Releasing Control Patterns & Practising Deep Surrender with Maddy Moon (AR #58)

The theme of surrender is one which has been flowing deeply through my private coaching sessions and group programs a lot lately. Many of us are tired of the fight, struggle and anxiety that comes from living in a constant state of control. We are craving freedom and ease, and deep within our hearts, we know that will only come through surrender.

Surrender is not giving up, nor does it denote weakness. Rather it is one of most courageous paths you can walk. It requires deep trust and faith and a willingness to step bravely into the unknown.

I am excited today to be dedicating an Awaken Radio episode to this conversation, as I know so many of you are craving more guidance and support on how to actually begin unraveling these patterns of control that have been running your life for so long.

In today’s episode my inspiring guest, Maddy Moon shares her own powerful story of releasing obsession, control and perfectionism and how she began to break through to more inner peace and freedom. She talks us through the power of practising surrender, reclaiming our power and stepping up to be the conscious creators of our lives.

This conversation is overflowing with practical guidance and inspiring wisdom, and I hope it deeply serves and supports you.


In this episode we explore and discuss;

  • Maddy’s journey of healing from a fitness modelling obsession which was full of control, restriction and perfectionism.
  • How to bring more compassion and self-love to your relationship with food and eat more intuitively.
  • Understanding your patterns of control and why they are most likely playing out across all areas of your life.
  • The importance of reclaiming your power and being in charge of what is unfolding within you, rather than trying to control what is happening outside of you.
  • How to begin practising surrender and live with more trust and faith.
  • Maddy’s tools and practices to help you consciously create your desires.
  • Why surrendering doesn’t mean giving up, but rather letting go of the “how” and then “when”.
  • How to play bigger, break through your own self-imposed limits and step into a brand new version of yourself.


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What is your biggest takeaway from today’s episode? We would love to hear it. Share with us in the comments.

With love,
Connie x

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