Lead With Soul with Susana Frioni (AR #17)

Connie Chapman Awaken Radio Podcast Episode #17 Lead with Soul with Susana Frioni

In this week’s episode I dive deep with Life Coach, Mentor and Teacher Susana Frioni on how to Lead With Soul.

We explore what it means to let your soul guide you through your life, versus being pulled by your ego in pursuit of external achievements and goals. Leading with Soul is about creating space and stillness to feel your inner wisdom so that you can be taking actions that are always authentically aligned with your truth.


In Today’s Episode We Dive Deep In To:


  • What it means to let your soul lead your life, and why it is so important
  • The key distinctions that will help you see where you are living from ego
  • How your level of connection with your body, determines your level of connection with your soul
  • Why real transformation arises from enquiry into your physical sensations
  • How to explore and uncover your own unique masculine and feminine energies
  • Why it is not ‘what you do’, but ‘how you do it’ that matters


Listen To Episode 17:

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What did you love the most about about this conversation with Susana? Share your big realisation or favourite part with me in the comments below.


Connie x