The True Path Of Feminine Living (AR #122)

This episode is a powerful deep dive into what it truly looks like to walk the path of feminine living.

I share why feminine embodiment is not just about dancing in flowing dresses, being sensual and exploring your pleasure, but truly it is a path of descent, deep healing, shadow work, and self-liberation.

This episode is for you if you are ready to create deep transformation from the inside-out.

I bring lots of divine feminine fire and passion in this episode so I hope you enjoy this deeply activating conversation!

Listen To Episode #122:

In This Episode I Cover:

🌹 Why you might be doing all of the inner work but still getting triggered, feeling stuck in limiting patterns and feeling unable to break out of old habits.
🌹 How mindset and spiritual work can leave us bypassing our wounds, traumas, emotions and our body experience.
🌹 Why the true feminine path is one of descent, embodiment, feeling, healing, shadow work and honouring your imperfect, human self.
🌹 Why we have been in a collective and individual season of deep shadow work since 2020.
🌹 The difference between surface feminine embodiment and true feminine living.
🌹 Masculine vs feminine approaches to healing and creating change.
🌹 Why you need to heal your inner child and love your darkness to awaken your divine feminine.
🌹 How to truly reclaim your power, liberate yourself and live as a sovereign, whole woman.

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