Uncensored Self Expression

Video blogs are officially back. 

I am so excited to be sharing content with you again in this way. I quite honestly love recording video’s and it is one of my favourite ways to spread my message.

But as I share in today’s video, I have actually really struggled to create and post video’s lately. In fact, I have been experiencing a serious case of self-expression paralysis! This has been affecting my ability to express and share who I am in my business and across all areas of my life.

I have not seemed to be able to allow the beautiful, inspired, creative feelings sitting with in me to come out and take form. Every time I have attempted, my head has jumped in with it’s typical over-analysing and highly critical perspective and has totally stolen my vibe.


Video: Uncensored Self Expression


I have been working a lot on the practice of self expression lately and today I am encouraging you to stop censoring the way you share yourself! Stop editing how you show up. Stop questioning who you are being.

Whether you are wanting to express your feelings to your partner, share your thoughts at work or pour your heart and soul in to a creative project, I want you to allow whatever is inside you to come out.

Let’s all stop censoring and judging ourselves and trying to be perfect. Let’s allow who we are to shine, regardless of what shape or form it takes. Let’s honour that beautiful feeling within us, and give it unrestricted space to be expressed.

Are you with me?


Do you ever struggle to express yourself and allow your thoughts, feelings and ideas to come out without judgement? How do you support yourself through this process?

With love,

Connie x

14 thoughts on “Uncensored Self Expression”

  1. I’m just about to disconnect for the next week and go on holiday but wanted to emphatically say YES I can relate! Thank you for sharing the ways you are working through this yourself Connie.

    Sometimes the easiest way for me to express myself wholeheartedly is through dance. I hadn’t thought about what this might mean for me – to release some of that expression that is often trapped when it comes to writing or blogging. Most definitely, something I am keen to explore further.

    1. Beautiful Kirri! I love that dance is one of your favourite forms of self expression. Moving our bodies can really free up our creative energy and get those writing + biz ideas flowing. I find taking mini breaks to dance to a song around the house really helps me.

      I hope you have a wonderful holiday darling! xx

  2. Ah this is so me lately. I’ve seen other creatives say that same thing about analysing as we create, and how it’s not a good idea! haha. Really trying to get out of that space.
    I’ve been doing a bit of what you mentioned though, and just creating for the sake of creating, without judging what I’m doing or analysing it too much. Wether it be writing/drawing, anything. Just getting it out. Defo helping I think!

    1. Awesome Sian! I am in awe of your creative skills and it is incredibly reassuring to hear that you also struggle with these self expression blockages at times. I agree with you about just allowing ourselves to create in any shape or form just so we can get it out… that has really worked for me xx

  3. When I saw your post recently mentioning that you were embracing vlogs again I was a little disappointed as I have never really connected with vlogs as much as reading the written word. I think its because I always read inspiring words in the voice of a sweet wise peaceful being and its a bit jarring to discover that my favourite bloggers have a very different recorded manner. But your vlog came across the exact same gorgeous way that you write, and made me smile. Keep up the Vlogs 🙂 this one was exactly what I always do and I will focus on changing this and opening myself more without analysing everything. Thankyou

    1. Oh that is such beautiful feedback Sophie. I actually really love vlogs and I even sometimes find is easier to express myself that way rather than writing. Don’t worry I will still be sharing alot through writing but it is great to hear that the vligs are being received so well!

      Thank you for your lovely comment xx

  4. Hi Connie,
    Thank you for sharing this post. I couldn’t agree with you anymore. Loving yourself and being yourself is the greatest gift you can give yourself and is something I am doing more and more each day. When you love yourself your true being radiates and your heart sings. Keep going with being yourself. Jill

    1. Beautiful Jill. Thank you for your gorgeous and insightful words. A deep love and acceptance of ourselves is really what allows us to express and share our truth with the world xx

  5. Lovely Connie. Oh my goodness, I loved (and could relate) to everything you had to say on self expression. It totally clicked to me that that’s why I will frequently look up mid conversation, because I’m so in my head analyzing/judging my thoughts and how my next word will come off to others. I so appreciate your vulnerability to share your thoughts and tips on being uncensored. So needed it. Thanks

    1. Awesome Diana! So cool that I was able to mirror back your experiences. It is beautiful that you now have the self awareness to see where you have been blocking your free-flowing self expression. Keep loving yourself and allowing yourself to be YOU x

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