A Heart Meditation Track + Exciting Announcements

I have another beautiful meditation track for you today! I recorded this meditation for the people in my 90 Day Transformation Project and I once again felt the desire to share it with all of you.

I want to share a heart meditation that will help drop you out of your head and reconnect you with the beautiful loving energy that sits in your heart.

Download the Heart Meditation.

You can also download my Connect With Your Core Feelings Meditation.

(To download the meditations: Right Click + Select Save Link As or Download Linked File)


How are you enjoying the meditations that I am sharing? I am loving the feedback I am receiving from these meditations. Comments like this one warm my heart;

I just wanted to say how amazing your meditations are! I have started listening to them during my morning reflection time & they leave me feeling so inspired + loving + connected. Can’t wait for you to send some more magic our way. You have such a meditation talent!


Sending you bundles of love.

Connie x

8 thoughts on “A Heart Meditation Track + Exciting Announcements”

  1. Oh Connie this is all so exciting! What a pay-off it has been for you to take the time away you needed to recalibrate and reconnect. You set the example and you walk your talk and I love it. Big congrats to you babe! x

    1. Thank you Claire! Yes, SO exciting. You are spot on .. I really needed to take a step back and reconnect with ME and my passion and why I was in this biz. It has helped me so much and I now feel clearer than ever on where I want to take my work. Thank you for your endless support beautiful lady xx

  2. Connie, this is all so wonderful to hear! And so very exciting! It’s been such a pleasure being a part of the 90 DTP and I’ve loved every minute of the project. I’m so excited to see the transformations you’re making and the wonderful new directions you’re taking your business. You’re truly an inspiration xx

    1. Naomi I am so thrilled you are loving the project and that you are gaining so much value from it. The project is really supporting me to take leaps and bounds too and it is so beautiful to share the journey with all of you amazing ladies. Thank you for your beautiful comment xx

    1. Thanks Juliet! It is such a wonderful feeling when the creative juices start to flow.. It is just a matter of allowing it all to come out and take form. Thank you for stopping by and for your sweet, supportive comment. I love you work honey xx

  3. Connie, you’ve been a blessing for me. With the first 90 Day Transformation Project you introduced me to this world of faith, hope and wellness that I didn’t kow it existed! I live in a small place in Mexico and it’s hard to find inspiration here, as well as people like you and all the inspiring and blessed women I have been able to meet through their blogs thanks to your site.I really hope you realize how far your message is going and how many hearts in different places in the world you are touching. Here in Mexico, most people are not used to meditating or drinking green juice or journaling, so for me it was all so revolutionary! Really! You have no idea of how much you’ve changed my world! I’m still struggling with my flaws and my depression at times, but YOU placed in my heart this wonderful seed of HOPE and CHANGE. I hope I will make it and soon love myself and create the life I deserve to live.
    Thanks again to you and Jia Ni Teo, Claire and the girls from the Wild Sister Community!

    1. Oh wow Jessica! Seriously you have brought tears to my eyes. This is the most beautiful comment.

      It was such an honour to share the 90 Day Transformation Project journey with you and I am beyond thrilled to hear about the value you have gained from it.

      The shifts you have experienced are a direct result of your commitment to this work and your practices of meditation, journalling and juicing so well done. Considering you have had limited support around you, you have done an amazing job to create such profound shifts in your life.

      Sending you lots of love xx

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