How To Be The Source Of What You Seek

Many of us have been going through processes of letting go, releasing and shedding lately. I personally felt over the past few months a lot of things were taken from my life.

People no longer played the same roles they used to play and consequently were not able to make me feel how I wanted to feel. Actions that used to yield certain results, no longer did. External forms fell away.

It knocked me around for a while (and I know I am not alone on that one). But I feel a powerful new lesson was coming through.

These people, results, and external forms were taken away so that I could see how much I was still clinging to them to make me feel a certain way.

I have had to learn to become the source of what I seek. To meet my own needs. To fill myself up.

Initially I had no idea what to do, but as I dug deep and showed up fully for this powerful assignment I was able to get to work. I was able to really connect with myself and explore what it means to create the feeling of wholeness and completeness within me.

And this is what I want to share with you in today’s video.


Video: Become The Source

I would love to know your thoughts on this video. Where are you still looking to external forms to fill you up, and where do you instead want to become the source of what you want to feel?

With love,

Connie x

13 thoughts on “How To Be The Source Of What You Seek”

  1. Awesome, Connie! For me, I am really feeling this victim hood mentality beginning to fall away. In the “small” things of life, like complaining about school work, I’m not feeling like it’s giving me what it is I truly desire. It’s been increasingly clear that this way of being just won’t do. And I’ve been taking steps to rely on my inner strength to face life, to step up to the plate and swing, rather than holding onto the pity and (negative) attention I received by playing victim. This is my experience in the last week of something beginning to fall away and making space for my truest self to step in and fulfill my needs and meet my dreams face to face. 🙂

    1. When things start to fall away it can be incredibly scary but we have to remember it is making way for something oh so amazing to come along. Lots of love to you hun x

  2. Another very wise video that totally ring true, Connie. I love what you said about life sending you lessons when you think you’ve mastered something, so see if you really have! Recently, I’ve has some stuff come up that I thought I’d already dealt with and I’m like ‘what are you doing here again!’. It’s really just a little test from God to see if you really got it first time around, isn’t it! Round the maintain again, I go! But I’ll pass next time! xx

    1. Yes! The lesson comes back either to help us clear the final remnants or to show us just how far we have come x

  3. Wow, I’m really enjoying your videos, Connie! I’ve been in a process (for more than a year now) of reconnecting with my true spirit — and returning to who I really am. Your videos are inspiring me to dig deeper. I’m even starting to take notes now!

    Thanks also for your personal stories about where you are in the process!

    1. Awesome Michael. I have learnt over the years that my personal experiences serve as the greatest teachers for others, so more than happy to share!

  4. Thank you so much for sharing this Connie! The universe really wanted me to see this! I don’t quite know how I found this but it is exactly where I am at, at the moment. Reflection is such a useful tool and you articulated the process beautifully! I really enjoyed visiting your site. X

    1. Yep we are always guided to the exact message we need to hear beautiful Steph x

  5. Thank you so much, Connie! Loved, loved this video. I can really relate to what you are describing and it it’s amazing to hear your insights, which make so much sense to me. I went through many of the same things you have a few years ago, although I didn’t realise for quite a long time that the externals weren’t working, and that this was a lesson for me. Instead I tried to be patient and just accepted a void – not so fun, and not good for me on any level. A rather large curve ball later, I am really feeling what you are describing, going within and being the source of what you wish to feel. It’s a challenge at times but it is so, so rewarding to be able to access and encourage feelings like freedom, support and love all within you. Meditation is a big one for me too. Again, thank you for this vid and for sharing this with us. I feel supported and understood by it, and I am sending you a big hug of love, understanding and support too. xx

    1. It is a massive learning Maggie and something I am STILL working through. It is incredibly easy for our attention to drift externally and we just have to keep bringing it back x

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