Inner Guidance with Rebecca Campbell (AR #19)

Connie Chapman Awaken Radio Podcast Episode #19 Inner Guidance with Rebecca Campbell

This week I chat with Rebecca Campbell, a soulful writer and intuitive creative catalyst on how to connect with and follow your Inner Guidance.

In today’s conversation we share with you how to develop a powerful relationship with your inner wisdom so that you can find all of the answers you are seeking within you. You will also learn how to fill yourself up from the inside-out, to use your energy to manifest and move through changes in your external world with grace and ease.


In Today’s Soulful Episode We Explore:


  • How to uncover how your intuition communicates with you and develop your own unique inner guidance system.
  • The practical tools Rebecca recommends to set your energetic space and protect yourself from others energies.
  • The daily meditation you can use to connect with your heart chakra, fill up your spirit and drop in to receiving mode.
  • How to move beyond the patterns of over-doing and over-thinking so you can manifest with ease and grace.
  • Why the world needs your light, and how to connect with your inner light and shine it into the world.


Listen To Episode 19:

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What did you love the most about about this conversation with Rebecca? Share your big realisation or favourite part with me in the comments below.


Connie x