The Keys To Living A Pleasure-Filled Life (AR #113)

In my last episode of Awaken Radio, I shared some of the beautiful benefits I was experiencing after my recent season of slowing down.

But there was one additional benefit that I noticed which I only recently had clarity on.… pleasure.

Slowing down has absolutely amplified my pleasure.

Feeling deeper pleasure is about realising that there are opportunities for pleasure all around us every day, we just have to notice them, soak them up and savour them.

We just have to shift our focus off hyper-productivity and stop rushing our way through everything we do.

Because when we rush we become numb, we feel less and we are less present, but when we slow down everything becomes richer, deeper and more pleasurable.

As women, when we are connected to our pleasure, we are connected to our life force.

We are radiant, alive, juicy, full and overflowing. We are lit up and glowing within. We are embodied in our radiant feminine essence.

So in today’s episode, I am sharing 5 keys to living a pleasure-filled life to help you activate more of this powerful quality in your body and in your life.

Listen To Episode #113:

In This Episode I Cover:

- A big learning I had recently about how I had disconnected from my pleasure
- How rushing through life makes us numb
- Simple ways to connect more deeply with your sensual pleasure
- How to uncover the opportunities for pleasure that are around you all day, every day
- Why slowing down is the secret to amplifying your pleasure
- How focusing on productivity blocks our pleasure
- Making pleasure your priority, your guide and your goal
- The importance of letting go of what is draining and depleting you
- How to bring pleasure into the mundane

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What is your biggest takeaway from today’s episode? Share with me in the comments.

With love,
Connie x

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