The Power Of Vulnerability with Melissa Ambrosini (AR #07)

Connie Chapman Awaken Radio Podcast Episode #07 The Power of Vulnerability with Melissa Ambrosini

In today’s episode I chat with speaker, writer and self-love mentor Melissa Ambrosini. The conversation that was shared blew my mind, opened my heart and left me with currents of energy running through my body.

The practise of vulnerability is about opening up, being more real and authentically sharing your truth. This is not only something Melissa and I teach our clients, but it is also a practice commit to in our own lives.


In This Beautiful Episode We Discuss:

  • Why vulnerability is imperative to your ability to connect with yourself and others
  • How to eliminate the fear that arises around being vulnerable
  • Our personal practices on how to develop a greater sense of self love
  • Why as women, it is essential that we open up, soften and melt in to our divine feminine essence
  • The reason why “if you want to get love, you must give love”


 Listen To Episode 7:

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I would love for you to share your thoughts on the topic of vulnerability. How has allowing yourself to open up and be more vulnerable impacted your life?

Connie x 

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