Finding Happiness with Shannon Kaiser (AR #08)

Connie Chapman Awaken Radio Podcast Episode #08 Finding Happiness with Shannon Kaiser

In today’s episode I speak with life coach, author and inspirational speaker, Shannon Kaiser. In this beautiful episode, we share powerful and practical ways than you can release your external search for happiness and begin to take the journey inwards.

So many of us are seeking and yearning for happiness, but we are looking for it in all the wrong places, so today Shannon and I discuss powerful new ways to discover what you’re looking for.


In This Inspiring Episode We Discuss:

  • Why we must release our external search for happiness and instead begin taking the inner journey
  • The daily practice you can take on board right now to make each day the best it can be
  • The journey that both Shannon and I took to move from disempowerment and depression to true, authentic happiness
  • How to clear the blocks that stand between you and the happiness that already exists within you
  • The one powerful practice that can create happiness now, without anything outside of you needing to change


Listen To Episode 8:

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What journey have you taken to find happiness, and what practices have supported you along the way? Share with me below.

With Love, 

Connie x