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I am a big believer that all of the change we are craving in our lives, must begin within. When we dig deep and do the inner work it is then - and only then - that miraculous shifts begin to ripple through our lives.

So I am here to guide and support you to clear out fear, activate your power, awaken your inner wisdom & build a rock-solid relationship with yourself.

Because when you start feeling good on the inside, life begins thriving on the outside.


Slow Down & Tune In is a soulful online journey which will support you to calm your mind and come back into connection with yourself.

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The Turn Inwards Journaling Guide is a practical, 90 page ebook designed to help you begin and/or deepen your journaling practice.

This guidebook shares practical tips, steps and processes to help you access your writing flow, tap into your inner wisdom and find clarity.

It also includes dozens of journaling prompts, as well as 10 transformative processes that will help you to use your journal to release fear, clear your inner blocks, open your heart and manifest your desires.

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  • For the past few weeks now, there has been a strong feeling to clean, clear out, release, let go, make space, and lighten.
I have felt this flowing across all areas of my life, and also within myself. 
I have been cleaning out my home, rearranging furniture, deleting old files off my computer and throwing out clothes that no longer feel like me.
I have been feeling my body wake up from it’s winter slumber, and begin to crave more movement, lighter foods, and social connection.
I have been looking at my business for ways to simplify, streamline, systemise and upgrade.
I have been reviewing my relationships to feel for which ones I cherish, and which ones no longer feel that they are part of my journey forward.
And I have been upleveling my mindset, by examining and re-writing my inner stories about money, love, relationships, health, success, business, and my worth.
This week, in the lead up to Equinox and the Aries Full Moon, this process seemed to intensify even more.
There have been big AHA moments, huge realisations and a lot of emotion to process.
I was able to see ‘what is not working’ with confronting clarity.
And at times this felt difficult to see.
I noticed myself get caught in judgment and criticism of my old ways, and I wondered why I hadn’t made these changes sooner. 
But through the week, I was eventually able to shift into a place of immense gratitude that I could finally see the truth. 
Things are always revealed at the exact right time. 
And I reminded myself that awareness is empowering.
Because now I can get to work creating some new and exciting changes.
As @mysticmamma says, “The Equinox portends a shift for all of us, and functions as a gateway from the old into the new, from one season to the next”
We are at a powerful turning point.
We are in a seasonal and energetic shift.
So keep following that inner call to clear, release, make space and lighten. 
And trust that what you making room for, is going to be a beautiful reflection of the new person you have spent all year becoming. Cx
  • I am excited to share that I have a new Awaken Radio podcast for you today. 
In this episode (#85) I talk about stepping into new beginnings, upleveling and aligning with what you want. 
This episode feels like a beautiful flow on from my previous conversations on change, transition, surrender and letting go.
Because after spending most of this year shedding, clearing space, and clarifying what we want, we are now ready to embark on new chapters.
All of the experiences we have had this year have helped us become clearer, and the dreams that have been incubating within us for months, are now ready to manifest.
If you are anything like me, the desires that you now hold feel bigger, more expansive and more abundant than you have ever had before.
They definitely feel like a whole new level.
They feel like they have come as a result of all of the inner upgrades that have happened this year.
They may feel more deeply aligned with your heart, your truth and what makes you happy.
They may even feel new, unfamiliar and way outside your comfort zone. 
And you may notice that there are still some shifts that need to happen within your mindset and energy to allow yourself to fully receive them.
So in today’s episode, I speak further about the inner alignment work we can be doing, to prepare for what is ready to flow into our lives.
I talk about laying strong inner foundations around how you think, feel and who you are being, and strong outer foundations around how you do things, and the systems and structures that support you. 
I speak about the inner upleveling that I am personally feeling, and how this is causing me to re-asses how I do everything, so that I can manifest my next level vision.
Listen to the episode on Itunes or Soundcloud, or head to for the full post & show notes. Cx
  • We all have so much power within us. 
So much wisdom and guidance at our fingertips.
But if we are not in tune with ourselves we will not be able to hear it. 
We will forget that we hold all the answers. 
Instead we will look outside of ourselves for the clarity we are seeking. 
We will ask other peoples opinions. 
We will watch what others are doing.
And we will go round in circles in our minds trying to figure everything out.
But imagine being so connected to yourself, and so in tune with your inner voice that you always knew what was right for you. 
You always knew the right step. 
You always knew the right decision. 
You knew what the whisper of your heart sounded like, and what the pull of your intuition felt like.
And you could place full faith in that.
You could be guided and led by that.
Guided from within. 
Standing in your power. 
Feeling clear and certain on who you are and what you want.
All of this is possible when you slow down and create the space to listen to the wisdom within you. 
When you build a relationship with your inner self. 
When you drop out of your mind and into a deeper part of you. 
You can feel safe, secure and at ease in the unknown.
You can surrender and let go because you know that you’re divinely supported. 
You can fully trust in your own choices, desires and ideas without anything external swaying you.
Creating this depth of inner connection takes time to learn and practice. So I created my 12 week course, Slow Down & Tune In to help you. 
Through this journey, you will be supported to come back into connection with yourself so you can live in alignment with your truth, your authentic self, your power and your inner wisdom. ✨Registration is now open via the link in my profile ✨
I would love to see you in there. Cx
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