Clearing The Blocks To Self Love with Jennifer Kass (AR #05)

Connie Chapman Awaken Radio Podcast Episode #05 Clearing the Blocks to Self Love with Jennifer Kass

In this beautiful episode I speak with Holistic Happiness Coach and Spiritual Mentor, Jennifer Kass.

Jennifer and I dive deep in to the concept of self love to really help you grasp how you can release the fear-based illusions that keep you disconnected from the love that resides within you at all times.

Get ready to hear some powerful and practise ways to shift out of fear and awaken your mind to more love.


In This Beautiful Episode We Discuss:

  • Why self love is the key foundation of creating a fulfilling, happy and beautiful life
  • The first and most powerful step you can take to experience a greater sense of love within yourself
  • The 4 key blockages that interfere with your ability to experience self love
  • The powerful daily practices that will break you free of your fearful illusions and re-strengthen your faith in love
  • Our shared global mission and what you must do if you have a desire to heal the world


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What powerful practices did you take away from this conversation that you can implement to live with more love? Share with me below.

With love,

Connie x

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