Move Bravely Beyond Self Doubt

Phew! I have been in a creative whirlwind over the past few weeks. New ideas have been flooding in and I now have a range of new projects on the go. Some are only in early stages, while others are drawing to completion.

I have been finding myself really flowing lately. Flowing with the energy what wants to move through me and I have been allowing it to pour out of me and on to the page.

But I must admit, as some as my projects are being ready to launch, a sneaky little self doubt has been creeping in. It has been questioning my creations. Asking, Is this right? Will this be valuable? Am I on the right track with this?

Projects that could very easily be completed, now seem to be dragging. It is as though there is a part of me delaying finishing them.


Self Doubt Is The Culprit

This experience has got me reflecting on the feeling of self doubt, vulnerability and fear bubbling within me.

For me, this type of feeling usually arises when I am in over thinking overdrive, attempting to fix every flaw that I see in my creation. And also when I am focusing on getting it right. I try to avoid errors, mistakes or failures, so I over analyse, questions and doubt.

Self doubt delays the creative process. It allows dreams to move forward at snails pace rather than lightening speed.

Self doubt creates paralysis. We freeze up. Unable to move. Unsure what the next step is for us.

Self doubt creates confusion and meltdowns. Eeek!


Moving Beyond Self Doubt

Lately, rather than getting caught up in my doubt, I have been observing it. Witnessing it. Noticing it.

And by doing this, I have started to take away some of it’s power.

This has opened up the ability to shift in to a new space of being. To form a new relationship with my self doubt.

And so, I am now relating to my self doubt in a new way. I have now decided that I am ok with getting it wrong, making a mistake and f-ing it up. I have made peace with that. As long as I get it out there.

I am no longer going to stifle up my creativity and self expression out of fear of how it will be received.


Self Love Is Your Antidote

Self love is a beautiful antidote to self doubt. Self doubt makes us feel small and powerless. But when we bring love in to the equation we realise that even if things don’t how we want them to, we are still ok. We are still perfect, whole and complete.

Moving beyond self doubt is about being willing to get it wrong,  being willing to fail, being willing to not be perfect while still loving yourself in the process.


Maybe your idea will flop and no one will buy your product. So what?

Maybe during your first speech your voice will shake. Who cares!

Maybe the creative project your working on won’t match the vision in your head. Does that really matter?

Maybe the dream your aiming for won’t come true. Can you make peace with that?

Can you be kind to yourself even if you make a mistake?

Can you still love yourself even if it all falls apart?


Love Yourself Enough To: 

Act. Even if you get it wrong. Just act. Just try.

Take that step. Even if it is the wrong one. Even if you flop.

Finish something. Even if it is not perfect. Even if it is filled with flaws. Just put it out there.

Trust yourself. Know that what you have created is enough. Give your dreams the the space they need to be born. Trust that if you feel to share it then it deserves to be shared.

Share your brilliance. Don’t keep the magic locked up inside of you.  Let it be seen, whatever shape or form it comes in.


I would love to hear your thoughts, beautiful. Can you relate to my struggles with self doubt? How do you support yourself to move beyond it?

With love,

Connie x

19 thoughts on “Move Bravely Beyond Self Doubt”

  1. Beautiful girl. I love this! I feel it. This taps into ALOT of conversations I’ve been having with clients this past week. Thanks for sharing.


    1. My pleasure gorgeous. Yes, I hear this alot with my clients too. I am finding they are beautiful reflections for me at the moment to help me get clearer on my own experience. Love you xx

  2. This is a beautiful post, Connie! It reminds me of one of my favourite affirmations out of Gabrielle Bernstein’s May Cause Miracles which says that when stuck in fear and doubt we need to remind ourselves that: Love did not create this.

    1. Oh Miranti, I have forgotten about that beautiful phrase from Gabrielle. Love is the energy that creates everything our heart desires to share with the world!! And it is when we are disconnected from the energy of love that the blocks arise! Thank you for the reminder xx

  3. I love this post so much, especially this line: “Moving beyond self doubt is about being willing to get it wrong, being willing to fail, being willing to not be perfect while still loving yourself in the process.” This is where I finally am in my life with my writing. Someone else tweeted today that your worst stuff written is still better than your best stuff never written. That is the philosophy I am learning to live by.

    1. Beautiful Amy!! Yes I have been feeling that I can no longer keep all of my writing (or other forms of creative self expression) locked up inside. It reminds me of the phrase ‘don’t die with your music still in you’ Lets keep sharing our gifts with the world xx

  4. Love this post Connie, exactly what I needed as I am behind the scenes busily working (writing and then re-writing!) to really shine in my online space. After years of working in a field where boundaries and privacy are paramount it does feel like I am taking a big leap to just press publish and see what happens. But like you said – take that step, just put it out there, trust and share your brilliance – I am onto it! Thank you lovely xx

    1. Beautiful Cara. Yes, it is a whole new space for us to step in to where we can be willing to feel vulnerable to share ourselves so openly through our blogs and our writing. I have struggled with this at numerous times in my journey!! But I know that you, like me, have so much you want to share with the world so we just have to dig deep, find that courage and be willing to show up in a big way. Love your blog and your work darling. Keep shining your light xx

  5. I SO feel ya! Self-doubt creeps up when you’re ready to move to the next level or up-level! So grateful for you sharing your wisdom around this! Sending you so much love and light. You got this!! Love ya!

    1. You are so right Jia Ni. That niggling feeling of self doubt isa actually really is a powerful indicator that we are growing and stretching in ourselves. Love you gorgeous x

  6. This is so timely for me right now having just made my blog public. Makes me feel a bit better that even the pros feel this way too from time to time! Looking forward to see what’s next from you 🙂

    1. Oh gorgeous lady! I remember that feeling all too well. When I first started my blog I kept it on private for months as I was too scared to share it with people out of fear that they would laugh at me. And on the day I launched my FB page I was filled with anxiety for days hoping that I would develop a following. The initial steps always take a big dose of courage. Just allow yourself to feel the fear that comes up and keep moving beyond it. I promise it gets easier as you go along xx

  7. Oh Connie, what a fabulous post! I feel like you’re writing to me.. especially in ‘self doubt creates paralysis’! Thank you for your generosity in sharing your experiences too!! Timely reminder to have the courage to be yourself and share this with the world! xx

    1. Rachael I love that when I share my own experiences it gives everyone else the chance to also be honest about they are feeling. While self doubt can create paralysis we can overcome it by being willing to deepen our faith in ourselves + love ourselves even more. Whatever it is you are in the process of creating, keep going girl! xx

  8. Thanks for this fabulous post beautiful!!
    So timely for me! I’m at the next stage in my wellness business journey, and even though I’m so excited, I’ve also been dealing with some self doubt issues. I really loved ‘self love is a beautiful antidote to self doubt’, It seemed to jump out and say ‘pick me’ 🙂 Thanks again lovely, xo

    1. I am so glad this post came to you at just the right time Kris! Doubt often pops up as we grow to the next level in ourselves of business. This is just a beautiful opportunity for you to keep choosing the loving perspective + continue believing in yourself x

  9. Hi Connie,
    Thank you for sharing your thoughts on fear. I recently launched a blog about self love where I doubted myself, worried about what other people thought and fear of failing. But for me to take action and launch, I had to acknowledge my fears and doubts existed, and then had to accept them for what they were. Resistance had disolved and then I took action. I actually wrote a post about it if you are interested – Good luck with your projects Jill

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