Why Putting Yourself First Is An Act Of Self-Love (AR #121)

Many of us as women find it difficult to put ourselves first and prioritise our needs and instead we can tend to put everyone and everything ahead of ourselves.

This is often because we learned at some point in our life to be the good girl, people-please, keep everyone happy and over-give in order to feel worthy of receiving.

It is also because we learned that our worth and value are based on how much we achieve, and so we need to keep doing more to feel enough.

In today’s episode, I unpack how to unravel from this pattern and stop feeling guilty, selfish or indulgent for prioritising what you need and what makes you happy.

You will begin to see why putting yourself first is an act of self-love that serves everyone around you, and why this is the key to you truly thriving and becoming the woman you are here to be.

Listen To Episode #121:

In This Episode I Cover:

- Why many of us as women struggle to prioritise ourselves and our needs
- How our self-worth has become tied to what we achieve
- Why society values masculine achievement over feminine pleasure
- Why we feel guilty or selfish when we prioritise rest & self-care
- Unraveling from good girl programming, over-giving & people-pleasing
- Why putting yourself first isn’t selfish, it is self-loving
- How self-care raises your self-worth
- Why giving to yourself serves everyone around us
- The importance of valuing and honouring your inner feminine
- How to through feelings of guilt, shame and discomfort that arise
- Releasing old inner programming that keeps you self-sacrificing
- Building new beliefs that will help you prioritise yourself
- Why your inner radiance comes from nurturing your inner feminine
- Practising radical self-care
- How to uncover what is depleting and draining your energy and life-force
- How to plan your schedule around you and what you need

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