How To Follow What You Feel Despite Circumstances

When a true, intuitive feeling comes to you, it contains so much power that it can move mountains and transform worlds. When it is birthed from the infinite space within you, nothing can hold it back.

It yearns to move, to express, to be free and be released in to the world through your creativity. This feeling is a sense of knowing. Of certainty. A calm, strong certainty that has no reason or logic behind it.

I often receive this feeling as a sense – a sense that something is coming. While I cannot predict the future I have a way of knowing when something is about to unfold. I get a feeling that brews within me and builds gently over a period of time.

To most people this may seem strange,  as we generally rely more heavily on what we can see rather than feel.

And it is because of this that it is the times of your life when your feeling contradicts your circumstances that are the most challenging.


When Feeling Contradicts Circumstance

I recently received an inner sense that things were going to be shifting and changing for me and growing to a new level.

I was receiving visions, inspired ideas and strong senses about what life would soon look like and where I would be heading.

And while I had this strong inner sense that felt reassuring, supportive and totally possible, when I looked to my world, there was a complete incongruence.

I could see no evidence of my powerful feeling being manifested in my world. According to my eyes it in fact seemed that the opposite was unfolding. Things seems to be falling apart. Crumbling. As hard as I fought, struggled and forced I could not hold them together. Old structures were changing. Forms were shifting. Life felt like it was collapsing around me.

And as I watched this chaos unfold, I still felt a strong inner sense that everything would be fine. When I closed my eyes and retreated into the delicate inner world of my feelings and imagination I saw beautiful images that soothed my soul. But when I opened my eyes I was faced with a grim reality.

It was when I was in the midst of it one day – curled over on my yoga mat, tears streaming down my face, my head on the floor and palms facing upwards in totally surrender, that I got it.

I heard my guidance speak up. And it whispered, lovingly;

“Feeling is more real than circumstance”


Follow Your Feeling 

My circumstances were crumbling because they needed to. They needed to melt in order to create space for the delicious new reality that was being formed.

It did not matter what my reality showed me. That was an illusion anyway. All that mattered was my connection to that deep inner knowing that was leading me step by step to where I needed to be.

It is in these moments that we must remember. We must listen to the synchronistic signs, the little whispers of our guidance and the feeling that tugs at our heart. We must remember that who we are is the feeling that moves this body. That is all that matters.

This is our work. To take our power out of our reality. To release our dependence from the outside world. To be in a state of child-like surrender to our inner wisdom and know that if we can feel it, then it is real.

And no matter what you see with your eyes, know that what you feel is more real than anything outside of you. Trust your inner knowing. Trust the feeling that moves you. That is all you need to do.


Have you ever experienced a strong inner feeling showing you what is possible, even though it contradicts your current circumstances? Share with me below

With love,

Connie x

8 thoughts on “How To Follow What You Feel Despite Circumstances”

  1. Beautiful Connie, thanks for sharing! This really resonated with me today.

    I had a similar experience this week when I received some inner guidance. It felt so clear and reassuring, the feeling was so strong that I could ‘feel’ the physical shift, as though a weight had been lifted!

    In the days that followed, I could feel the fear & anxieties bubbling within me. When I felt them surface, I had to stop & think to myself, surely if the intuitive nudge was that strong, I will be supported in my decisions and everything will work out?!

    So as you mentioned, even though there isn’t any physical evidence to support the feeling, I am choosing to follow that feeling anyway!

    Sending you lots of love!!! x

    1. You are spot on Michelle. We have to keep coming back to that original feeling – the feeling that came to us before our head jumped in. As we strengthen our faith in that feeling and come to trust it 100%, we no longer need the physical evidence to support it. I love that you can directly relate to what I am sharing and you too are taking brave steps to follow the feeling. Lots of love to you xx

  2. My heart smiled the whole way through reading this. A calm sense of recognition washed over me as I acknowledged the truth of your words, especiallly when you said, “This is our work. To take our power out of our reality. To release our dependence from the outside world. To be in a state of child-like surrender to our inner wisdom and know that if we can feel it, then it is real.”

    There is so much power in returning to that strong connection within. Time after time we are called home, to follow the whispers of our heart. It’s calling is subtle. Never boisterous or loud, but gentle and soothing. A peace unlike any other.

    Connie, there are a lot of people out there doing the same work you are, but I feel that there are few who, day after day, openly and honestly acknowledge the true source of their power in the way you do. Your words resonate with me. Thank you. 🙂

    1. Beautiful Paula. The truth resonates deeply within us all and when we feel it, we simply know it to be true and we don’t even know why. Keep connecting with that feeling that knows the words I have shared are true, as that is the feeling that will guide you.

      Thank you for your gorgeous words of support about the work I share. I find my writing has the greatest impact when I simply show up and let it flow through me xx

  3. “Feeling is more real than circumstance” – that’s so beautiful and so true! Thank you Connie for this awesome reminder and the perfect timing 😉 xx

    1. My pleasure Kasia. It can be so easy to get caught up in the external world so we do need to keep reminding ourselves of this powerful truth xx

  4. So beautifully written Connie. This described my year. Sometimes when we make a decision to break free from the norm a part of us has to die to manifest our new life. We can get caught up int he anxiety and fear but we have to remember we are stripped bare for something new to emerge. Your going through your labour pains to birth a new experience. It’s painful, it doesn’t always make sense but we have to stay strong and stay connected to the vision. It will all make sense some day soon!

    1. Lyn you are spot on. I am noticing that as long as I keep my mind out of the process and remain present everything is fine. But the minute I get caught up in thinking about what is actually unfolding, I completely throw myself off. But yes, when we keep the perspective that this is a beautiful experience because something new is being born, it makes the whole this so much more enjoyable xx

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