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Take your journey deeper by working with Connie. Explore the range of self-paced courses, live group programs, free trainings and high level mentoring options below.

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The Feminine Awakening (free)

The Feminine Awakening is a 5 part video training series which offers you simple starting steps, practices, tools and principles to awaken and embody your feminine energy.

Discover how to reconnect with your feminine energy (no matter how busy your life is) so you can feel embodied, sensual, flowing, filled with pleasure and nourished from within.

Divine Femme

This is Connie's signature program for women.

Divine Femme is a transformational, live 6 month journey of healing, self-liberation and feminine embodiment where you will unravel from limiting patterns of self-doubt, people-pleasing and never feeling enough and step into the full embodiment of your feminine power, worth, radiance and wholeness.

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Creatress is Connie's feminine manifestation program.

In this 4 month journey, you will learn the feminine art of magnetising and manifesting your desires so you can break free from self-doubt and stuckness and start creating the life you truly want with ease, pleasure and flow.

Reclaim Your Radiance

Reclaim Your Radiance is a powerful 21 day journey that will guide you through self-care rituals and embodiment practices to shift your energy, fill up from within, connect with yourself and awaken deeper self-love, pleasure, joy and aliveness.

This is a self-paced program that you can join at any time.

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Private 1:1 Coaching

Work intimately with Connie in her private 1:1 Coaching program and receive personalised guidance and support to create the changes that you are craving.

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