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Being Your Authentic Self & Loving Who You Are with Mary Hyatt (AR #73)

Without even realising, many of us are living lives that are not aligned with our authentic self. We are playing roles to fit in, modifying ourselves to get love, and wearing masks to suppress what we truly feel and believe.

How To Create A New Moon Intention Setting Ritual

I have been working with the energy of the moon for the past few years, and it has really supported me to become more connected to the cycles of life and to create rituals and sacred practices that honour the various energy phases. Typically at each New Moon I write out my intentions of what […]

Embracing Life’s Cycles: Stories On Grief, Love, Resilience, Expansion & Purpose (AR #72)

Today’s podcast episode is a personal update from me filled with stories of what I have been learning, working through and discovering over the path month. It is a deep conversation filled with lessons on grief, love, loss, receiving, expansion, spiritual faith, alignment and living on purpose. While what I have been moving through during this […]

How To Manifest Your Desires By Following Your Intuition (AR #71)

If you follow me on Instagram you would know that I recently went through a big change around my home which all unfolded very quickly and unexpectedly. It was been a change I had been desiring for a long time. I had felt a strong yearning in my heart for a new home – a […]

Playing Big & Expanding Beyond Your Comfort Zone with Kate O’Brien (AR #70)

The word that I have chosen to represent how I want to feel and what I want to experience in 2017, is EXPANSION. This year, I want to feel that I am growing beyond my comfort zone, stepping up and taking my life to new heights and unchartered territory. But what I have noticed, is that […]

Step Into Your Power & Ditch The Victim Mentality (AR #69)

I spent the weekend just passed immersed in a transformational training weekend with two incredible teachers and thought-leaders Preston Smiles & Alexi Panos. I haven’t stepped into an intensive event like this in years, but I felt called to open my mind, be the student and shine a bright spotlight upon my inner self.  I […]

How To Break Free From The Comparison Trap (AR #68)

Are you getting caught in patterns of comparison which leave you feeling stuck, full of self-doubt and like you are not good enough? This is a struggle many of us are having these days in both life and business with the rise of social media and the increase of the number of platforms available which […]

Natural Eco-Beauty & Creating Radiance From Within with Emmily Banks (AR #67)

If you have been on the conscious living journey for a little while, you may have found yourself ‘cleaning up’ various areas of your self and your life. Perhaps you are releasing old thought patterns, clearing out fear, raising your vibration, making more loving food choices and filling your life with positive people. But have […]

How To Overcome Self-Doubt As You Follow Your Dreams (AR #66)

I wonder if you might be feeling how I am feeling right now? Are you sitting at the beginning of this fresh new year, feeling excited, hopeful and fired up about all of the big, bright and beautiful dreams and desires you wish to manifest, while at the same time feeling a mix of fear, anxiety […]

Invincible Living, Kundalini Yoga & Conscious Relationship with Guru Jagat (AR #65)

Welcome to my first Awaken Radio podcast for 2017. It is so exciting to be back here with you for another year of inspiring interviews and soulful conversations. I am so grateful for that support that you have given this beautiful podcast, and I love receiving your messages of feedback about how the episodes have touched and […]

Reflections & Lessons from 2016 (+ How I Am Preparing For 2017)

I have spent much of the past few weeks reflecting on 2016 and taking an inner exploration into what within me still needs to be completed, released and processed so that I can close off one chapter and create a clean slate for the new. As I reflected on this year, I noticed that there […]

How To Release Your Expectations Of Others (AR #64)

Today’s episode of Awaken Radio was inspired by a realisation I had recently around a relationship in my life. I had found myself feeling frustrated, disappointed and sad with how someone in my life was showing up, or shall I say, not showing up. A whole host of emotions were being stirred up, and at the […]

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