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I  am a Life Coach, Podcast Host, Speaker & Writer, and I work with big dreamers & soul seekers who want to create lives they love.

I am a big believer that all of the change we are craving in our lives, must begin within. When we dig deep and do the inner work it is then - and only then - that miraculous shifts begin to ripple through our lives.

So I am here to guide and support you to clear out fear, activate your power, awaken your inner wisdom & build a rock-solid relationship with yourself. Because when you start feeling good on the inside, life begins thriving on the outside.


A 5 month intimate Mastermind with only 10 spaces available, where you will be mentored and supported by Connie on how to bring your heart-driven desire to life.

You will be guided through powerful live Masterclasses, Workbooks and live Coaching Calls to help you step into your purpose, clarify your vision, share your gifts, express your messages, open up income streams, build communities and do the work in the world that you truly love.

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  • I hadn’t wanted to write a post about the energy of this month.
Part of me didn’t want to get caught up in the drama and add to the noise.
But I can’t deny what I have been feeling these past few weeks.
The intensity has been palpable, and the opportunities that are presenting for deep healing work and growth are undeniable.
. .
The current Mercury Retrograde has been bringing up old issues, emotions and wounds so they can be dealt with. 
One thing to pay attention to is that everyone and everything is serving as our mirror. 
They are mirroring back aspects of ourselves that we need to see and face so we can be healed and transformed.
They are helping us break old, long-held patterns.
If you have been getting triggered, be mindful to not immediately point the finger and place blame.
Instead pause, look within and open up to witness the reflection or gain the lesson and learning.
This is a time to see yourself and others with new clarity and in a new light.
There is so much being revealed and shown to us under this energy.
. .
Last nights Full Moon Eclipse felt like a huge climax point that we had been building towards for weeks.
For me, that moon illuminated so much.
It was as though it shone a huge spotlight upon what I most needed to see.
I had big, sudden and unexpected clarity drop in and huge perception shifts unfold.
There were massive realisations, AHA’s and insights.
Things that were once confusing suddenly began to sparkle with a kind of powerful clarity that also felt incredibly confronting.
. .
What is rising now may feel hard to face, and it may bring with it some big emotions to process.
Things might also still feel unclear, muddled or murky in many ways.
The full picture has not revealed itself yet.
Allow the energy to settle and let things clarify before you jump into action or make a rash decision. 
We must trust that all will be revealed in it’s own divine time. 
For now, our work is just to stay open, breathe deep and lean into the beautiful lessons, learnings and growth that are coming our way. Cx
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  • I first discovered my purpose when I was only 19 years old.
At the time, I had just started exploring self-help books, yoga, wellness and meditation.
One morning while reading Tony Robbins, I was hit with the strongest and clearest feeling. 
I felt a sudden, deep inner knowing that this was what I was here to do with my life - my purpose was to learn and embody these powerful principles and teach them to others.
But I was 19 and the idea seemed crazy, so I pushed it to the side.
It took me until I was 30 to finally get on purpose and do my Life Coach training.
I spent over 10 years letting fear stop me.
I had every fear you can think of - fear that I wasn’t good enough, fear of what others would think, fear of failing, fear of shining too bright.
I was full of self-doubt and I struggled to believe in myself or my dreams.
So for years, I hid it all within myself, too afraid to act on it.
When I finally stepped onto my true path, it took so much courage.
I had to tune in deep to my heart and inner voice and let them guide me beyond the fear.
I had to trust myself and stop listening to the opinions of others.
And I am so glad I did.
The past 7 years of doing work that I love, and helping thousands of people, has been the most fulfilling and rewarding experience ever.
I know that there are so many other amazing souls out there who are also feeling held back in the way I did.
You feel the deep inner calling of your purpose, but you feel blocked by doubt, fear and limiting beliefs.
My loves, it is my mission to help you step into what you are here to do, and break through everything that is holding you back.
So I have created 2 things to help you.
1. I am hosting a FREE training next week called Clarify Your Purpose & Step Onto Your True Path ✨ You can register via the link in the profile.
2. I designed my Dream Creator Mastermind program to give you 5 months of coaching and support to bring your heart-driven dream to life. 
The program is now HALF FULL and there are only a few spaces left. Learn more via the link in my profile.
It’s time to stop holding back and start moving forward. The world needs your light and brilliance. Cx
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  • I feel like I have been moving through such a powerful cleansing, clearing and releasing these past few weeks.
It started with the need to clean out my home and my wardrobe, and to create space in my calendar and schedule.
And then it flowed into some much deeper clearing within myself. 
It feels like a big process of liberation, freedom and lightening up.
Like I am breaking free and liberating myself from all that has held me back and weighed me down for too long.
This inner clear out also feels like it is part of some type of preparation.
A preparation for change, expansion and a new beginning perhaps.
It is a feeling and a knowing that something new is coming, although I cant exactly see what it is just yet.
All I know is that I am being guided to do the inner work to align with it.
So rather than allowing my old ways to keep playing out, I am showing up to transform them.
I have been stepping courageously into the places where I feel the most fear, rather than pulling back and hiding.
I have been sharing my thoughts and emotions with raw vulnerability rather than covering them up with protective armour.
I have been opening up to deeper intimacy in my relationships.
I have been leaning into greater abundance in my work. 
I have been up-leveling my beliefs in all areas.
And I have been going to weekly hypnotherapy sessions and practicing daily EFT to finally heal some of my old niggling wounds that have been holding me back for too long.
Many of us are feeling a pull towards greater expansion and inner freedom at the moment.
We want to be be liberated from our past limitations, because we are ready for something new.
So be sure to follow whatever guidance you receive to cleanse, let go, clear out and release.
Keep peeling back the layers and shedding the old.
Drop the masks, the armour, and the avoidance.
Lean into your discomfort and choose the path of growth. 
Be courageous in facing what needs to be healed so you can move to the next level that is waiting for you. Cx


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