Be Who You Want To Be, Right Now

Over the past week, there has been a resounding message coming through for me…

Being who you want to be, is not a doing process.

It is not a journey or a destination. In fact being who you want to be is something you can experience now. Right now. It is not something you need to work towards.

It is a simple practice of choosing who you want to be in each moment.


What You Seek You Already Are 

I have been dropping in to a very powerful and deep space of being-ness in my meditations lately. It is a beautiful space of completeness, wholeness, and of needing nothing. Of being content, at peace, at ease.

In this space I have been receiving feelings and visions about what the next steps are for me. I am feeling new way of being that I want to step in to.

And when I am that present space, it feels as though I already am that.

But once I come out of the meditation I have been noticing how much my head kicks in. It turns the being process in to a doing process by thinking about all of the steps I have to take to become that person. It starts analysing, creating plans and over thinking.

This space often creates feelings of tension, impatience, or a feeling of lacking something. This creates a place of being which is discontent, uneasy and stressed, which is the complete opposite of the person I want to be.


Be Who You Want To Be Now 

And so, the message has continued to come to me all week. Being who you want to be, is not a doing process.

Being-ness is a space of holding energy. Holding yourself in a certain energy space. You can hold yourself in a space of anger, or a space of joy. It really is up to you.

Nothing outside of you needs to change in order for you to be who you want to be. So, there is nothing you need to wait for. There are no other steps that need to be taken before you can be that. Just be it now

Be aware of how you give your power away by telling yourself that you cannot be who you want to be until something outside of you changes. We do that so often!


Some Ways That I Practice Being-Ness:

  • Feeling rather than thinking, by getting out of my head and coming back in to my body
  • Remaining present and not worrying about the future
  • Letting go of how something that I desire is going to unfold
  • Manifesting with energy and focus rather than action   
  • Clearing my calendar and making space for non-doing
  • Dropping my attention from my head to my heart
  • Practicing this meditation so I can embody how I want to feel now

Does your mind often take over, and try to take action so you can be who you want to be? I would love to hear your thoughts on how you support yourself to be who you want to be, now.

With love,

Connie x

5 thoughts on “Be Who You Want To Be, Right Now”

  1. Yes! I need this. Lately I have been struggling between who I am and who I want to be. It’s an awful feeling and one that consumes my thoughts a lot. But reading this puts it all in perspective. Just BE who I want to be. Thank you!

    1. Beautiful Chandra. Our mind loves to overcomplicate things, but it really can be quite a simple process when we are willing see things in a different way. Keep sitting with the feeling of who you want to be and allow yourself to embody it now xx

  2. Great post Connie, thank you for sharing. Overthinking things and being in my head is one of my constant battles. The main technique I’ve been using a lot recently and works really well is coming down from my head and into my heart. If my heart is feeling it then I take it as a sign to do it. The problem is trying to remember that, often in times of stress and overload, the last thing I’m listening to is my heart! Xxx

    1. Gorgeous comment Amy. I really think the first step is learning how to distinguish between our head and heart, and the practice you said is beautiful as you can actually physically tune in to your hearts sensation. I really feel it is an ongoing process of reducing our reliance on our mind and increasing our relationship with our heart. Sounds like you are doing a beautiful job at it xx

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