How To Trust & Follow Your Intuition (AR #125)

Today I am talking on one of my favourite topics - intuition.

Living from your intuition is about reclaiming your feminine wisdom, trusting deeply in yourself, embracing the unknown and living from your body wisdom.

Your intuition is your inner truth and although following it may take you into the unknown, it will always guide you to exactly where you need to be.

Ready to deepen you re-connection with your intuition? Tune into this episode!

Listen To Episode #125:

In This Episode I Cover:

🌹What intuition is and how to recognise it in your body
🌹How fear, logical thinking and our conditioning blocks our intuition
🌹Intuitive living requires trust, surrender and embracing the unknown
🌹You don’t need to know ‘how’ what you want will happen
🌹Your body is the doorway to your intuition
🌹Living more deeply from feminine wisdom
🌹How to build deeper trust in yourself, your body and what you feel
🌹Why following your intuition may trigger fear and resistance
🌹Why you need to create inner space to hear your intuition

Watch The Video:

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