Becoming The Next-Level Version Of Yourself (AR #118)

It is currently Eclipse season, and I don’t know about you, but under this energy, I am feeling a big inner push to uplevel!

I can feel that my next-level desires are asking for me to step into a new version of myself. I am being called to grow, shift and change and become the person I need to be to receive what I want.

It has been an uncomfortable journey and for a lot of last week I was feeling anxiety, discomfort and growing pains.

I felt like I was being pushed to show up in new ways, make new decisions, create new habits and get outside my comfort zone.

I was feeling it so strongly that I decided to sit down under the energy of last week's Taurus New Moon Eclipse and record a podcast for you to talk further about this process of uplevelling

In this new episode of Awaken Radio, I explore how to step into the next-level version of yourself and why this is the key to manifesting new results in your life.

Listen To Episode #118:

In This Episode I Cover:

- Eclipse energy and how it is pushing us to uplevel
- My current daily manifestation ritual
- Why manifestation is not just a ‘doing process’
- What it looks like to move through an inner uplevel
- Why all change starts at the level of being
- How to start stepping into the next-level version of yourself
- One of the key reasons that what you want isn’t manifesting
- Becoming the person you need to be to have what you want
- How to navigate the discomfort that arises on your growth journey
- The importance of not avoiding what you are feeling
- How to support yourself through an up level
- Why your external world results are a reflection of your inner world

Watch The Video:

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