Unleashing Creative Energy with Melissa Horne (AR #16)

Connie Chapman Awaken Radio Podcast Episode #16 Unleashing Creative Energy with Melissa Horne

Today’s episode is overflowing with gorgeous wisdom from Holistic Kinesiologist, Mentor and Writer Melissa Horne. We explore what it means to be creative, to be fully self expressed and to be connected to our own inner energy. This is not just about expressing more of our creative talents, but rather tapping in to the divine create energy that flows through us all.


In Today’s Powerful Episode We Discuss:


  • Why the expression of creative energy requires a blend of  intuition and intellect
  • How to overcome the blocks our mind creates to the expression of our creativity
  • Why the energies of play, curiosity and vulnerability will unlock the energy of your heart and support the expression of your truth
  • How to find your all of your answers, wisdom and guidance by tuning into your bodies energy and your feeling
  • The powerful practices Mel recommends to drop you into your heart, be more self expressed, create more stillness and live from your inner wisdom


Listen To Episode 16:

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What did you love the most about about this conversation with Mel? Share your big realisation or favourite part with me in the comments below. 


Connie x