Invincible Living, Kundalini Yoga & Conscious Relationship with Guru Jagat (AR #65)

Welcome to my first Awaken Radio podcast for 2017. It is so exciting to be back here with you for another year of inspiring interviews and soulful conversations. I am so grateful for that support that you have given this beautiful podcast, and I love receiving your messages of feedback about how the episodes have touched and impacted you. I am really looking forward to connecting with you even more this year, and taking the show to new heights.

I am kicking off the year with a powerful interview with Guru Jagat who is the youngest senior Kundalini Yoga teacher in the world and the face of the new Kundalini movement.

I began devouring her book Invincible Living before our chat, and found myself immediately drawn in to her wisdom and teachings. Her work helps us apply spiritual principles to the everyday aspects of our lives so we can create tangible shifts within ourselves and show up in new ways in our relationships, work, health and finances.

In today’s episode we dive into a soulful conversation about the power of Kundalini yoga, what it truly means to live our destiny and how to show up for our spiritual assignments. We also discuss the powerful energy work we can do as women, in order to bring out the best in our men and create healthy, thriving relationships.

I personally learnt so much from chatting with Guru Jagat, and I hope you to do.


In this episode we explore;

  • The transformative power of Kundalini yoga and why it creates such tangible and instant shifts.
  • The need for grounding and embodiment on our spiritual path, and how to integrate our spiritual, infinite selves with our human, physical selves.
  • What it means to live your destiny, and how to start right now.
  • How to transform the judgmental patterns of your mind.
  • Why wherever you are in your life (even you don’t like it) is a spiritual assignment.
  • What to do when you feel triggered/challenged by people or circumstances in your life.
  • What women need to know in order to attract healthy, committed relationships with men.
  • Why the real power of a woman lies in the energy she carries.
  • How woman can release the ‘needy’ energy that they often project in relationships.
  • The incredible role a woman can play in bringing out the best out in her man, and supporting his desires.


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“Your destiny is to vibrate and broadcast the biggest and most compassionate version of yourself” Click to tweet

“The real power of a woman lies in the energy she carries” Click to tweet

“When a woman has good energy, loves herself and is confident, you can see her coming from miles away” Click to tweet

“Whatever is happening right now – whatever is on your plate – is your destiny and your assignment” Click to tweet

“There is major magic in a woman having intimate and truly healthy relationships with other women” Click to tweet


Resources We Mention

Invincible Living: Guru Jagat’s new book has just been released. Grab your copy of Invincible Living here.

Invincible Living Tour: Attend a live event with Guru Jagat


Connect with Guru Jagat





What is your biggest takeaway from today’s episode? We would love to hear it. Share with us in the comments.

With love,
Connie x


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