How To Manifest Your Desires With Ease, Flow & Trust (AR #119)

I recently put a Q&A poll on my Instagram stories where I asked you how you wanted manifesting your desires to feel and the responses came through with some very clear common themes.

You shared that you wanted manifestation to feel natural, easeful, fun, effortless and enjoyable. You want to be able to trust the process and relax into the journey without stress, anxiety, self-doubt and fear.

So I decided to dedicate a whole podcast episode to this topic and share with you the keys to experiencing easeful, effortless and flowing manifestations!

Listen To Episode #119:

In This Episode I Cover:

- Manifestation is a natural process that is always happening
- How you may be misusing your creative energy to create what you don’t want
- The difference between manifesting intentionally vs on autopilot
- The importance of aligning your energy before you take action
- Why you are taking all of the action but not getting the results
- Why you need to surrender the ‘how’
- Manifestation is a co-creative process with the Universe
- When to take action and when to surrender
- Feeling guided by your intuition through the manifestation process
- Embodied manifestation and the using your body as your guide
- How to calm, soothe and regulate your nervous system
- Holding yourself through your emotions and inner blocks
- Accepting and allowing where you’re at and not resisting the process
- How to have faith when you see no proof or evidence of what you want
- Receiving the action steps from your intuition
- Enjoy the process rather than striving for the outcome
- Holding the belief that manifestation can be easy

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