How To Overcome Self-Doubt As You Follow Your Dreams (AR #66)

I wonder if you might be feeling how I am feeling right now? Are you sitting at the beginning of this fresh new year, feeling excited, hopeful and fired up about all of the big, bright and beautiful dreams and desires you wish to manifest, while at the same time feeling a mix of fear, anxiety and self-doubt as to whether or not it is even possible and whether or not you can do it?

It is this feeling – this uncomfortable mix of passionate desire and crippling self-doubt – which is something I have faced countless times on my journey of following my heart and fulfilling my dreams.

I will be honest and say that self-doubt has been the biggest block that I have had to work through over the past few years. My own belief in myself has been my biggest struggle. And my belief in what my heart desires, and whether I am capable of that and worthy of that has been the biggest thing I have had to work through in order to get to where I am today.

However, I have been able to overcome it all, and that is why I am so passionate about talking about this topic.

I have been able to go from working full-time in a day job that I hated, living out of alignment with my heart and feeling immense doubt and fear that everything I desired was impossible, to where I am today; working for myself for the past 4 years, doing what I love everyday, and finally feeling confident and certain in who I am and what I am capable of.

So, I really want to support any of you who are also currently feeling blocked by this limiting pattern, as I can really relate to how hard it is. I want to help any of you who currently hold big desires in your heart and exciting visions for what you want to create in the year ahead, but at the same time you are coming up against that limiting, doubtful and negative voice in your mind.

I have a lot to share with you today! Most of what I speak about in this episode comes directly from my own personal journey of what has helped me transform my self-doubt and find the confidence to pursue my dreams.


In this episode, I explore;

  • Why fear and self-doubt are an indicator that you are on the verge of expansion.
  • The reason that birthing a big new desire triggers all of your old stories, limitations and emotions.
  • Why the purpose of your desires is to help you to expand and grow within yourself .
  • A powerful journaling practise that will help you work through self-doubt and re-calibrate to love.
  • How to decipher the difference between the voice of your heart, and the voice of your head.
  • How to reclaim your power by choosing whether love or fear will rule your life.
  • My favourite conscious creation practise that you can use to energetically align with your desire and shift into a place of belief.
  • The power of receiving support, and why you must be careful who you share your dreams with.
  • How to start moving forward and taking action even when you feel overwhelmed.
  • How to strengthen your belief and grow your confidence in yourself.


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“Your mind is an incredible tool that can be used to either empower you or destroy you” Click to tweet

“When you birth a new desire, any belief blocking it from manifesting will rise up to be cleared” Click to tweet

“If you keep feeding your fear with your attention and energy, it is just going to keep expanding” Click to tweet

“Every time you do something that you previously thought you could not do, your self-confidence grows” Click to tweet


What was your biggest insight or realisation from today’s episode? Share with me in the comments.

With love,
Connie x

6 thoughts on “How To Overcome Self-Doubt As You Follow Your Dreams (AR #66)”

  1. Hi Connie.
    This podcast came at the very right time. Thank you so much for sharing your tips with us. I have been using your amazing work to help me do the same. I am building my heart centered business on the side as a coach and love having you as an inspiration everyday. I totally face doubts and worry everyday and sometimes i feel like i live un a fairytale about how I want my life to be but at the same time I want to make all of this dreams happen for me.
    I love your work ❤

  2. Wow, thank you Connie for sharing!
    You keep encouraging me over the years now, always with new insights which give strength.
    It’s a pleasure listening to you!
    Have a beautiful day!

  3. I loved it, thank you Connie
    You are really helping me. I have been listening to awaken radio since last year and you are a big inspiration. I like when you share stories about your past and about how you have growned more inner confidence. I can totally relate. I liked the time when you shared that you could have interviewed Gabrielle Bernstein but you didn’t because she was such a big figure and you thought you weren’t. When I listened to that part I just thought : “I would’ve done the same”. Because I have great visions for my life but I’m still on baby steps and many times I get caught up on not believing in myself or my abilites. Until that moment I thought it was fine not to express my insights with many people. I didn’t want to bore them. But since I’ve learnt to opened up and show up a little bit more every day. I can contribute speaking what I know and it may add some light to some people’s perpectives. I’m telling this because in that podcast I believe you said something like if you hadn’t believed in yourself, in your abilities, you wouldn’t have showned up, and I would have missed you as a big teacher and guide. So I learned that what I have to say it’s important, and there can be people out there willing to listen to message.
    Thank you Connie, you are awesome.

  4. Absolutely delightful AR episode Connie! I took an entire page of handwritten notes.

    Your words and stories resonate with me so deeply. You have a wonderful way with words and with explaining the thoughts of the heart. And I feel that your message is so solid and so true.

    As a result of this message I want to choose LOVE over FEAR.

    Thanks for all that you are doing!

    Take care and all the best,

    Michael x

  5. Hi Connie,
    I can totally relate to this episode. Self-doubt is literally my biggest block/hurdle as well. It is tough! I love your perspective that all of that is a natural by-product of expansion. That is a very liberating & empowering way to look at our beliefs. Thank you!

  6. Hi Connie, thank you for sharing this beautiful episode with us. Everything you talk about completely resonates with me. I have written down all of the questions & im going to spend some time journaling. I am definitely in that love/fear cycle you mentioned. I absolutely want to choose LOVE. Thank you so much Xx

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