2022 – A Year Of Simplicity, Self-Liberation & Soulful Success (AR #116)

I am excited to bring you my first episode of 2022. I am loving the energy of this year already and even though we are only a few weeks in, so much feels different (and I feel different) on a really deep level.

I have called this episode 2022: A year of Simplicity, Self-Liberation and Soulful Success as I have decided that these are my key themes for the year ahead.

In today’s episode, I explore these themes further with you, share why I chose them and also offer you some guidance that you can take on around them too.

I also share what you can expect from me and my work this year, what I will be investing in, plus some big changes I am navigating personally.

This is a big, juicy episode! I hope you love it.

Listen To Episode #116:

In This Episode I Cover:

- A big, personal change I am navigating this year!
- The power of knowing the astrological and energetic themes playing out in your life
- My key guiding themes for 2022
- How to work with your yearly theme and have it guide you
- Why creating simplicity is the key to having more of what you truly want
- What it means to practice self-liberation
- Setting yourself free from what holds you back
- Why I am committed to stepping away from striving this year
- How to create soulful, sustainable success
- The importance of regulating your nervous system creating safety in your body
- The difference between honouring your emotions and drowning in them
- How to clarify your key feeling words for the year ahead
- My areas of focus this year
- What I will be investing in this year
- What you can expect from my work in 2022

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What is your biggest takeaway from today’s episode? Share with me in the comments.

With love,
Connie x

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