You Are Not Broken + Nothing Has Gone Wrong

I have spent the past 10 years immersing myself in personal development practices in an attempt to heal myself, fix myself, improve my life and overcome the deep feeling that there is something wrong with me.

After working with dozens of coaching clients from all over the world, I am beginning to see that I am not alone in this way of thinking.

Many of my clients come to me listing all of their problems and all of the things they are doing wrong in the hope that I will help fix them. They declare all of their faults, their fears, their issues and challenges and then set about trying to change all of these parts of themselves that they have labelled as wrong.

But what if there was nothing wrong with you, and nothing that needed to be fixed?

Would I be out of a job?



You Are Not Broken

But this is what has got me feeling that I want to change the direction that I am taking my coaching work. When my clients come to me with things they want to fix in their external world, I can see straight through it. We all want to change our external world in the hope that it will fix the way we feel about ourselves.

But I know the truth of who they are. I can feel it. And I can see that these stories are nothing but illusions created by the ego to keep them small.

And I feel that the more I work with them through their story to help them ‘fix’ it, the stronger it actually becomes.

My calling at the moment, is to help you see that there is in fact nothing wrong with you. Nothing is broken. Nothing needs to the fixed.

Yes, my work will involves you making shifts in your external world. But you do not do this because you need things to change you make you feel better. Instead you will experience natural shift in your world and in the decisions you make and the actions you take as a result of making inner shifts within you.

I want to teach you a new way of living. A way where you do not have to spend your whole life on a wild goose chase.

This is how the ego blocks us from discovering our greatness. It keeps us in the game, chasing our tail in the hope that one day we will arrive.

Many people spend their whole lives on this treadmill.


What If There Were No Problems?

If there were no problems, nothing had gone wrong, and nothing needed to be changed, what would you do?

Perhaps a feeling of being purposeless arises? Yes, that arose for me too.

I had spent my whole life finding purpose and meaning through ‘fixing’ and the realisation that nothing needed to be fixed left me feeling completely lost.

I took pride in solving problems. In fact, I revelled in it.

What would I do with my days, if there were no problems that needed to be solved?

You could do anything, because there would be nothing you ‘needed’ to do. You could enjoy life because there was nothing that had gone wrong.

You could be happy in your own skin knowing that there was nothing that needed to be changed.

You could feel content in this moment.

You would free up so much mental energy, and so much emotional space because there would be absolutely nothing to worry about.

Here is the beautiful thing – If everything was ok as it is, and if you were ok as you were, and if you life was perfect just as it is,  then you could now choose what you wanted to create. You could create what you loved.

What would that feel like?
What would you choose to do?
Who would you be?

Just sit with this concept and what arises in you.


If you feel to share what has arisen in you from reading this post, please leave a comment below.

With love,

Connie x


4 thoughts on “You Are Not Broken + Nothing Has Gone Wrong”

  1. Yet another winner! I feel so embarrassed always writing on your posts, almost like I’m a stalker BUT I just love your work and your words really speak to me. Thank you!

    1. Nicola, I LOVE your comments. It is so wonderful to hear that what I am writing is resonating with you so deeply. Please do keep sharing your thoughts about my posts with me! 🙂 xx

  2. Ooh, you have no idea how this is soooooo me!!!! I’ve been trying to “fix” myself for about ten years I worked out the other day…trying to find my passion/purpose after being miserable in a profession as a pharmacist which left me totally unfulfilled and living an unauthentic life…didn’t know who I was…so have been trying to “find” myself for all this time and then out of the blue, one day I looked around and saw all these fellow health seeking/holistic journey people and they were still searching and trying to better themselves everyday through their health ie better diet, could do more movment etc etc but still had health issues such as anxiety/digestive problems etc and I got to thinking, gosh I’m one of those..trying to become the best version of myself by being a “perfectly balanced” person… as gosh after all this time, I knew what I needed to make me “balanced” but life gets in the way so could never do all the things that I thought I needed to be this best version of myself ie meditate, gratidue journey, eat this , no tthat?? should I be avoiding dairy, gluten sugar like everyone is? would this make me a better person living my best life??? I realised, by reading too many health blogs etc, then it causes us to analyse everything we do because we know what we should be doing, but we are living in a nonperfect world and so it makes it difficult as we have temptations and live a fast paced life that’s not always conducive to do yoga, meditate, oil pulling, zero sugar all the time, so it sets us up to judge ourselves constantly as we know what “we should be doing” but still don’t…so anyway, sorry to crap on.. but totally thought, this judging must stop, listen to your heart not your head and do what feels good not because you”know” with your ego that you didn’t get done your gratitude journally nor did you meditate nor did you…in order to have a perfectly balanced day…so I’ve since let go mostly…as I see that this judging leads to stresss/anxiety which is now the root of all disease I believe rather than how much you move, what you eat etc etc….We need to stop pursuing our health and realise that we are all doing the best we can with what we’ve got in this current world and so yes, it’s weird to feel that I am actually all that, whole and healthy as I am now, I can finally stop!!!!!! chasing my health and realise with self love I am in perfect health. Perfect timing thanks connie xox

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