Feel How You Want To Feel Now + A Free Meditation Track

Today I want to share a meditation track that I created for my beautiful community of people completing The 90 Day Transformation Project.

I have spent the first 4 weeks of the project, taking the group through some deep and super powerful inner work.We are now up to Week 5 of the project, and the topic for this week’s work is Authentic Happiness.

Over the past few weeks the group have been shining the spotlight on their fear, unveiling their ego and transforming their relationship with their inner critic. For many of them, the work has been incredibly challenging but they have stuck with it, and the shifts that they are now starting to experience are mind-blowing.

I am now moving the focus of our work and I am taking them deeper towards the truth of who they really are. They have spent the first few weeks becoming very clear of who they are not so that they can create the space they need to see the truth.

Nothing That You Are Truly Seeking Is Outside Of You 

The typical pattern of the ego is to look for everything it seeks, outside of itself. It seeks happiness, love and fulfilment in the external world.

It drives us to control, manipulate and force external circumstances to unfold how we want them to, so that we can be happy.

I am teaching the group about Authentic Happiness this week. This is the pure, love-filled, true happiness that lies within us at all times. We need nothing outside of us to happen in order to experience it.


Connect With Your Core Feelings Meditation


To support the group to go deeper this week, I recorded a meditation track for them as a bonus. And I have decided that I also want to share the track with all of you.

In this week’s work, I support the group to see that everything they seek already exists within them. Rather than thinking that they ‘need’ something outside of themselves to make them happy, I help them connect with the feelings they want to experience right now.

How Do You Want To Feel?

As part of this week’s workbook, I take them through an exercise to help them discover what some of the key feelings are that they want to experience on a daily basis.

Typically, most of us will try to feel the way we want to feel by obtaining things outside of us. Eg: If we are seeking security, we will attempt to make more money in the hope it will help us feel secure. Or, if we are seeking love, we will attempt to control our romantic partner, in order to get the love we crave.

The beautiful thing is that we do not actually need to control the external world to get what we desire. We can simply tune inwards, to experience it in this moment.

In this meditation, I encourage you to choose a feeling word to focus on. What feelings do you want to be able to experience? Is it love, freedom, peace, security, flow, happiness?

In this meditation, choose one feeling and focus on that feeling word throughout the track. The intention of this meditation, is to support you to embody the feeling you want to experience and to connect with the essence of this energy in this moment.

You can access the meditation track here
. I hope you enjoy it!

(To download the meditations: Right Click + Select Save Link As or Download Linked File)


If you would like to share your experiences from this meditation, please leave a comment below.


With love,

Connie x

13 thoughts on “Feel How You Want To Feel Now + A Free Meditation Track”

  1. That was great Connie! It’s funny because my morning meditation practice has been to sit with the word “happiness”. I had a session with my meditation teacher and coach last week and realised that happiness is something that I’ve never considered for myself. Personal growth, love, abundance, I’ve tirelessly focused on for years … although honestly, I’ve focused on these to create a sense of peace and a feeling of whatdoyaknow … Happiness!! It was challenging to really feel happiness in my body and challenging to embody it. My mind has been hardwired for “getting to” happiness not “being” happiness so it might take my continued “happiness” meditation practice to unwire and rewire all my conditioning 🙂 But thank you!! It’s a message that I’m on the right track xxx

    1. I love the distinction you made here between getting happiness and being happiness!! You are SO right honey. I hope the meditation has been supportive for you in really feeling and sitting with that beautiful feeling of happiness inside of you. This sensation exists within you at all times, we just have to drop out of the story in order to feel it. Enjoy xx

  2. This is something I am seriously focusing on in my life right now Connie, it makes life far more pleasurable. I really love the way you write about this topic and I cannot wait to dive into your meditation tonight before bed. Thank you babe! x

  3. Thank you for sharing this with everyone, Connie! Even us original 90DTP’s. 🙂 I am sharing out on my Thoughtful Thursday so as to reach even more beautiful souls with your lovely words, gift and voice. Transforming one spirit at a time (or more!).

    I wanted to let you know that I downloaded one of your podcasts last month and burned it onto a disc and took with me on a LONG car trip (by myself) and hearing your voice, the words, it really sank in and I had several shifts and AHA’s during those few days. I pop in the disc periodically to replay and get even more out of it – I hear things differently as I grow. Thanks for all you do. XO

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