2020 Themes: A Year of Pleasure, Alignment, Conscious Living & Expansion (AR #94)

I am excited to be bringing you my first podcast episode of 2020 and considering all that is going on in the world right now, I have alot to share and speak about. The transition into the new year has been big and many of us are feeling it. We can feel the intensity and power of 2020 already, and the key lessons and learnings that this year is here to teach us are flowing in thick and fast.

In Australia, we have been working through emotions of shock and grief as we have watched the overwhelming devastation that the bushfires have had on our land, our wildlife and our communities.

There has been a big ‘wake up call’ energy flowing in. It is time for us all to become more conscious and really look at how our individual energy is contributing to the planet.

Anytime we see something happening on a mass scale, we must have the courage and humility to look within and see where and how this is actually a projection of something that exists within each of us individually. Where we, in a seemingly insignificant way, are playing out the patterns within ourselves that we see magnified on a world scale 

So as you can probably already feel, this is going to be a big year.

Despite how it has started, I do feel that this year is going to be filled with light, bliss, abundance, magical and powerful expansion. We are simply in a huge process of clearing, purifying, cleansing and re-aligning right now in preparation for all of this.

In today’s episode, I speak further on the collective energy themes of this year, along with the themes playing out in my own life. While I am still clarifying what this year will look like for me, I am incredibly clear already on how I want it to feel.

This year, the principles of feminine living, receiving, pleasure, surrender, joy, embodiment and following what feels good in my cells will be a big area of focus.

I am ready for big and delicious expansion, but I feel incredibly clear that it all must feel pleasurable along the way. I dive into a deep exploration around this and what it will look like for me in today’s episode.


In this episode I cover:

+ How to navigate the transition from 2019 to 2020 and why it may take time to adjust to the new energy of this year.
+ Dropping the ‘new year pressure’ and taking space in January to really clarify why you want.
+ The big ‘wake up call’ energy this year is bringing us.
+ How to navigate some of the collective heaviness we are feeling at the start of this year.
+ The importance of looking for the lesson, learning, opportunity or ‘why’ behind every experience or challenge we face.
+ How the energy we radiate and embody, impact the collective energy.
+ The need for conscious living this year and why we must take more responsibility for how we are directing our thoughts, focus and energy.
+ Why those of us who identify as lightworkers will have a big inner call to show up in bigger ways and move beyond the patterns of our ego that have kept us stuck.
+ The importance of being guided by how you want to feel and who you want to be.
+ Why all change, begins within and manifestation starts with us shifting our energy.
+ The importance of prioritising pleasure, feeling good and activating joy and bliss in our bodies.
+ Why feminine pleasure is the missing piece in the manifestation equation.
+ How surrendering into receiving mode makes us magnetic and effortlessly aligns us with all we desire.
+ My key personal energy themes of 2020 and what you can expect from my work.
+ The power of living present moment and how to use each moment wisely.
+ A channelled piece of guidance on how to consciously create the life you desire in 2020.
+ An opportunity to receive mentoring from me this year if you are feeling an inner calling to show up, share your wisdom and live your true purpose.


Listen To The Episode:


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What is your biggest takeaway from today’s episode? Share with me in the comments.

With love,
Connie x

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