Heal Your Relationship With Your Body (AR #114)

For years, my relationship with my body was a huge struggle point in my life.

Since I was 19 this struggle has included everything from a disordered relationship with food, judgement and criticism of my appearance, avoiding my emotions, and numbing out to my body's experience through emotional eating and substances.

And it was only recently, while recording the embodiment practices for my new course Reclaim Your Radiance, that I realised just how far I had come in healing this relationship.

I realised that I now feel more at home in my body. I feel like it is my safe place to come to. Being in my body makes me feel grounded and held. I see her as a powerful tool for experiencing pleasure. I embrace her for her unique traits and flaws and I welcome all of her ever-changing emotions.

Sure, I still hear that negative voice in my head when I look in the mirror. I still sometimes judge my appearance and lack confidence. And I still sometimes catch myself eating over my emotions.

But in general this relationship with my body is not at all filled with pain and struggle like it used to be. Instead it is now filled with gratitude, acceptance and peace.

What has helped me the most with healing my relationship with my body, is practising embodiment work - learning how to come deeply IN to my body and my feelings, rather than being stuck in my analytical mind looking at my body like some object to control.

And so this inspired me to jump on the podcast and talk about this further.

In today's episode, I offer you a range of practices to help you heal your relationship with your body, feel more love and acceptance and come out of your head so you can live in a more deeply embodied way.

Listen To Episode #114:

In This Episode I Cover:

- Why many of us as women struggle with our relationship with our body
- The personal struggles I have had with my body over the years
- The power of embodiment work
- Shifting from seeing your body as an object to instead becoming one with it
- Feeling safe in your body
- How head-driven living disconnects us from our body
- How to invite your body’s experience into everything you do
- Connecting with your body wisdom
- Embracing your feelings and emotions (even if they’re uncomfortable)
- We avoid our body because we don’t want to feel
- The ONE biggest thing that healed my unhealthy body patterns
- Shifting from judgement and shame to acceptance and love
- Bringing loving touch to your body
- Communicating with your body and asking her what she needs
- Untangling your worth from your appearance
- It is your energy that makes you attractive and magnetic, not how you look

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What is your biggest takeaway from today’s episode? Share with me in the comments.

With love,
Connie x

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