From Force To Flow

I am going to be honest. There has been a little bit of crazy energy flying around inside me lately.

I have been feeling an inner tug of war that has on one hand trying to get me to speed up and race ahead, while the other feeling has been to slow down and find a softer way of doing things.

On one hand I have been in a beautiful space of flow where I have effortlessly been receiving creative ideas and manifesting opportunities.

But I have also found myself clicking in to a space of force. Rather than allowing these creations to unfold at their own pace and take their own shape or form I have noticed myself forcing them to go my way.

I could very easily feel that this was happening. My mind was racey, my body felt tense and I was becoming consumed by the outcomes I was seeking.

That effortless, relaxed and gentle energy of flow was no where to be seen, and these feelings were very clear indicators that my energy was out of whack.

I realised it was time to let go, step back and shift in to a more loving and flowing energetic space.


Video: From Force To Flow

The 3 practices I am using to support me to move from force to flow, are:

1. Let go & step back

2. Notice your fear-based perception

3. Choose the loving perspective

Do you ever find yourself coming from a space of force? How do you support yourself to re-connect with the feeling of flow? Share with me below.

With love,

Connie x

3 thoughts on “From Force To Flow”

  1. Beautiful video Connie! I can definitely relate to this! When I realise I am working from a place of force I have been doing elements of the 3 steps you suggest, as well as journalling & using affirmations to help me move back to a feeling of flow. When this comes up again (which i’m sure it will!) I will definitely be thinking of this post & working through these steps. Thank you xx

    1. Thank you Jen. It is beautiful that you have some powerful practices in place to really support you to bring yourself back to flow. I find that this is a conscious day to day practice for me! Keep me posted on how you go with it! x

  2. Hi Connie, what a great post! I do relate with this too. Especially at the moment, I’m struggling to change my job position and I feel like I’m forcing my life and all the events surrounding me in the direction I’d like..with out anything really happening..I’ll definitely try your tips! Thanks a lot!!

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