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Your Feelings Need To Be Felt, Not Fixed (AR #144)

Do you tend to resist feeling uncomfortable emotions, sensations or feelings when they arise? Do you try to get rid of them, fix them and make them go away? Do you find yourself overthinking them and getting more stuck? The solution is to learn the feminine art of emotional alchemy. This practice invites you to […]

5 Feminine Keys To Expanding & Uplevelling Your Life (AR #143)

Ready to learn how to expand and uplevel your life in a way that doesn’t involve hustling, forcing, burning out or over-working? In this episode, I am sharing 5 feminine keys that will support you to expand and uplevel your money, business, career and relationships in a deeply embodied, sustainable, feminine and nourishing way. In […]

Transform Your Relationships By Reclaiming Your Feminine Energy (AR #142)

The biggest area that I see transform for women when they begin doing their feminine healing & embodiment work is their RELATIONSHIPS. It is through reconnecting with your feminine energy that you can begin to attract healthy, loving partnerships, heal old relationship patterns, get your needs truly met, feel deeply held, seen and heard and […]

Are You Living From Your Wounding Or Your Power? (AR #141)

If there is any part of your life that is not thriving right now, it is likely that there is a wounded pattern running in this area. Our wounding comes from childhood and keeps us stuck in patterns of people-pleasing, over-working, over-giving, worrying what others think and seeking externally for love, validation and approval. Through […]

8 Feminine Embodiment Practices That Will Change Your Life (AR #140)

Working with feminine embodiment practices changed my life, and they hold the power to change yours too. These practices will support you to heal your relationship with your body, awaken your feminine energy, deepen your self-love and confidence, nourish yourself and awaken your magnetism. In this episode, I share why feminine embodiment work is so […]

How To Stop Overachieving & Find True Self-Worth (AR #138)

When we are caught in a pattern of overachieving it can cause our self-worth to become tied to how much we do and achieve. We will feel that we have to keep giving, doing, working and achieving in order to feel good enough. In today’s episode, I am offering you 5 steps to heal from […]

Heal Your Masculine Energy So You Can Thrive In Your Feminine (AR #137)

The key to thriving in your feminine energy is having healthy inner masculine energy. Healthy inner masculine energy allows your inner feminine to feel safe, grounded and protected. It supports your feminine to get her needs met, set boundaries, achieve her dreams and create rituals, habits and structures that nourish her. In this episode, I […]

3 Keys To Activating Your Feminine Power (AR #136)

For a woman to truly feel safe embodying her feminine energy, it is necessary that she is anchored in her power.⁣ This means she is practising discernment, trusting her intuition, honouring her inner yes and no, protecting her energy, implementing boundaries, speaking her truth and communicating her wants and needs. Without a connection to her […]

How To Embody A Magnetic Frequency (AR #135)

Do you want to feel more magnetic so you can draw what you want towards you with ease? If so, today’s Awaken Radio episode is for you. In this episode, you are going to learn 3 key steps to creating and embodying a magnetic energy and frequency so that you can attract what you want […]

The #1 Key To Creating What You Want (AR #134)

In today’s raw and honest episode, I am sharing the story of a moment that changed my life. It was a moment that took me out of playing small, living inauthentically and begin ruled by fear, and put me onto the path of my soul purpose and the creation of my desires in an instant. […]

The Art Of Embodied Manifestation & How To Practice It (AR #133)

Would you like to know how to create and manifest what you desire in a way that feels embodied, nourishing and easeful? In today’s episode, I am diving deep into a conversation on embodied manifestation, which is an approach to manifesting that is guided by your body, your intuition and your feminine energy and is […]

Expand Your Capacity To Receive (AR #132)

Do you struggle to receive? If so, this episode for you. Today I am sharing the keys to expanding your capacity to receive so that you can not only call in and manifest more of what you desire, but you can also hold it. You will learn to open, soften and receive, come deeper into […]

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