How To Heal Your Inner Child: My 5 Step Process (AR #123)

Inner child healing is one of the most powerful processes you can use to create deep and lasting change and transformation.

It allows you to get to the root cause of your challenges, re-program deep limiting beliefs and patterns and heal your relationship with yourself.

I have been using inner child healing for years in my own life and with my clients, and so in todayโ€™s episode I am sharing my 5 step process for inner child healing and how you can use this process to get unstuck and release what is holding you back.

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In This Episode I Cover:

๐ŸŒนย What inner child healing is and how to practice it
๐ŸŒน The reason you keep getting stuck in the same patterns and creating the same results (no matter what you do)
๐ŸŒน The importance of getting to the root cause of your challenges
๐ŸŒน How your beliefs about love, your worth and your identity are created in childhood
๐ŸŒน Trauma, unprocessed emotion and the nervous system
๐ŸŒน The indicators inner child woundings are impacting you now as an adult
๐ŸŒน Re-parenting your inner child (and why this is so powerful)
๐ŸŒน My 5 step process for inner child healing that you can use
๐ŸŒนHow to re-program deep subconscious beliefs, habits, emotions and patterns
๐ŸŒนThe power and importance of feeling and processing your unresolved emotions
๐ŸŒน Why reconnecting with your inner child is the key to building deep self-love

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