How To Practise Forgiveness When You Feel Hurt

“Love holds no grievances” A Course in Miracles

As some of you may know (if you are on my email list) a few months ago a significant relationship in my life came to an end, and since then I have been grappling with all sorts of emotions.

And one of the most significant ones that has come up recently, is hurt.

It has been interesting for me to observe how I respond when I feel someone has done me wrong.


How Do You React When You Feel Hurt By Another?

We will all respond to that deep inner pain of being hurt in different ways. But the most common reaction is to go straight in to attack mode.

We make the person wrong, we blame them for how we feel and we place judgment on their actions.

I have had to practise bringing a lot of awareness to this feeling, to ensure I don’t stay in the space of having crazy knee-jerk reactions and projecting all of my own crap on to another.

I have had to really observe and notice what I am feeling within myself.

This has been a practise of staying conscious, feeling my uncomfortable emotions and being willing to open my heart (despite the pain) and invite in the energy of love.


Video: How To Practise Forgiveness When You Feel Hurt

I wanted to be real and honest about my experiences by sharing it with you in this video. Many of us experience that ache of being hurt, whether it is in friendships, with our partner or with families.

A big part of this is when we feel that the expectations we had of that person have not been met. How to drop our expectations of others, is a concept I cover in another video which you can watch here.

We can stay in a place of pain for a long time if we harbour resentments and point the finger at others. Or, we can transform it.

We must be willing to approach our reactions to this feeling differently. There are much more empowering, loving and supportive ways of dealing with this inner pain and this is what I share with you in today’s video.


How do you tend to respond when you feel hurt? And what can you take on board from today’s video to transform it? Share with me below.

With love,

Connie x

3 thoughts on “How To Practise Forgiveness When You Feel Hurt”

  1. Fair play to you Connie, this is a great post….yes, yes, yes, chose LOVE each and every time!

    It’s our choice…but it can be tricky when we are in turmoil……if I deviate for a while and go into anger / comparing / jealousy / whatever I’ll eventually stumble my way back to choosing Love and it feels sooo good.

  2. I’d put off watching this video until I felt a real need to, as I’d been experiencing a difficult situation with family. This desire to watch the video came at the same time as I’d made a decision to shift my perspective from a blame game to one of acknowledgement, forgiveness and willingness to leave the past in the past and move on. Your words supported everything I was thinking and assured me I was in the right perspective. It’s amazing that I got there from a place of such initial upset and hurt, but it can be done and everything feels SO much better when you do. THANK YOU!

    1. It is definitely a process isn’t it! It is ok to let ourselves be in the resistance for a bit initially. We need to feel it. And then when you are ready you can show up and make the shift and experience the incredible gift that comes from it x

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