Living In Devotion To Your Feminine Desire (AR #126)

Today’s episode is all about desire and the importance of living in devotion to your own desires.

Because your desires are your feminine wisdom moving through you and in order to create a life you love, you need to be claiming and owning your desires rather than ignoring and denying them.

Today’s conversation will help you more powerfully clarify what you truly desire so you can start trusting what you want, manifesting your dreams and quit squashing your desires with limiting and practical thinking!

Listen To Episode #126:

In This Episode I Cover:

🌹How I lost touch with my desires after being in a big season of healing
🌹Why your desires need to be nurtured with your attention, energy and focus
🌹The ways in which you abandon, dismiss and disconnect from your desires
🌹Living from need vs living from desire
🌹Why you can’t manifest without being in full ownership of what you want
🌹How practical, masculine thinking overides your feminine desire
🌹The 2 reasons that you don’t know what you want (and how to find clarity)
🌹How the disconnection from your body and your feminine creates confusion
🌹The biggest reason your desires aren’t manifesting
🌹Why your desires are the KEY to living a life that you love and how to devote to them

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