Living In Deeper Connection With Yourself & Your Body (AR #120)

For us to thrive as women, we need to be living in deep connection with ourselves and our body. We need to attuned to what we are feeling, what we are needing and what fills us up from within.

It is easy for us to fall into patterns of self-abandonment when life gets busy - we begin to prioritise what needs to get done and what others need above ourselves, and in turn what we truly need becomes neglected.

In this episode I offer you to some powerful tips and practices to live in deeper connection with yourself and your body so that you can stop running on empty and start feeling full & nourished from within.

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In This Episode I Cover:

- Why we can become disconnected from ourselves, our feminine and our body during busy seasons of life.
- The tendency to prioritise what needs to get done over what we need.
- Why I am personally in a deep season of self-care.
- For us as women, why our body is the doorway to our intuition, power, pleasure, desire, radiance and magnetism.
- The tendency to neglect and abandon ourselves, our needs and our self-care when we are busy.
- The key signs and indicators that you have become disconnected and disassociated from yourself and your body.
- Why we sometimes feel numb to our pleasure, joy and happiness
- Why we avoid the very things that will nourish us.
- How to come back to yourself when you're feeling disconnected.
- They to experiencing deeper embodiment.
- The importance of feeling and honouring your emotions and moving energy through your body.
- Why we need to find at least one way each day to connect with ourselves and our body.
- Two important self-care questions to ask yourself each day.
- Why in order for us to thrive and create what we want in our lives we need to be showing up as full, whole, nourished women.

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