining upon my inner world.
I am seeing things about myself, in ways I have never seen them before.
I am uncovering old limiting beliefs and sabotaging patterns that I didn’t even know were there.
And I am seeing the parts of myself that have brought me to where I am now, but cannot take me to where I want to go next.
All of this is being revealed because it is time to change.
It is all rising up to be cleared.
We are being shown our old patterns of behaviour, so we can move beyond them.
We are being shown what parts of ourselves need to be upgraded, up-leveled and transformed, so we can be free.
And it is time to get clear on who we now want to become.
So there may be big feels to process. 
Facing ourselves, our shadow and our self-protective patterns, can be confronting.
Feeling the emotions around them, can be uncomfortable.
But we need to see it all so we can change it.
And we must welcome what is arising.
Welcome the feelings. Welcome the triggers. Welcome the clarity. Welcome the discomfort.
This new clarity will finally set us free from our past.
It will make space for new parts of us to awaken and emerge.
Something new is ready to be born and we cannot take our old self with us.
It is time to reclaim our power back from the inner stories and external situations that have kept us small for too long.
We need this power within us now.
We need it anchored in our bodies so we can manifest the next level of our lives.
And at long last, step into the next level version of ourselves. 
We’ve been preparing for this for a while. And now it’s time. Cx
  • After months of work behind the scenes, I am finally ready to share my latest project with you ✨ 
I have just opened up applications for THE DREAM CREATOR MASTERMIND - a 5 month Masterclass & Group Mentoring program which will empower and support you to turn your heart-driven dream into a reality.
It has been designed for those of you who have an inner calling to step onto a new path and create a life that aligns with your true, authentic self.
You have passions you wish you explore, messages you feel called to express, creations you want to share, and gifts that you have been hiding away that you now want to bring out.
You hold an inspired, soul-guided vision for who you want to be and the life you truly want to live, and you know that now is the time to make it a reality.
This is an intimate program with only 10 spaces, and I’ve already received 4 applications from incredible, heart-driven women 🙌🏼
Through this program, you will be guided to tune into your heart, gain clarity on your desires, vision and purpose, clear out inner blocks, begin sharing your true gifts, messages and creations and take brave steps forward to materialize your vision.
You will join a supportive community of like-minded souls who you will work alongside as your bring your dream to life.
If you are interested in joining us, you can find out more at 👉🏼 (the link is in my bio).
If it speaks to you, submit an application and then we can jump on a discovery call to see if this program is the right fit for you.
I am truly so excited about this!
Walking the journey of listening to my heart, awakening my gifts, and creating a life that feels deeply aligned with my authentic self, has been one of the most transformational and fulfilling things I have ever done. 
And I can’t wait you to support you through the journey too. Cx
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