2021 Wrap Up: My Reflections, Lessons & Learnings (AR #115)

I am excited to share my annual end of year reflection episode that I love to do every year.

In my final Awaken Radio episode of 2021, I am reviewing my year, reflecting on my key lessons, learnings and takeaways from this year and sharing with you what worked well for me this year.

I cover the changes I made to my business, the investments I made, how the principles of embodiment, pleasure and intentional living were life-changing for me, and what helped me navigate months of lockdown in Sydney.

2021 was yet another powerful, transformative, expansive (and at times challenging) year that was full of growth and learnings, and I am sharing all of it with you in this juicy episode.  

Listen To Episode #115:

In This Episode I Cover:

- Why doing an end of year reflection and review is so important
- The power of using journaling to document and reflect on your life and year
- What it means to live with intention and consciously create your life
- Working with a yearly theme
- The rituals and practices I work with to live intentionally
- Why I focused on cultivating my inner healthy masculine energy this year
- Why your inner feminine needs your inner masculine to bring her desires to life
- How I restructured my business this year
- The importance of building supportive business systems, strategies and structures
- Why embodiment and pleasure were life-changing practices for me in 2022
- How I pulled myself out of a big funk this year
- Practising surrender, trust, acceptance and flow
- The power of investing and which mentoring programs I invested in through 2022
- My key themes for this year

Show Notes:

Release & Rebirth

Release & Rebirth is a live journaling and embodiment workshop series to help you lovingly and intentionally complete 2021 and powerfully prepare for 2022.

You will be guided through 2 live journaling workshops and 2 live embodiment sessions that will help you break free from the past, close old chapters, create a powerful new vision, clarify your 2022 desires, align your energy and tap into the quantum field to manifest your dreams.

Release & Rebirth will help you integrate the learning's and growth from this year, and prepare for the new dreams and goals that you are ready to step into.

If you are release and complete old chapters and step into a powerful new beginning in 2022, Release & Rebirth will give you all of the practical and energetic tools you need.

We start next week!

Let's wrap up 2021 with love and step into 2022 with clarity and power.

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What is your biggest takeaway from today’s episode? Share with me in the comments.

With love,
Connie x

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