Embodying Your Highest Self & Bringing Your Big Dreams To Life (AR #57)

Today’s podcast episode flowed out of me after my morning meditation. My focus for my morning practice today, had been primarily on aligning my energy and thoughts with love and my higher self.

I needed to re-connect as I had been feeling totally funky all week and had been in a complete state of resistance. Fear had been dominating my thoughts, and I knew it was now time to tune inwards, surrender and listen to love.

As I sat in meditation my energy began to lighten and expand. I felt whole, complete and anchored in love. All the fear fell away and was replaced with a deep inner knowing and a clear, strong feeling of worthiness.

Beautiful wisdom began to flow through me, and I felt moved to press record and jump on the podcast to share my insights and realisations with you. What unfolded was a beautiful conversation on how to embody our highest selves and bring our soul-desires to life.


In this episode I discuss & explore;

  • Why most of us are trying to create change the wrong way.
  • The trap you may be falling into which is causing you to feel blocked, stuck and overwhelmed on the path of pursuing your dreams.
  • The power of making a whole-hearted decision to commit to your dreams even if you have no idea how.
  • Why embodying the love, power and abundance of your highest self is the first step to having everything we want.
  • Why a shift happens the minute you change your energy.
  • The practices you can use to untangle yourself from your limited, fear-based mind and drop into deeper connection with love.
  • The difference between fear-driven, reactive action, and love-driven inspired action.
  • How aligning your energy with love before you take action will completely change the results you create.


Listen to Episode #57


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What was your biggest take-away, realisation or insight from today’s conversation? Share with me in the comments.

With love,
Connie x

6 thoughts on “Embodying Your Highest Self & Bringing Your Big Dreams To Life (AR #57)”

  1. Thank you so much Connie for this podcast. I too listened to it over and over again. You told me exactly what I needed to know to heal myself at that moment. It was magical.

    Sending you lots of love too 🙂

  2. Connie

    Wow….I’ve now listened to this on 5 different occasions- journaling as I did and what your words have given me is self trust, love , belief and worthiness.

    Thank you

    Lisa Raie

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