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I  am a Life Coach, Podcast Host, Speaker & Writer, and I work with big dreamers & soul seekers who want to create lives they love.

I am a big believer that all of the change we are craving in our lives, must begin within. When we dig deep and do the inner work it is then - and only then - that miraculous shifts begin to ripple through our lives.

So I am here to guide and support you to clear out fear, activate your power, awaken your inner wisdom & build a rock-solid relationship with yourself.

Because when you start feeling good on the inside, life begins thriving on the outside.


Divine Femme is a soulful 8 week journey which will support and empower you to awaken your feminine energy, embody your power, and wholeheartedly love the magnificent woman that you are.

You will receive weekly video classes, workbooks, coaching calls and more which explore topics such as self-love, sensuality, speaking your truth, boundaries, grounding, balancing your feminine and masculine, receiving, self-worth, magnetism and intuitive living. 

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  • For years I thought that creating what I wanted in my life came from hard work, effort and action. 
While I would practise my morning meditation, journaling and visualization to connect with my desires, I still thought I then had to get up and make them happen.
I relied too heavily on my action, and in turn I would run myself into the ground.
I would then have to spend hours drawing on all of my self-care and self-love practices to bring me back into balance.
But more recently I have been working with the principles of magnetism, instead of effort and action. 
I have been focusing less on working hard, and more on elevating my energy. 
Because as women, when we are embodying joy, lightheartedness, pleasure and playfulness we become magnetic to what we desire.
We begin to feel and radiate a completely different energy, which in turn starts to effortlessly shift our reality.
Being magnetic doesn't mean you don't take action. 
But the action we take has to be guided by our heart and feel good in our body. 
When we are feeling full, whole, radiant, abundant, joyful and luminous within ourselves, we can combine heart-aligned action with our innate magnetism to manifest a beautiful, fulfilling life.
I have struggled for years to show up for the demands of my life while staying connected to my inner feminine essence, and I know how challenging it can be.
So I created DIVINE FEMME to help you, and to share everything that I have been practising so that you too can experience this more easeful way of living.
DIVINE FEMME is a soulful 8 week journey which will help you embody your feminine essence, step into your divine power and wholeheartedly love the magnificent woman that you are.
Today is your final chance to join! Registration closes tonight and we start tomorrow 🎉🧡🙌🏼✨
Head to, or follow the link in my profile. Cx
  • Bali has already been teaching me so many beautiful lessons.
It has been softening me and slowing me down.
It has been reminding me that playfulness makes you magnetic.
Following your joy makes you radiant.
And shifting your energy is the secret to receiving what you desire.
Ever since arriving here my mind has been trying to push me into taking action.
It has been filling my thoughts with items on my to do list that still need to be completed.
But my body has been softly whispering to me,
“No sweetheart, just stop. Rest, play, dance, laugh, lay in the sunshine and nourish yourself.
Fill yourself up with joy and pleasure and everything you are working towards will fall into place.”
Your inner wisdom is always guiding you to what will most deeply serve your expansion.
She is always helping you raise your vibration.
She is always calling you back into alignment.
Are you listening? 
Her inner whispers may not always be convenient or easy to act on.
But she will always lead you towards what you truly need.
There will many be reasons to ignore this inner call.
Your mind will tell you that you don’t have the time or the money, that it is too hard or you are too busy.
But courage, surrender and trust are our lessons here. 
Surrendering the need to make things happen in our own way and on our own time.
Trusting our bodies, our inner wisdom and our feelings.
And having the courage to follow what feels good, even when it makes no sense.
It is my daily work to practise this way of living, and this is why I created DIVINE FEMME. 
Because there is beautiful work for us to do as women to unlearn old ways of being and re-connect with our joy, pleasure and radiance. 
To allow ourselves to follow what feels good to our body, heart and soul. 
To turn on our magnetism and call in the life we desire. 
Enrolments close TOMORROW. 
Learn more about this soulful 8 week journey at or follow the link in my bio. 
I am so excited to lead this course. We start on Monday! Cx
  • Are you feeling the intensity of this Scorpio Full Moon?
This moon is bringing a big and potent energy of change and transformation.
Shadow sides of ourselves are being activated, and it is all part of a grand purging that is taking place.
Trust whatever is rising for you at the moment, even if it is uncomfortable.
Lean in to what is being triggered.
The things that are bringing the most discomfort, are the things that hold the key to your greatest transformation.
You may feel that there is ALOT going on, both within and around you.
You may notice a clear illumination of what is not working or what you want to change. 
You may now see what is blocking you and what needs to be released, shed or transformed.
You may notice that old aspects of yourself are falling away to make space and room for new parts of yourself to emerge.
And for new possibilities for your life to appear.
When old stuff rises, the key is to be able to witness it without judgment.
Don’t let it tempt you back in.
Don’t become re-entangled in the story.
Notice it, feel it, face it, breathe through it, and then release it.
Refrain from criticizing yourself for what is being activated within you.
Instead stay open.
Embrace the growing pains.
Trust the divine unfolding of this process.
Transformation is rarely pretty and perfect.
It is messy and chaotic.
The intensity is allowing massive clearing and rebirth to take place.
Many parts of our lives are being transformed into a new, more aligned and higher vibration at the moment. 
They are transmuting to be in alignment with the new that we are becoming. 
They are upgrading and upleveling alongside us.
So take a deep breath, lean and embrace whatever is presenting for you.
I would love to hear how you’re feeling under this magical Full Moon. 
Share with me below 👇🏼
And on a final note my loves, Early Bird enrollment for DIVINE FEMME closes tonight. 
So if you have been thinking about joining, this is your last chance to grab a discount off the full price of the course. 
Find out more via the link in my profile. Cx
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