Get Out Of The Way Of Your Manifestations

Over the past few months I have had several beautiful dreams of mine come to fruition and manifest from visions and feelings in to my tangible reality.

Some of them have been external manifestations such as moving home, seeing my business grow to new levels or experiencing big financial shifts. Others have been more subtle and internal and have allowed me to step more in to being the person I truly am.

I can be quite an analytical person, and I have found my mind wanting to step in and reflect on the process that unfolded in the hope that I can replicate it and repeat it. So I can create a method or formula of some kind to repeat my success.

It is an attempt to control how manifestations unfold in the future, but every time I do this, I notice how much I actually get in the way and block them unfolding.

It keeps me in the known when where I really need to be is in the unknown.


Manifestation Is Born From The Unknown

So much of the manifestation I am experiencing has been happening effortlessly and without a plan. It has simply been unfolding as a moment by moment experience.

It is a process that I have been allowing to happen, rather than making happen. And anytime I try to make it happen, things stop working.

My manifestations has arisen from allowing myself to be in the unknown – to have no idea when, how or even if these dreams will unfold.

I have had to just follow the steps that are laid before me, rather than seeing the whole staircase.

It has required faith. To sometimes follow those steps, even if you are not sure where they are taking you.

But each time I have allowed myself to flow with the process, the manifestations have unfolded in their own unique, beautiful way and perfect. It has unfolded better than I could have created it myself.


A Powerful Example

I have experienced this effortless unfoldment of manifestations many time before. It is miraculous. When I can keep myself out of the way, the most incredible things happen.

The most beautiful manifestations I have experienced have not been a goal that I have set, a plan that I have made or some intention I have held. They have been moment to moment realisations of the next step. And I have followed that step, then the next step has appeared after that.

When I created The 90 Day Transformation Project in October last year, I was sitting in an airport in LA with 3 hours to kill before my flight home. The inspiration for this program just came to me while sitting in an airport lounge.

When I returned home, I had no plans to turn the project in to anything special, but I felt a strong desire to share the experience of this project with others. So, I decided to record a video on my blog to let people know what I was doing, and what followed totally blew my mind. Around 450 people registered to join the project!

This was not part of my plan. It was not something I had thought out. I simply followed that inspired feeling having no real idea why.

And now here we are, only a few months later, with the launch of The 90 Day Transformation Project website.

I could have never anticipated it would reach this place. This was never my vision. But once again,this next step came by following my moment to moment feelings. I had felt inspired to pull all of these resources together on to a website that would make them easily accessible for anyone at anytime.

And now, here we are.


Getting Out Of The Way 

I am learning a lot about the importance of getting out of the way. Of not interfering. Of allowing myself to be in the unknown with no idea when or how things will unfold

My message for today is to stop over  planning your dreams. Stop worrying about when or how they will unfold. In fact stop thinking about them all together.

When we are too caught in our head, we miss the beautiful inner guidance, the intuitive tugs and inspired feelings that arise in each precious moment. This moment to moment guidance is the gold that builds the castles of our dreams.

Stay connected to the feeling of what you would love to experience, but simply allow yourself to be guided to it in each moment.


With Love,

Connie x


Do you have any beautiful manifestation stories of times where you allowed yourself to be in the unknown and simply be guided in each moment? I would love to hear them.



6 thoughts on “Get Out Of The Way Of Your Manifestations”

  1. This is perfect for me today. Right before I clicked on your link, I was writing about how the best thing we can do is to let go of our desires and fall into the moment of right now. We so often get tied up in what our world could look like, what the dream and vision could be, and it keeps us from really relaxing into right now – and ultimately can get in the way of our dreams manifesting. This was a perfect addition to my thought and writing process. Bravo!

    1. Paula, aaah beautiful to hear that my message for today is so closely aligned with what your own guidance was sharing with you! Beautiful! ps: love your blog x

  2. On Friday I was at a dance club dancing with a guy I’d just met and I kept feeling that something was ‘off’ with him. I didn’t know how to break away, but I did and danced with several other guys one right after the other. Each time something with each new guy felt ‘off.’ Every time I came to this realization I moved on and finally the fourth guy I danced with elicited in me a different feeling than the others. I felt safe because he didn’t force anything or touch me, we just danced facing each other but doing our own thing. At the end of the night I wound up having an amazing conversation with him and in just that short time he proved to be very different from guys I’ve dated in the last year. This experience made me realize how reliable my intuition is and it also restored my faith. I am now telling myself that there are good hearted men in abundance all around me! I just have to notice how I feel around them and let that be my guide.

    1. Yep your gut is always right Whitney. We just have to stay connected to the feeling and be willing to follow it. Intuition can come at any time – even dancing in a club! 🙂 Beautiful example. Thank you for sharing xx

  3. Hi Connie,
    Its funny reading this blog post today, because I was talking about the exact same thing with someone 20 minutes ago. It is only recently that I have believed and trusted in the uknown, and it is only then the true magic in my life has unfolded. The universe is much smarter than me, so I am leaving all the details of my life to be sorted out by The Universe.

    1. Spot on Jill. We always like to think we know best, but there really is a far wiser energy guiding us at all times. We just have to be willing to listen xx

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